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Well all I can say is thanks to this site I'm...

Well all I can say is thanks to this site I'm definitely getting boobs lol. I always had small boobs until I had my daughter and they became fricken huge and I loved them!! And prayed they'd stay and that rumours weren't true that they'd shrivel up after breast feeding. Sure enough after 2 yrs of exclusively bfeeding they shrunk:( even smaller than I originally had. I still like my shape but I'm definitely embarrassed to be naked in front of my hubby. I don't fill any bras or bathing suits so after researching and finding this site I've deciding I will be getting a ba. At first I use to tease my hubby I'd get a boob job ( I think this was while I was breast feeding) if I lost my boobs from feeding I'd get them back. He did not approve at all he even got mad when I would bring it up . I don't think he thought I would lose them volume anyway. But now I guess because I said I don't care what you think I'm doing this for me and he's seen the final product lol he's very supportive. And I'm so thankful cause honest I don't think of go ahead without his approval he's like my soul mate. We re hoping to pay in cash so my deadline is February !!! I've found a dr and have yet to make a consultation but out of all the drs he's got the best reviews in Winnipeg . I can hardly wait in driving myself crazy already and my husband too cause that's all I talk about thank goodness for this site !! I'm obsessed lol. I know I want silicone for sure and I don't even know what size I am now after being deflated but I don't fit my bras and they were 32-34 b :( whaa so I'm smaller than that and like a lot of women on here I wanna be a full c small d maybe full d lol!!! Ill add a photo later but there's nothing there hehe!!

What I currently look like

Here's what I'm born with ... Well after bfeeding, what I'm left with lol

While breast feeding I liked my boobs:)

Here's me trying the ricers

First time I tried 235cc and I showed hubby and he was like whoa that's huge !! I think it's funny cuz he's not use to anything there well except padding hehe. So the next week i tried a different size with the rice. I also don't think I packed those 235cc ones right. So I tried 350 and he liked those and then I tried 414 and he really liked that!! And I showed him my wish pic and he was like oh you were like that when you were bfeeding !! I was like oh hmph well then that's what I'm getting so I was thinking of 425cc if I go under the muscle but I've heard that if you go high profile the projection is more and has less diameter so I'm confused now, but I have emailed a dr to set up an appt soon hopefully. Then I can find out my bwd and see which profile will fit my body and go from there so ya I'm excited!! At first my hubby was so against getting implants he just said I'm beautiful and loves me for who I am . It took a while for him to understand why I want this so bad. I'm glad he's just as excited well almost. Who can be more excited then us girls who want it so much !! :)

Wish boobs

Kinda got cold feet

Not that I have an actual surgery date yet but I've been doing a lot of research and I kinda scared myself reading about capsular contracture. I just came back from Vegas and oh man I have tiny boobs lol ! And my 2 yr old daughter always says that to me like what the heck lol I KNOW!! But ya I was worried cause its alot of money to put out there for myself and I was worried I would reject the implants because when I was pregnant they made me take the rH test to see if you're antibodies would attack the baby it came back inconclusive ... So that made me think what if I did get cc then take em out that would suck . And I was worried my husband would just say forget it. But I talked to him and he was so nice and reassuring he told me to just do it and don't worry, to pray and you only live once and that ill love it . So yes after looking at more pictures of before n afters I'm excited to do this!!!!! Yay and my hubby said it may be a Christmas present and if not February is when I will be booking a surgery :)

Wish boobs

Another pic of wish boobs

So I still haven't had any consultations but hubby and I talked and come February I can book an appt to get my boobies :) so now just gotta get consultations done. I really like this one dr so far but I gotta meet him !! Just checked out his reviews and they're all good. He also does use the Keller funnel! So excited but its taking so long.

Consultation booked

So my consultation is dec 16 at 12:30 ! Excited and nervous . At drs office Id seen what 450cc look like and I think it was moderate plus profile but it was so big lol!! So looking at cc's is confusing. So I'll just show pics of what I want. What kinda questions should I ask? Wasn't expecting to get in so soon for a consultation I'm kinda caught off guard I'd still like to get them done in February but I don't know if timing is right?

Consultation booked

Forgot to update but I have a consultation tomorrow and it's my first one with the dr I've read a lot about and really like hopefully after the consultation I still like him lol. Not sure what questions I'll ask but I'm gonna write a list. A little nervous just cause I don't know what to expect, even with reading everyone's reviews on here. Wish me luck!!
Manitoba Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met him yet but reviews look amazing

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