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10 days until my surgery...wow. The last couple...

10 days until my surgery...wow. The last couple months for me have been a whirlwind. I have been wanting this surgery since high school when I was a size DDD/E. I am now 22 with 38K breasts and this summer I finally went to one of the doctors in my hometown. My mom has been encouraging me for a while to go however I had previously been disappointed with the response I had gotten from the doctors. This time however I received a referral and had to wait only a month to the ps. My ps explained the procedure, examined me and was very professional the whole time. The nurse told me they may have an opening in September and at first I thought it was too soon but then after talking to my employer, figured it could work. I was so surprised to get the call around August 25 offering me a surgery date for September 17. I was so excited and automatically said yes. It hasn't really hit me the magnitude of my decision and the impacts it will have on me and my family until now. Trying to keep calm after looking at the many post-op pictures - they remind me that this is a surgery (have never had one in my life) and that this is not something to take lightly. Although I'm scared I know that this is something I need to do to move on with my life and achieve the goals I want to in my life. I am currently a waitress/bartender. This job has been insanely hard on my body - something I have noticed more and more recently. I am so relieved to have this surgery :) So many emotions though...especially with how quickly everything is moving forward. I don't have any health coverage, however my mom is trying to get me on her plan (thank god) so hopefully I won't have to pay too much for the pain meds. So nervous for everything - I'm also moving into a new place 2 days before surgery and working until 2 days before surgery so everything is moving sooooo fast! Excited, nervous, scared, I just can't believe this is finally happening for me!!!

4 day post-op

sorry it took so long for me to get on here again. was just thinking the other day i should really get on here and give a little update so here it is...
day of my surgery - took what felt like a day to even get into surgery but then before i knew it the surgery was over and done with. my mom was not very pleased that they didn't update her at all and she had to call and see where i was after my surgery but eventually she found me in recovery and we were informed i would have to stay the night because they suspected i had sleep apnea. i really hate hospitals and didn't want to stay but didn't really have a choice. they also told us that they had given me too much anaesthesia and had to reverse it during the surgery. (Hmm...maybe this is why they think i have sleep anea) but whatever i stayed the night still pretty out of it from the anaesthesia and got the pleasure of trying to sleep beside an older lady who was vomiting the whole night :S everytime i went to sleep and woke up i hoped it was morning...unfortunately i found that i could not sleep for more than 2-3 hours straight. finally morning arrived and i was getting to go home :) after telling me to schedule my 1 week follow up i got to leave the hospital and go through the 4.5 hour drive home which was surprisingly not that bad. I scarfed down mcdonalds so fast i couldn't believe it...and no nausea thank god :) for the next couple days i kept taking my pills like a good little girl (antibiotics and T3s) until today when after a day of two of feeling nauseous i finally threw up. I think I am healing okay (even though my boobs look like a frankenstein project) i think they look normal and i'm not in too much pain. i have been trying to take it easy but been feeling pretty well so i may have done some things i shouldn't have :P I feel like I sleep a lot (normal?) however i still wake up everything 3 hours or so even during the night. i was dozing off all day but in the past couple days i have been doing more visiting with people so now am down to 1 nap per day. It's hard to know how active or inactive to be but I try to find a balance. At this point the pain is and has not been anywhere as bad as I thought it would be so I am very pleased :) Also, for my 1 week follow up my surgeon's office has said that instead of driving 4.5 hours I can just see my doctor in town which will save me so much time and $ :D :D :D So thankful for all my friends and family who have been helping me to get through not being able to do much and helping me get settled into my new place (which i moved into 2 days before my surgery). At this point as long as I continue to heal I am very happy with the surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat :) my shoulders and back already seem to be feeling better and I also feel lighter :) Never saw my surgeon after my surgery though, so would it be creepy to call and ask how much weight they took off? I (and my family and friends) are very curious to see what the difference is weight wise since the surgery :) also applied for EI (employment insurance) to see if i can get any benefits while being off for a month from the surgery...hopefully all will go well. So happy and satisfied right now...I will still have a journey to come but already so happy that I went through with the surgery :)

8 days post-op

just checking back in here for anyone who is reading this. So I had my 1 week post-op yesterday, some good news and some not so good news. Good news is that everything appears to be healing well and my family doctor (went to see him because surgeon was 5 hours away) was very pleased with how everything looked. Unfortunately I was so excited to wear a bra (currently wearing a tensor like bandage with gauze inside) but my doctor said to keep the bandage on and no bra. Ugh so bummed...with this bandage I feel like it is shifting and I constantly have to adjust it so it's getting on my nerves having to adjust and pull it up so my boobs aren't sagging :S I'm tempted to call my surgeon's office and ask if I can wear a bra even though my family dr said I couldn't. Also I can't take a shower yet either...which is also seriously disappointing for me. Apparently in the next couple days my dr said I could take off the steri-strips and gently dab my breasts with a wet cloth but a proper shower would be soooo much better! Oh well I guess...I would rather heal then do something I shouldn't and be off work for longer than I already expect. Just kinda disappointing in the moment but in the long run I know everything will work out :)
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