Upper Arch Zirconia Restoration, with 4 Implants and Crowns - Winnipeg, MB

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Most of my teeth, (that I have left!) , have...

Most of my teeth, (that I have left!) , have needed at least crowning to save them on the upper arch. I had one front tooth pulled, and the one next to it broke off eventually. A third upper front tooth was already half filling, and would not last long. Other front teeth had ugly fillings that also would eventually fail and require a redo.

I plan on doing the bottom arch later. ON the bottom all I have left is the 8 front teeth, with all side teeth missing.

The doctor recommending crowning the three molar teeth on each side of my upper arch, and recommended an 8 tooth 4 implant retained zirconia bridge for the front 8 teeth. Note I came in to get an entire implant retained upper arch, but the Doctor advised to keep 6 teeth, and I have went along with that plan.

ON June 30th I had the 8 front teeth or roots! removed, and had 4 implants placed to retain the 8 tooth bridge. Procedure was easy to handle really. Could not sleep right for three days after, as the discomfort even with 600mg ibuprofen once every three hours was disturbing. By the 4th day, I could easily sleep, and discomfort was minimal. After 7 days discomfort was completely gone. Everything seems to be healing ok. Was concerned about a bump in my gums as being an infection but visited the Doctor on day 11, and he said it was just a bump of bone that would go down after another ten days.
I will see him for another follow up then.

The installation of my 8 tooth bridge is to commence in 6 months to allow for good healing and bone growth, before applying load. I do have a removable 8 tooth bridge to wear in the meantime, that fits on my remaining 6 molar teeth to brace it.

I am not excited about the price!!! but I want to have teeth, and I am making a commitment to put all my money in my mouth for the next few years, so I can eat, and feel better again. So far the Doctor was really good, and I am not sorry I selected him. I will not give him a review until I have the full work all done in my mouth, but I really do not expect to say anything bad.

Took a few photos of the upper arch

I am updating July 13th, with a photo of the healing upper arch. The six molar teeth in the picture are to be crowned after the 8 tooth implant bridge is installed. I am including a picture that shows the BUMP on my left side near the rear implant. The Actual implants are in the lateral canines and first premolars.

Because of the Bump, I currently cannot wear my temporary removable teeth. I am including a picture of what I was given for teeth. I will be going back on the 25th of July and will give the dentist his teeth back so he can make them fit properly.

August 29th.

Well the doctor had me in for two more follow up visits, to check on how everything was healing.
My last visit on Aug 16th and one prior to that on July 25th. X rays were take on the 16th. Doctor says, everything looks good, and that lots of bone was growing in the socket grafts etc. On both visits the Doctor cleaned up the area. Apparently I am going back on Sept 13th for another checkup, so the Doctor is doing lots of follow up checks.

Sept 13th 2016

Yet another follow up attended on Sept 13th. The doctor removed a screw from on of the implants and cleaned out the implant and put the screw back on. Apparently there may have been some foreign matter under the screw that was making the area around it tender. The gums have healed and shrunk somewhat.

2.5 months down.... and 3.5 more months to go before final installation of the 8 tooth upper arch Zirconia bridge. I really cannot stand wearing the removable prosthesis, a fact that makes me that much more satisfied that I will be getting a Fixed Zirconia bridge. I have seen enough people say how they have suffered with dentures, and this little piece has given me a taste of what it is like.

Get permanent Zirconia if you can!!!. Dentures suck!
Dr. E Cholakis

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