25 Y.o. 5'2" 115 Lbs, HP Submuscular 350cc - Winnipeg, MB

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The idea of getting implants was always there, but...

The idea of getting implants was always there, but I've only seriously started accepting that I can do this for myself in the past year. I've always been jealous of other women and incredibly self-conscious without a shirt. I actually like my small breasts at times, but I just don't have the shape that other lucky women are blessed with.

Consult, brand, size.

I had my consult on Sept. 13. I'm very excited, and it's been hard to think about anything else for the last couple of weeks.

Pre-op stats: around 5'2 (I think?); 110 lbs; 32 A.

I work out a ton, so I think I'm fairly muscular - I used to be stuck at 130 lbs, and I've cut down to 110 in the last few years. My breasts were small to begin with, but I swear I was closer to a B then (even if it wasn't a full B), and I am unquestionably smaller now.

Not working out will suck. I'm even putting off an opportunity to work at my gym, something I've really wanted to do for a while now. Now is the time though, and I hope to get back into the swing of things by the new year!

I basically have no upper breast tissue. My PS took one look/pinch and determined that subglandular placement isn't an option. The way he described submuscular placement (what I'm getting) makes me think it will be dual plane - I only just read about that recently. He described it as being only partially under the muscle - is this the same thing?

I originally told him that I wanted to hit a C cup, with a roundness on top that I currently lack. He suggested high profile, around 350-375. After trying on sizers, I originally went straight for the 375. But I went back a couple weeks later, and that seemed huge! I'm short, and as I said, I have muscle. I'm scared of looking wide or top heavy. So I've gone down to 325 cc, but maybe that won't get me a C? I love the look of fuller breasts, but I want to be true to what works for my body frame, and I'm more concerned with improving the overall shape than a massive size increase.


*Gulp* I really don't love the idea of posting photos, but I also really appreciated everyone else's.

I also haven't told anyone, so I am starting to go insane. My boyfriend knows, but I haven't been interested in risking the judgement I might get from friends.

Not sure how to add text to the photos:

1) pre-op/current
2) 375 cc sizers - this was the second visit, when I realized these were too big!
3) 375 cc sizers - first visit. Must have been the shirt, because I didn't think these were that big that time.

Unfortunately I don't have photos with the 325 sizers.

I had surgery!

Ultimately, I ended up with 325 high profile, round, smooth (Mentor), partially under the muscle.

Pain is not too much right now - I have Tylenol 3s and a muscle relaxant to keep it at bay. I'd say I'm at 3/10 so long as I move slow and don't stretch my arms too far.

I do hear a swishy bubble-like noise coming from my right breast when I use my right arm. Other reviews have mentioned it, and I hope it is nothing to worry about.

No nausea. Left breast is larger than right, but I think it might be swelling more because it was slightly smaller to begin with.
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