6 Week Post-Op: Allergan 435cc HP Under the Muscle (crease incision). New Pics!

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Hello ladies! Since deciding to have plastic...

Hello ladies!

Since deciding to have plastic surgery, I have become "boob obsessed" on this site! (So has my husband!).

About me: 44 years old, 5'5" and 118lbs. I have a two and half year old son and a six month old girl (she'll be six months at sx date)--I am very nervous about caring for them after sx so any suggestions would be great. Also you should know that I am also undergoing upper blepheroplasty and lower facelift at the same time. I know. I'm crazy...only want general once plus I have help during May post operatively.

I am on my way to try in sizers again with higher profiles. I'm afraid the Mentor 375cc will be too small after. I am currently a very average A cup and I want a D cup after. I've read that you can expect approx 15% compression with cohesive silicone under the muscle. Today, my husband and I will look at Mentor 375 Mod+, 400 Mod+, 450HP (I think these will be too big) and Allergan style 435cc which the nurse said will give me the most projection.

It's hard to judge with sizers since its like two round eggs sitting on each other whereas after the sx, they will be nestled so to speak. I'll let you know after today's try-in! We both have a good feeling about the 435's. Funny!

I'll post before pics very soon. I still have 37 days to go! Ugh!

So we went for sizing again yesterday (Saturday)...

So we went for sizing again yesterday (Saturday) at the surgery centre. My nurse met me there and surprisingly so did my ps (the centre was closed on Saturday but Michelle the nurse mentioned to my ps that we were coming in again and he just showed up--fantastic rapport!).

When I initially tried the sizes, I was convinced that the Mentor 375cc Mod+ were the size I was going with--no questions asked. Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, the Allergan 435cc HP are what I have finally decided on. I was against the 450's initially thinking they looked "fake" but when I compared the measurements with the 435's there is only a 0.3 mm difference in projection height. The Allergan's have the diameter that is good for me with a 4.9 cm projection. The Mentor 450 has 5.2. Really, no one will EVER be able to tell the difference between the two. Even my ps joked that it's more a psychological thing that I have to go through. My deciding factor was that the Allergan's are slightly more firm and they are lighter.

I have decided that under the muscle (or dual-plane) is what I will be going with since future mammograms are important to me and the breast tissue is easier to visualize or "read" when implants are placed below the muscles.

We also all joked that the fact that my face will be basically "peeled off" and cut away, it's the boobs I am obsessed with! Lol! I guess because the face is out of my control and the implants are solely up to me.

Added before and sizer pics I'm quite...

Added before and sizer pics

I'm quite short-waisted; my measurements are 33-26-37

Ugh!! 35 days still to go!! How do Imake it go by...

Ugh!! 35 days still to go!! How do Imake it go by faster?! :)

So I'm nearly jumping out of my skin waiting for...

So I'm nearly jumping out of my skin waiting for May 13th! I made rice sizes today some can "get a feel" for how they will feel! Lol! I read up on how much rice to equal approximately my implant size (435) and 422 was the closest I could get...and actually I ran out of rice :(( I'm about 1/3 + 1/8th cupmofnrice short on each side. Oh well!

I have to say, I LOVE how they look in a tanktop! Makes waiting even harder..any advice on passing time? I also ordered some post-op comfy bras for when I'm home. I'm even excited to get those!!

33 days, 33 days....

Had a nightmare last night that I had no eyelids...

Had a nightmare last night that I had no eyelids after surgery...just eyeballs! Yikes. Hope this doesn't continue for long!

Well, I went to my physician today for a complete...

Well, I went to my physician today for a complete check up. Got the "good to go" seal of approval. From there I went to the surgery centre to hand in my medical and when I got home? My very in attractive post-sx bras arrived. Started to feel VERY REAL today. Whew...27 days 27 days...I wish I could sleep until then... :D

Well..three weeks today and I'm getting more and...

Well..three weeks today and I'm getting more and more prepared. I picked up Arnica tablets and cream, Bromelain capsules and an arm/back rest pillow for my bed (step stool to get in and out...hopefully it works!), lots of lip balm and my night stand is ready for all my meds and drinks. Anything I'm missing ladies??
I have a few concerns (of course): 1) I wear progressive readers in order to see anything four feet or less in front of me. How can I possibly wear my glasses with sutures all around my ears? Contacts aren't an option either since my eyelids will be sutures too. I'll die if I can't read or use my iPhone/iPad :(
2) my son lives to cuddle with mommy...by cuddle I mean he gets me to lay on my back while he lays on top of me (easy right now cuz I'm so flat! Lol!). Plus, while he does this, he runs my earlobes. I'm doomed! 3) what if my eyelids are so swollen I can't see? I'll be super diligent with ice that's for sure. I'll stick up on frozen peas too. 4) I'm afraid of not being able to reach for toilet paper and use it properly!! Anyone else have this problem (sorry if TMI!)??
I can't believe the stuff that is flooding through my head these days. Oh! I HiGHLY recommend staying FAR AWAY from sites that discuss complications such as CC and double bubbles etc. Spent three hours doing that and it totally messed with my head. Any suggestions on how to make the time go by faster? I'm pretty sure time has stopped in my home!
(I've been going to the gym a lot now trying to get asynchronous in as I can pre-surg)

Has any one else felt like crawling out of their...

Has any one else felt like crawling out of their skin due to anticipation?? It still feels so far away!!

Well, two weeks today and ill be under GA right...

Well, two weeks today and ill be under GA right now..ps said 5-5.5 hours for both face and BA surgery. I haven't heard anything from their office about pre-op instructions so I think I'll email his nurse to help put my mind at ease. I'm pretty much set up for after...need bags of peas still! Lol! I think we'd cook them if I bought them too early! Glad this site is here for me to keep occupied...good luck to everyone whose surg is coming up this week!

Well, I got my pre-op instructions today (!!!)....

Well, I got my pre-op instructions today (!!!). It's all verrrry real now, especially since it read for me to expect to be there for 9-10 hours AND they may catheterize me :((((


So I ordered a bunch of VS bralettes and shelf...

So I ordered a bunch of VS bralettes and shelf tanks today also a couple of Hanky Panky bralettes (their thongs are THE most comfortable ones I have ever found!). I cannot wait to see how actual BOOBS look in them!

I can't believe it's only 7 days away now! I'm...

I can't believe it's only 7 days away now! I'm getting a little twitchy now...I can't imagine how I'm going to feel the night before! I'm most nervous about waking up from general...I typically have a hard time coming around and usually throw up, even with the anti-nausea meds :((( The pain I think I can handle, it's how crappy I feel from the anaesthetic that has me worried. Any advise???

Well I got my post surgical bras in the mail today...

Well I got my post surgical bras in the mail today. Carefix "Anna" zip-front an seamless (size M). It will stretch to fit DDD apparently. Another woman on here used them (sorry! I can't remember who!) on the recommendation of her ps and nurse friend I think so I decided to order them. I used the company "Zodee" from Australia (amazon.com wouldn't ship to Canada..can you believe that?). I tried them on and they are INCREDIBLY comfortable. I bought a black one and a white one ($116 after taxes and shipping) but I think they will end up being a worthwhile investment. These bras in particular are made for post surgical purposes so they are very well designed. Can't wait to wear them in just 6 days!!

I've been nesting this week and planning all the things I won't be able to do for awhile afterwards..haircut (remember I'm having a facelift too), pedicure, Brazilian sugaring etc etc (also coloring my hair so I won't have to for 4 weeks--stupid grey hair!)

So now I wait....is it too early to start counting in hours??? :D

Well, when it rains it pours. I also got my Hanky...

Well, when it rains it pours. I also got my Hanky Panky bralettes in the ma today; one pink, one purple. I'm so excited to fill them out!! It's funny, the purchase description states that these bralettes are best for small breasted or augmented women. Soon! (I'm already the former! Lol)

Perfect timing. I received my vs bralettes and...

Perfect timing. I received my vs bralettes and tanks in te mail last night! I'll post sad little before pics in them later today...can't wait to fill them up!!!

Well, house is clean, laundry is done, kids are...

Well, house is clean, laundry is done, kids are groomed...tick tock, tick tock...

I started taking arnica tablets today for my facial bruising. I hope it helps, my ps says he has seen remarkable results for facelifts (not so much for ba's since there really isn't much there anyway).

Later today I'll pick up my prescriptions and do some grocery shopping...maybe prepare a lasagne or two for freezing..just gotta keep myself busy! Lol!

Thank you for your well wishes!

So, help me if I'm missing anything; her is my...

So, help me if I'm missing anything; her is my list:

Rx's and schedule written
Lip balm
Ear buds/iPhone and charger(extra long cord)
Pudding cups/jello/crackers
Comfy pjs
Peas and ice bags
Stool softener
Food for the week

Am I missing anything??? My hair is coloured, dipped and stripped (sugaring--everywhere!), pedicure and eyebrows groomed. Bring on the eye surg, facelift and BOOBIES!!!

Happy Mothers Day everyone!! I'll be busy washing...

Happy Mothers Day everyone!! I'll be busy washing sheets, a little more grocery shopping and playing with my babies how I won't be able to for awhile...enjoy you day!!

Less than 12 hours now..just about to put my kids...

Less than 12 hours now..just about to put my kids to bed and cuddle with my son :)

I'm remarkably calm right now...I have a feeling ill be watching movies in bed tonight though!

Everything is set up and ready to go for 6am. Surgery is at 7:30am (CST) and I will post as SOON as I can...my eyes might be too swollen! Lol! Keep in mind, my surgery is 5.5 hours long and I was told to expect to be there for 9-10 hours. I'll be thinking about all of you knowing your thinking of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone and be well.

Happy healing to everyone and good luck to those boobie buddies going soon too!!

See you on the other side!!

Sorry it took so long to update! Just a quick bit...

Sorry it took so long to update! Just a quick bit right now, I'll give you the full story tomorrow.

Surgery was only 4 hours not the 5.5 they were thinking. I was home by 4pm. I am remarkably comfortable..chest is tight and swollen but not painful so to speak (unless I use my arms!). I only have Tylenol 3 for pain and it totally helps. My face isn't sore at all, a little burning where the drains are behind my ears but again, not bad at all.

I'm going to try to rest for the night now. I'll post all the details tomorrow after my first post op at 4pm

Thank you for all of your thoughts and well wishes. (I can't stop staring at the and touching them! Lol!)

Ok! Here it is! I got to the surgery centre at...

Ok! Here it is!

I got to the surgery centre at 6:30am and walked into the OR promptly at 7:30 and before I knew it I was out they catheterized me due to the length of my surgery and so I didn't have to get up promptly afterwards to pee! (Thank you). The surgery took only 4 hours and I was home by 4pm.

I slept pretty well last night getting 2-3 hours at a time only waking to shift my position and adjust my neck pillow. I only took Tylenol 3 for pain and have only needed it twice today (other than the Tylenol, nothing else but the antibiotics).

I went for my post op today to remove the bandages from my face and even my ps was very surprised that I have NO swelling from the facelift and only minimal on my upper eyelids (with minor purple bruising). I had the drains removed from my neck and another light dressing placed to protect the sutures around my ears. I saw my face and I have absolutely NO CHICKEN!! I cried! And I don't look pulled at all...I can't wait until the final results appear in a few weeks!

On to the BA: I have 90 degree mobility in both arms and can reach easily the top if my head. My sternum is swollen an the muscle above my dominant arm (right side) is tense. In the photos, the right implant appears to be higher, but it is actually they axle that is tensed...the implants themselves are at the same height.

I can't even feel the incisions and have minimal numbness on the underside, otherwise I can feel everything as normal.

My ps only uses the "Keller Funnel Technique" (see the procedure on YouTube) which means that the implant is sterile and never touched by a hand once the package is open. The sterile implant is placed in a flexible bag (think piping icing bag) that is sterile as well. The narrow end of the bag is placed into the opening and the implant is literally "squeezed" into the pocket. Any adjustments are made by pressing on the outer skin..completely sterile and much less traumatic.

Now I'm not saying that my new boobies don't ache because they do. But it is completely manageable with minimal drugs. I have no bruising or post op bloating (I'm peeing like crazy after the iv fluids though!)

I did stay in bed too long this morning and all of my muscles in my chest, back and abdomin seized up. That was very painful! Once I started moving around the house, I felt great. I can sit up on my own, get dressed on my own and get into bed all by myself (scooching in my bum!). The silly things like flushing the toilet handle hurts! Lol!

I know they are very swollen and tight right now but I am so happy with how they look. I've never had boobs like this in my life! I can't wait to see how the changes occur over the next few weeks!!

Tomorrow I think I'll play dress up in my bralettes (which may not even fit these new additions!) and take some pics. I really couldn't be more happy with how everything went. I'm certainly not being superwoman and I'm definitely letting my body dictate how much I can do, but so far? I'm sooo surprised at how smoothly everything has gone (knock on wood!) and I'm so happy I don't have to take stronger pain killers.

Thank you to all you beautiful ladies for your support and good luck to all of you getting boo a soon!

I'll post pics as they change and keep you updated on how I'm feeling. *hugs*

Day 3 post op today. I am continuing to feel...

Day 3 post op today. I am continuing to feel really good! Taking the Tylenol 3 only as needed and its not very often anymore. I have full range if motion on both of my arms and the left breast is already starting to soften.

I'm still very tight and swollen, especially on the sides of my breasts but I can already see what they will end up looking like! My sternum is sore an swollen but so far, this recovery has been nothing like I expected...WAY easier! I'm not pushing myself and my husband is doing all the work so I can continue to heal well and hopefully will be back to normal is a couple of weeks. My face is swollen and tight too so eating can be a bit challenging, but again very little discomfort.

It's weird but I actually feel skinnier with big boobs. I'm so short waisted and have a narrow waist with somewhat curvy hips. I feel more in proportion now than I ever have and my hips look smaller. Even my husband said "Don't take this the wrong way, but you look thinner now!" :))

I'm going to try on my bralettes later and will post pics tonight.

Showered Today!

It's Thursday now and I keep feeling better and better.

I showered by myself today and that felt great finally...I was more worried about my hairline sutures on my face than my BA incisions. All went well!

I switched from the ps-supplied surgical bra to my Carefix post op bra and man! What a difference! (White bra in the pre-op pics). If you can find these (Amazon.com I think for USA and Zodee for Canadians) I would absolutely spend the money and buy one or two. I bought size medium and they fit perfectly for my implant size--435cc HP. They do not rub on the incision and support sooo much better than the one supplied by (my) ps office.

I still have complete range of motion but the only thing I noticed is that while I was showering and the short time I was naked afterwards, the weight of the girls was definitely evident and I felt it along the incision I was verrry happy to put a support bra back on! Lol!

I have another post op tomorrow so I'll keep you updated with pics later! :)

Day 5 Post Op

So I haven't taken painkillers now in two days, just my antibiotics (and a muscle relaxer to sleep) but that's it. Nothing. I hope some of you find this comforting for your own recoveries.

I added a couple of pics and ill keep posting as they change. My right one is still much higher an tighter but I can wait!

Day 7 Post Op

So no real change to the shape yet (I don't expect that for a while yet) but I feel almost 100%. I drove to my ps appointment today and the only trouble was shoulder checking at a yield because of the sutures all around my ears...nothing with the boobs.

I did notice that they aren't happy when they aren't in a support bra though! All it took was a shower and shaving before they felt heavy and pressure on the incision line. So...won't leave them out for very long yet! Lol!

Now, what to do with the 4 dozen useless bras in my drawer...hmmm

Hope everyone is healing well today!

Righty still tighty!

So I'm still feeling really good..I do get shooting pains underneath my right boob but nothing unbearable. They don't last long. My biggest complaint?? Sleeping on my back!! I am fully comfortable sleeping on my side from the BA but the sutures around my ears and temples prevent that...so back and upright it is. It SUCKS. Oh well, it will be over soon enough right? Small price to pay I think! :D

I have a feeling my right boob is going to take its sweet time dropping. I'm posting pics today an you can see its still quite torpedo-shaped. Like everyone else...I hope it drops soon!!! ;)

Happy healing friends.

Still in love!

Day 17 post op and I'm so in live with them!

I'm back to 100% and feel like my old self. My right boob is dropping and softening every day while my left one I gorgeous and soft!

I sure don't miss skin tubes hanging when I kneel that's for sure! I found a couple if tricks to help me sleep on my side (I found that the top boob hangs and gets sore quickly while on my side). I have a travel neck pillow I used while sleeping upright, well now I place the pillow on my chest and my top boob in the opening! It fits perfectly, supports the top boob and I can rest my top arm on the pillow as well and it avoids putting pressure on the boob!! SO comfortable!!

Posting new pics. Forgive my downward facing right boob! I knew going in it would be lower (looks WAY worse in pics than real life--weird) and I'm ok with that.

One Month Post-Op

June 11 is one month and one day post op. I couldn't be happier! They are soft and squishy, the swelling is gone and I believe they are in their final place now.

They completely feel like a part of me and its as though they have always been there. I'm still wearing sports bras for comfort until I get the ok otherwise.

I received my "Tonserio" bras today and I'm in love! They are made specifically for augmented women and allow you to wear revealing clothes with support and comfort. I LOVE THEM!

I'm posting pics today and you'll noticed that my lefty is still different from my right one. I always knew that it would be like that and I'm still totally ok with it! I'm just sooo happy to have boobs and full out clothes for the first time ever! I'm so happy with my decision to get a ba...if you're on the fence, don't be!

I'll post periodically fr now on so happy healing to everyone and good luck to those ba's coming up!

6 week PO, New pics

Went for my final 6 week follow up today and everything is great!

I got the "ok" to go bra shopping, full gym activities and sleeping/not wearing a bra if I don't want to!!!

Not much has changed now shape wise except I feel like they've always been here and completely a part of me. The shape is what it will always bedroom here on out (well, until I need a lift or revision etc!)

Hope all of you are well and I will periodically post pics so stay tuned!
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