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Hi Everyone! I thought i would hop on the boat and...

Hi Everyone! I thought i would hop on the boat and give my soon to be experience on my breast reduction surgery in September 2014! I have been reading up on many reviews but there hasn't been many teenage stories, so I hope this can help others my age. I am 17, 5'7, 32DDD and 135 pounds. I started developing in grade seven and gradually grew until now. The main reason Im going through with the surgery is because I love being active! I was a national rhythmic gymnast until 16 and my breasts have always gotten in the way. I know they aren't massive and people think Im crazy for doing this but for my frame they cause a tremendous amount of pain on my back and neck. Especially in the past year they have grown, probably because I'm not working out everyday 4 hours a day. Even at my lowest weight and crazy training of 8 hours a day I still had big boobs with a six-pack and boy hips. It never made sense to me and I always felt tired, as if I'm constantly wearing a backpack full of weights. Training became very difficult with constant aches I had to go to chiropractors, massages, and physiotherapy every week. So I made an appointment with my family doctor who referred me to a plastic surgeon in March 2013. I met with him and he was very nice. He told me all the pre cautions and would take a third of each breast tissue out. Making me approximately a 34 C. After the appointment I actually decided not to get the surgery. I was scared, too young, my friends thought i was insane, pain wasn't that bad……but in reality the pain was horrible, even for me who had a very high tolerance of pain from gymnastics. Two months later i saw my friend who had it done by the same doctor and she looked so happy, like a new person. I talked to my mom and told her i really wanted it but was held back from others opinions on me. She called the doctor in July and i got my surgery forms filled out and had a physical done. All went well and my appointment is now booked for September 8th! My insurance pays for it all so I don't have to worry about that. I think the hardest part about this surgery is realizing you are doing it for yourself and your health, don't let others influence your decision as they don't know what kind of pain you go through everyday. I'll keep ya guys updated as i get closer to my surgery! Im so happy to know in a couple of months i will run, flip, dance, jump and be ME again! The passion i get from doing these things far outweigh some scars and pain for a couple months :)

Before pictures

Just thought i should document my before pictures so i have something to compare to after i get the surgery! So here it is….

Before Pictures

Too big for my body! So ready for them to be gone!

Best Friend on Board!

Well what a surprise i got today! I just found out my best friend is also getting a breast reduction in one of her boobs to even them out! This is nice to have someone to support you and who will actually be going through the same thing at the same time! Couldn't be happier :)

Delayed Surgery

So my surgery date has been bumped back until November 20 which I'm sad about. Due to skin medications I was on last year, I have to wait six months before it is out of my system. It can affect the healing process with scars. Don't want to take any chances but I am sad that I have to wait so much longer…. All well better safe then sorry.


Hey guys so i have nothing to really update now that my surgery is bumped back 2 months. I guess I'm just scared that i will regret this if something goes wrong…. Does anyone thats had this surgery have regrets? Please let me know as the more time i have to think the more worried i am about it.

What size!?

Hey guys so i just found out i don't actually see my surgeon again till the day of surgery when i tell him how small i want to be. Any advice on deciding how small to go??

Cant wait any longer…..

So i still have just under 5 weeks to my surgery and I'm getting so anxious! I'm just ready to get it done already and start recovery! I've also been so frustrated these past few weeks cause i can't find any cute clothes in my closest but i don't want to buy anything new cause i know ill be a smaller size! Sorry for the rant I'm just ready for a new me!! Also any advice on products to buy for after surgery??

Getting ready!

Hey guys I just wanted your input of any good things to buy for my recovery?

Count down begins!

Exactly 3 weeks till surgery! I think I'm getting too excited!! eeeeek

One Week! decisions…decisions

Hey guys! So I'm really just writing to ask you guys on your input about size. I don't have to make up my mind about my size until the day of surgery so i have one week left to decide. I'd say I'm around a 34dd/ddd right now and I'd like to be a 34B. Some people I've been talking to say thats super small…. but i think over time they will get bigger naturally so might as well go as small as possible? Any advice or experience would be great to hear :) Also here are some photos of me just so you can see proportions!

Its Over!

Can't believe I actually went through with it! I am 2 days post op and already feeling amazing! I haven't actually seen what they look like but hopefully soon! The doctor told me he took 1 pound out of each which is 400 grams! I am already so happy and can tell they are going to look great :) I'll keep ya guys updated once i see them!

Looking back at it all!

So its been almost one year since i went through with this surgery. Best decision i have ever made in my life. I can truly say i love my body and the scars that came with this surgery. My confidence is through the roof and i truly like the way i look now. I spent years hating/hiding my body... its so nice to want to show it off now and not feel trapped in it! Many people told me i was too young and my boobs would change, but so far they haven't and i would do this surgery again if i need to in 10 years!
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