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After being on the waiting list for a little over...

After being on the waiting list for a little over 6 months, I received a call from the Dr's office with the news that I have an appointment in May. I had a consultation and decided a breast reduction would help with the constant neck pain, lower back pain and bra straps cutting into my shoulders. I am currently a 36G and am 5'3, 200LBs. 
This reduction is covered through Manitoba Health, however Manitoba Health doesn't cover the full cost. With the Dr's recommendation I am also having some liposuction underneath my arm pits, to reduce the bulge which would be left behind after the reduction. I'm hoping to be a C cup when all is said and done. This procedure will cost me approximately $1000.00. This includes the anesthesia fee as well as the fee to have the surgery done at the hospital. I was given the choice of Western Surgical Center or St. Boniface, so being a true Winnipeger, I had to go with the cheaper of the two.

Feelings: Nervous, Scared, Excited,.... I am very worried about the healing process as I am a very busy person who has a hard time staying in one spot, and known for multi-tasking. I have all my appointments planned for May, all my bills set up for auto pay so I dont have to worry about those, and hoping to find a good book to read to pass time while at home.

I will upload some before pictures as well as some after pictures to represent the healing process. I found this website helpful when researching the procedure, and looking for real stories and photos that I could maybe relate to. I hope my journey helps someone else along the way.

If a br wasn't enough, I just decided to do a tt,...

If a br wasn't enough, I just decided to do a tt, lipo of the hips and back roll too. The price increased by about 7G, but this is something I have wanted for many years and figure I may as well do it all at once for one recovery. Aaahhh. I must say anxiety is kicking in a little as May is just around the corner

I've finally posted some before pics... Upper body...

I've finally posted some before pics... Upper body will be uploaded soon. As you can see my skin hangs over my pants and is very uncomfortable. This also makes it hard to find shirts to wear to cover the hangover. I will be getting some lipo on the flanks and my back roll as well.

Before Pics

Before Pics

Before- Take 2

1 Week away

In just under a week I will rolling into surgery. I am wrapping up my last week of work this week, and tying up loose ends. I seem to be on a cleaning mission and want everything in place and clean before I go in. I make myself crazy, but I think if everything is tidy and clean then I wont have too much to do when I am recovered. My husband is a great help around the house, but I am hands down much better at organizing and cleaning and willfeel better knowing everything I in order prior to me going in.
I picked up extra pillows, some white mens tank tops for under the binder, comfy undies...and some make up since I cant buy clothes. I am thinking I will make use of my cotton tube dressesduring recovery as they slip on and off and am still hoping to hit up a used clothing store for a button up or two. I just cant bring myself to pay full price for a top I wont use again.
Good Night fellow tt'ers and br girls.....until next week

On the road to recovery

Here I am 3 days PO, and am recovering better than I expected. The majority of my discomfort is from the TT, and soreness and bruising from the lipo areas.
I got my br drains out the following day and today the tt drains should be removed as well, and I will get my first peek at the new body. My breasts are so swollen right now, so that along with all the padding, I have no idea what I'm left with.
I got my hair washed in the kitchen sink today, and am longing for a shower and to shave my legs. I can manage the arm pits, but cant quite bend over enough for my legs. I asked my husband and he said he didn't know how...and I guess since I'm in the recliner, he doesn't know just how bad they are lol.
Happy Healing everyone....

Right Side Bruising-2 days PO

It didn't take long to bruise. I left the hospital turning purple, and this is day 2. I forgot to add my surgery was about 5 hours and done as day surgery.

10 Days PO

Here I am 10 Days PO, and am finally starting to be mobile. I have had such bad back pain, and I think it may have to do with living in my recliner, so 2 nights ago I tried to lay in bed, and it felt great, so great I did it again last night. I think it is time to put away the pillows and sheets from the recliner, and make the livingroom a livingroom again.
Most of my bruising has subsided, although I am still sore where I had lip done. I am struggling with trying to find a proper fitting bra. The DR told me to buy cheap ones for now as they are still so swollen, and the bra I bought last week is too large now and not enough support under the arms, which is why tennis balls have swelled under there. I ended up going to Sears and found a bra that is more snug, and hopefully more support of the underarms. I hate wearing sports bras to begin with and would never think of wearing one outside of the gym before, and here I am sporting one 24/7.
I have taken 3 showers since surgery and I am so very tired after each one. The showers strain my lower back, so I find siting on the edge of the tub works the best and stand only when needed. After my first shower I took a 2 hour nap!.
I havent tried driving yet, but have gone to a couple of Dr appts and out to the store (for some sanity) and find that the car rides tire me right out too. By the time I get home, I just want to dose off in the chair. I would say, being tired is my main stuggle right now.
My husband has been doing his best to help me and take care of everything, but he doesnt clean things the way I do, and for the most part I have let things go, as I know I am in no shape to be doing anything but last night he ran out to the store and I went into the kitchen for a drink, and it may have been clean to him, but I had to pull out the counter spray and give it all a good wipe down, and wipe up the stove. I loaded the dishwasher (which was a challenge as I struggle bending over). I felt good and it didnt take me very long. I noticed that my feet stuck to the floor by the fridge, and although I know I cannot wash the floors, I wonder why hasn't anyone else cleaned this up. I cant be the only person in the house who has a problem being stuck to the floors!
To summarize the past 10 days:
1. Back Pain
2. Now taking Advil Extra Strength
3. Able to sleep in my bed
4. Hate the Compression Garment (tried on spanx, but that is too much work right now, and my stomach is still a little sore)
5. Buying a proper fitting bra is a challenge
6. I'm learning to live with someone else's standard of "clean"
7. Tired, Tired, Tired

I'll post some pics soon

Day 12 PO

The past two days I have felt more like myself. I went for a walk to the corner store and went out for apps with an old friend for a couple of hours last night. Tonight I had a bath, yes a real bath minus the bubbles for the first time.
While out walking today I could feel my cg getting tighter and tigher, damn you swell hell. I often wonder if a May surgery was a good time due to the swelling. What will happen at the beach this summer? No really this top did fit when I left the house??
Tonight I am breaking free and sleeping without the cg or bra...Im a free woman tonight ladies. I tossed my cg into the wash and since it has to be hang dried, it wont be ready until morn.
Hope the warm weather is easy on your bodies

2 Weeks PO

I'm at 2 weeks PO and have attached a photo. The lighting is poor, I need to replace a couple of lightbulbs. I am having some swelling in the pic and it is the end of the day, so I will take some pics in the morning and hope for a better update. The incisions all seem to be healing as expected and my belly button is starting to appear from all the scabbing. So far I like the little BB I was given.

24 days PO

Here I am at just over 3 weeks PO. Every day I am feeling more and more like myself and starting to get back into regular sleep patterns (no more napping)....although since I am off work I tend to sleep in later than I normally would. What else am I going to do, so I may as well take advantage of it.
I noticed yesterday after my shower that my TT incision was opening just below my bb. In order for it to close I had to pinch it, so I got a little worried and the PS got me into see him today. He said everything is fine, snipped a couple of stitches that were still lingering around and put some cicaplast on it and said to keep it covered and it should still heal nicely. In the event that it doesn't (in a years time) he said he can take a look at correcting the scar to make it thinner and less visible. I was worried he was going to stitch it back up again, and I am a bit of a baby and was not looking forward to it. I bought a tube of Cicaplast to apply 2x a day until the next visit in 8 weeks. They suggested I use something, oil, cicaplast, vitamin e, vaseline...whatever I of course I went with what he sells. I paid too much to mess around.
On a positive note, he checked everything so I dont have to come back next week for my scheduled appointment, said everything looks great and if I am comfortable in a regular bra, start shopping! Finally I can get rid of this sports bra! I am looking so forward to wearing a regular bra and decent looking tops. Wearing a Sports Bra under a tshirt, just doesnt cut it for me. I'm a little tired for shopping today, so I am thinking I will wait until Monday when the malls wont be so busy. We finally have a Victoria Secret here and rumor has it, they are having some mad sales right now.
I'm still concerned with my flanks. I am not noticing much improvement and if I didnt pay for the flanks to be done, I would be thinking I should have. I keep being told to be patient and wait 3-6 months, but it sucks. The TT itself is looking good and it is so nice to be rid of that excess skin that would hang over my pants and shorts....but these dang flanks. I think I will wait another week and then start on the treadmill (lightly)....and slowly bring some exercise back to this body.
Oh, I forgot to mention...yesterday I was feeling great, the house was empty so I washed my floors (on my hands and knees)- which was a challenge to myself as I wasnt sure I could do it or not...but I did, and I dusted and vacuumed the main floor. I was a little sore after but it feels good to clean my own home. My husband did his best these past 3 weeks, and he can still keep helping out... but no one seen me clean, so they cant prove it was me. LOL....maybe I hired a cleaner....hmmm

5 Weeks PO

Here are a couple of pics of the healing process at 5 weeks. My stomach has some trouble spots as you can see but the PS said to give it a couple more weeks and it should heal nicely. Only time will tell.
I went out today and found a spanx type garment which I will wiggle into tomorrow. I'm enjoying a day of no cg. The PS office said I can start going without it a bit at a time and leaving it off at night, then to stick with the Spanx until about 6-8 weeks. We are in the 30's here for weather so I am not sure how well I will do with the layering.
I will try to take some pics standing up, but am not really happy with the lipo results on my flanks...and I keep being told it is swelling, plus the heat, but I dont buy it. I am drinking water water and more water and have really cut back on my pop intake. I used to be a pop addict but since surgery, I can say I have had maybe 5 cans of pop. I used to drink a case in two days. I actually dumped out a half bottle of stale pepsi from the fridge today. Can't say I have done that before.
Final Days off....and back to work next week.

Working for a Living

I'm happy to report I survived my first week back at work.
I'm glad to be back into a routine again (there is only so much daytime tv a girl can watch), but have to admit that by 3 o'clock I was exhausted. You really appreciate your recliner, or just being able to curl up or lay on the couch when you can't do it. Tonight I'm in bed early and hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight.
I wore my spanx type garment all week except today, and I sure swelled. I am most sore in the flanks where lipo was done, and along my incision line. My breasts were ok as I have a very good bra to keep the compression tight under my arms. Next week I will be wearing it all week. I have basically gotten rid of my cg wrap from the hospital, but plan on using it as a sweat wrap when I go back to the gym. I wore it biking one day and it was soaked.
Until next week.......
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