38yo, 11 Yr Old Cohesive Gels

I can't believe I didn't find this site sooner.....

I can't believe I didn't find this site sooner...it is completely making me feel better about explanting. I felt I was stud with them because they'd look awful after but after reading the reviews and seeing pictures on here, it is making me feel a lot better.
I regretted my decision within a year of getting them. I did not want them to be noticeable, but they convinced me to go a bit bigger (I can't believe how many people have mentioned this!! They really need to stop!). I had just lost a bunch of weight and was thinner than ever, a 34 or 36A. So of course people noticed them, which was the last thing I wanted.
I always felt my broad shoulders made my small breasts even smaller. Wish I never did it in the first place. Luckily I've never had problems except the last couple years I've noticed my left is a little more firm than my right and it doesn't feel good when my kids lay on that side of me.
Now, after 2 kids, breastfed both, and some weight gain I can't wait to get these things out, get back my little boobies and feel healthy! Hoping mine turn out as good as most of what I've seen on here.
My appt is Dec.5 with PS. Funny thing is, since I've had them done, I have a different job now where I work in a lot of OR's and know all the staff...so not sure how I'll handle everyone at work possibly knowing I'm doing this or that I even did it in the first place.
Has anyone had anyone question them after, being (of course) obvious all of a sudden smaller in the chest and how have you dealt with that?
Thanks for this site, for your stories and encouragement! I don't have pics now but I'll post soon.

Sad to see so many people getting implants

I'm surprised to see how many people are getting breast implants. I can't write anything negative on their reviews but wish I could tell them not to. Especially when they look so nice pre-op.
I wish I could tell them it's not a one-time deal. And I haven't even had any major problems, just have been through the 'I want bigger boobs' phase.
I regretted mine within a year and it's been almost 12.
What I will say is that you're not stuck with them forever as I thought.
Seeing all these explant pictures is awesome and what's made me realize I don't have to keep them or continue 'up-grading'.
I thought I did my research prior and even read some 'don't do it' stories but ignored them cause I wanted them so bad.
Some of you getting implants, your boobs are beautiful the way they are!!

Still waiting for my consult!


CANNOT wait to have a massage, lay face down and be comfortable!!

Lift vs no lift???

Had an appt today & booked for removal no lift. How did you all decide whether to get one or not?? Thanks

Bras, Vitamins & Creams

Any suggestions for special creams ore-post op? I've been using coconut oil, bio-oil & coco butter lotion.
Also taking vits A,B12,D, sometimes E & C and just started taking collagen.
Wondering about suggestions regarding the above and any good bra suggestions post-op? TIA
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