28 Years Old, 2 Kids (Both BF),currently 34B Want 450-550cc- 5'5"- 135Lbs - Winnipeg, MB

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Wow am I ever nervous but excited, I made my...

Wow am I ever nervous but excited, I made my pre-op appointment for September 12th 2016. Surgery date is the September 14th, quick 1 day in between but it'll be good. I have been reviewing several profiles trying to find the best size for me... Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories and pictures on here, it definitely helps hearing real life successes as well as issues along the way. I have been thinking about this for a long time now, with having 2 kids who were breast fed and my boobs not returning to their before look... made me wanting implants one day. We are here now and the surgery is booked!! ????

Wish Boobs...

I've been collaborating several different pictures as my wish boobs, thank you to everyone who has posted pictures to help make my decision that much easier.

1 Month Count Down...

The anticipation is killing me, it seems like it so close but yet so far. I have taken a few pictures to compare my before and after self as those who have done the same, had made this process a lot better. I'm a 34B pre op and would like 34DD post op.

View from Front, Side, Laying down and leaning over.

I also want to take a few pictures with current shirts/swim suits etc to compare the before and after.

Sizers 500/550/600cc

I went to the clinic today to try on sizes as I didn't want to wait till my pre op appointment (only 2 days prior to surgery). I tried on all Mentor Moderate Plus Implants, 500/550 & 600cc's. After trying them on, I think I'm liking the 600 more than the 500 or 550, especially when going under the muscle and loosing some cc's. Here are some picture to see. I'm 135Lbs, 5'5", 28 Years old. This is a granny bra they give to try stuff on, and I also tried them on with the black VS front zipper sports bra.

Pre Op Visit

Today I went in for my pre op appointment, this is where I was able to speak directly to the surgeon Dr. Robert Turner. The doctor was very professional and respectful.. He took his time completing the assessment with me. In speaking to him regarding the sizes previously tried on with the nurse (mentor moderate plus) he now informed me 2 days before surgery that moderate plus is not a good fit for my stats (13.3 width). I was told I would look very wide in the shoulders if I went with moderate plus. The doctor mentioned the mentor HP in which the nurse never mentioned nor gave me the implants to try on (so now I'm starting over with sizing-kind of frustrating). He gave me time to try on the HP alone to see what I liked, at this point.. 600cc HP was larger than the moderate plus- the larger you go the more issues you could have. So... I ended up picking 550cc mentor HP as I will have to go under the muscle (in which you lose some cc's)


When speaking with the doctor today, he definitely put my mind at ease a little after reading some of the scary experiences and outcomes from the women on here as well as YouTube.

1. White Bands- the white bands that people are using are mainly for people who may have chosen a textures implant. If you choose a textured implant (rough feeling on implant) you may be prone to the implant turning/rotating so the bulk of the implant won't be on the bottom... It will turn to be near your pectoral muscle which in turn will make your breast look deformed. The white band allows the implant to be forced in place for a couple weeks so the tissues can build around it for less chance of it rotating( but doesn't eliminate the possibility that it could happen)

If you do not choose this type of implant, you are highly unlikely to need the band. Which I thought I was needing to purchase, but don't need to!

2. Medication- some women have been prescribed some very strong medication for post surgery pain. The doctor I am currently with is giving T3's and antibiotic for infection. Some people may need strong medication but all doctors prescribe different medication that may not cost a lot of money. I've noticed on here people have stated it has costed up to 100$ for the medication.

3. Anesthetics- A lot of people mention vomiting post surgery and while at home from the anesthetics, if you've had a surgery before where you've been put under and haven't vomited, you will likely not vomit after this procedure either. After the operation is over, they administer a medication to help the nausea for when you come to. *not sure if this is available everywhere to everyone*

Today's the day!!!!!!!

Sooo my surgery was scheduled for 10:30 am today which was confirmed 2 days ago at my pre op appointment, they requested I arrive at 9:30 to check in. After completing all the forms the lady then says "ok, see you at 11:30 to get you prepped and 12:30 pm will be the time they start surgery"... UMMM.... WHAT??? yup, she says surgery at 12:30.. Thank goodness I had my paper from Dr. Turners office stating the time I was scheduled in for surgery (even thought that didn't help). The receptionist at the surgery centre contacted the main office where I had all my previous visits, the ladies there said on there end it showed my surgery was booked for 1:30pm which was never relayed to me at all. So here I am, waiting for 11:30 to begin prep and then I'm told the doctor is 45 minutes behind.. Which now pushed me till 12:30 prep and 1:30pm surgery. 30 minutes later, she came and told me the doctor was now 2 hours behind. Now I'm 2:30 prep and 3-3:30 surgery. The waiting was absolutely ridiculous, it was definitely disappointing.

WaaaaBamm 550cc HP

I got boobs ladies!!! I went into the room to get undressed into the gown waiting for the nurse, doctor and the wonderful man who was going to put me to sleep ????

Around 2:30pm nurse took BP, Temperature and stats with the finger thing. Doctor came in and discussed during and after expectations of surgery and that I will see him in 3-4 weeks for my first follow up. Anesthesiologist came to chat and I went in shortly after they left.

The operation room was great, the nurse and anesthesiologist were there and another nurse, they were awesome and made me laugh so much before being put to sleep. Great atmosphere, definitely put me at ease.

I woke up at 4:15 pm, surgery took 45 minutes (quick and easy).. I felt great when I woke up, a little sore (pressure) on my chest but nothing else... It felt like I over did it at the gym with chest press.

I have not had any nausea at all, just very hungry as i didn't eat until 6:15. I'm taking Tylenol 3 every 4 hours and my antibiotics as prescribed and feeling great.

I was told tomorrow (Day 2) will be the worst. I'll post more in the morning.

Day 1 & 2 Post op

The overnight after my surgery was horrible, I was up hourly due to discomfort (pressure and soreness near the incision). Even taking the Tylenol every 4 hours didn't help with pain so I had to start taking Aleve (1pill) in between the Tylenol dosages too. I set my phone alarm to not miss a dose. I continued this only throughout the overnight, but once morning hit I took the Tylenol every 4 hours and the antibiotic (1 pill 4x/day) while using ice packs often (which really helped). I barley slept during the day yesterday as I had some company visit and then the kids were home. Every time I get up I feel exhausted but I try to walk about for 5 minutes to stretch my legs (1-2x/day).

Second night- was fantastic, I was so tired from not sleeping the night before nor the entire day that I waited till 10pm to take my medication and then grabbed both ice packs and passed out for 4 hours until my next dose (which I was contemplating taking 1 not 2 Tylenol) as I was starting to feel really good, I took 2 as it hasn't been 48 hours yet. Tonight around 6pm, I will attempt a shower and take pictures... Nervous! Lol

First Shower

Ohh my.... did it feel nice to jump into the shower. I was hesitant to remove the bra but the surgeon said after 2 days I could shower and remove gaze and pat the strips dry once done in the shower. I didn't get soap near the incision as directed nor did I soak it under water.

I felt a lot of pressure at this time and you could see the difference between both breast. I can tell the left one may be smaller and getting softer quicker. I'm not expecting both breast to be the same size as one is always bigger than the other. I'm curious to know how large the incision lines are, I hope they aren't too big. I can remove the strips after 10 days. I was also using bio oil prior to the surgery on my breast and I used it while I was pregnant both times and didn't get stretch marks. I hope that using bio oil on the incision after will help the scaring disappear more rapidly.

Day 3

I woke up at 5am and took 1 T3, I felt really good when I woke up.. Not too sore but I knew I wanted to try and be productive today. I cleaned up a little and went out with the family, I have to say I'm exhausted and am feeling a little sore. Possibly too much standing and doing things, I need to remember that just cause I'm feeling good, doesn't mean I can do a lot. It's only day 3!!!! My advice for myself today would have been to stay home and relax! The doctor said I get to start massaging tomorrow Day 4 or Day 5 pending on how I feel and if I think I'm ready. I hope I feel good tomorrow. The massaging is 1-2x/day for 2 mins, I see that other people are told otherwise by their doctors and was wondering why my doctor said to massage so little. What were you told regarding massaging...?

Day 4

I showered this morning, it also felt like a normal shower just like before I had surgery. I noticed the bruising more now, it's turning yellowish (healing) so that's good. I did massage both this morning, the right a little more tender than the left but i was able to do it.

I also thought about posting pictures of my pre op and post op instructions for those of you who are trying to find as much information as possible regarding this procedures requirements. (This was the only site I had referred to prior to scheduling my BA)

Day 5

I was still sore and had to slow my movement. This was also my first day back to work and first time driving since surgery. It hurt to drive, I felt awkward, not comfortable, I should have taken a full week off like the surgeon recommended. I added pictures of the VS 34DD front clip/zip up sports bra just to wash the surgical bra. The picture with my shirt on shows you the side profile

1 Week Today!!!

This morning I felt really good, everything seemed to be a little easier than the day before. I'm sore near the incision site where I have a decent amount of bruising. I forgot to mention that the bottom half of both breast (half moon type a deal) are numb- kind of like when your leg is asleep.. Feels odd but the doctor said it would eventually go away 2-4-6 months down the road, no specific amount of time.


Forgot to add 1 week pictures yesterday so here they are!

Day 8 - Boob Contractions !?!?!

I'm not sure what to call it but if you've ever had a baby you can relate to "contractions"... This is what happens to me first thing in the morning when I wake up. My boobs are rock hard so I massage them to alleviate the pressure.

I also experienced this same feeling today while outside walking with my family. I got cold/had a chill, and both breast turned rock hard/contraction/ pressure.

Can anyone relate to this? If so, how long did it last?

Day 10- First look at incision

This morning was day 10, the go ahead from the doctor to remove any remaining bandages to uncover the incision site. I was very nervous to look as I have seen a few posts with pour stitching of the incision site. I think the doctor did a great job, I've added some pictures. I'm going to begin using bio-oil again to help moisturize and apply to scar. Hopefully it'll help! I added a few other pictures, close up of one breast with arm as normal (straight down) then I posted a picture of the same breast but with my arm in the air. I have to say it was difficult shaving my armpit as I use to be able to put it flat but now it's like a groove where a blade doesn't fit right.

Day 11- Feeling Great

Today I feel really good, I feel that it's taken me till today to feel as though things are almost back to normal. I was able to do some cleaning today, drove, went grocery shopping without having issues or doing it in slow motion. It still hurts to sneeze and cough, mainly between my breast. I still can't lay on my side, my pectoral muscle begins to hurt and it's very uncomfortable. I can lay down on my back and sit up easier, it's not completely normal but getting there. I went shopping yesterday and I know it's a little early to purchase a swim suit as I still have a little ways to go with fluffing but the sizing was small, med, and large. I always have to grab small so I tried a medium... Well, in that moment I realized I'm a large...?! Still questioning, although I just wanted to make sure I had a swim suit in case we go to a hotel in the near future. It wasn't easy trying it on as it still awkward (slower process) doing certain things and undressing is one of them. I'll post pictures soon!

12 Days post op

I'm horrible at taking pictures, it's sort of difficult to do. I decided to try from a different angle so you can see projection. I'll try it with bra off next time. I've added more incision pictures also, using bio-oil. They are looking great so far, I'm very happy with it.

4 week follow up w/ doctor

I definitely have to say my experience has been great, no big concerns or issues along the way. I had one concern on my right breast, near incision, you'll see what I'm talking about when you see the pictures. I didn't panic but was slightly discouraged about a perfect procedure.. I know nothing is a guarantee but after my appointment with the doctor, I was fine! I had a vein/tissue... I'm still not sure what it was but it felt like it was stitched into my incision from the inside by accident, every time I raised my right arm, or tried bending backwards it would pull on this string thing, causing me discomfort and even pain at times. Slowly the pain began to lessen and it started to disappear. The doctor informed me that it isn't anything to worry about and sometimes is just tissues and what not trying to settle in around the implant.

I can't remember if I mentioned the original massaging post surgery the doctor told me to do.. but here it is again if i did or didn't. Use both hands, use palm and press down do the implant flattens out inside you, it will stretch the pocket in which the implant is sitting it. If this isn't done, it doesn't keep the pocket bigger than implant and deformities could occur. Second step, while the implant is flattened, use other hand to support and move the implant clockwise, again to stretch the pocket and move the implant donuts not stuck in place.

Massage after 4 weeks has changed, I will attach a video on what needs to be done for the massing at this point.

The doctor encouraged as much massaging so I don't get the capsular contracture, although he did say, even with previous aggressive massagers, they could still have that happen. He stated only 5% of his patients have this issue (down the road).

Tanning- he mentioned if I wanted to tan, I should cover the incision with a bandaid or something for the next year until it's fully healed. He recommended this due to the scaring darkening faster than your actual skin if not covered.

Wired Bra's- I was told that I can now wear a under wire bra for 2 hours at a time in one day/night if I wanted to dress up and go out... (show them girls off a little ????) but to not wear it all day. The reason why they say no underwire is because the bra will place the breast in a very high position on the chest and they could become deformed and not go back to their original place.

Exercise- I was told that I can begin some light work outs, nothing too crazy but I can start, I'm excited as I need it, I've definitely gained weight, thank god it's winter soon, I have time to work it off!

I still had a piece of stitch on my right breast that the doctor needed to cut off when I was there but everything looked good, great news! I'm also very happy with how well the incisions look, very neatly done, he did tell me to continue massage the incisions with my bio oil as they are disappearing quiet quickly and they feel flattened/smoother too.

Almost 3 months Old


Here is an update regarding the girls. Everything has been going great, daily massages are happening, they feel real.. you wouldn't even know they are fake.

All exercising has been resumed, slowly but back at it to re-build the pectoral muscles as I had the implants placed under the muscle.

I encourage all those who are wanting them, to go get them!

I went with 550 HP and I'm happy with them, at times they feel smaller than I wanted but other days they are more than a handful ???? hehe.

I will try and post more pictures in swim suits etc.


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