23 yrs old, 110lbs, was: 32A/AA - now: 32DD from 400/425cc Mentor HP silicone

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So after researching this procedure for over a...

So after researching this procedure for over a year, and saving money, I have finally decides to move forward with my surgery! :) I have finally scheduled my consultation in 2 weeks with one of the top surgeons in my City and I cannot wait! I don't know what to expect. Any stories of how your first consultation went?

1st consultation coming up! How to prepare?

So my consultation is finally a few days away! I'm super excited!! It just feels like I've been waiting an eternity to have a consult with this PS, and now the days are finally getting closer! :) I've been making a list of questions to ask, and I've been doing a lot of other research online. I have seen a lot of great advice on what to prepare for when I have my 1st consultation. Can any of you give me your own personal advice/suggestions on what I should bring, what questions I should ask, and if there is specific type of clothing I should wear, etc? Thanks in advance!

Today is the day!

1st ever consultation day happening in a few hours and I'm super excited! I can't wait to see what this doctor has in store for me! :) I hope he is as good as everyone says he is. Not going to lie, my nerves were kicking in over the past few days about if I should still go through with this surgery and the complications that may happen later on in the future... I am over it, for now. Hoping this PS will keep me at ease. My desired surgery date is the beginning of June 2014. I hope this can be accommodated!

Booked my surgery!!

My consultation with Dr. Islur went perfect! I am so happy that I got to see him. He was so knowledgeable and gave me all the answers to my questions! I am confident in my choice and booked my surgery for June! :) I'm so excited!

Surgery date booked!!

I am soo excited! I booked my surgery date for June 13, 2014 and I seriously cannot wait :) at the initial consultation I agreed on 400cc's, I'm 5'4 at 115lbs, and I am barely a 32A. I was told 400cc's would make me a large C to small D. Any thoughts?

Exactly the look I am going for!!

She has the same stats as I do: 5'4 at 115lbs but instead a 34B.

SAD Life!!

So it took a lot of courage to actually post these before pics because I've been ashamed of them for years... But here they are, my current itty bitty titties as of right now! Ugh.. I cannot wait for my BA!! I've been considering HP silicone 425cc or 450cc after browsing through so many pictures. Originally at my 1st consult, my PS and I decided on 400cc.. But from the pics I've seen, it's starting to look a bit small lol. I'm just afraid of being out of proportion! Any thoughts? Any ladies with the same stats as me? (5'4 / 115lbs / 32A)

Going with HP - 400cc L/425cc R

PS recommended, and said 450cc will be too big for my body. Surgery is a month away!! Sooo nervous!

3 more sleeps!

Ahh!! I can't believe how fast this day has come. I have never been so excited for Friday the 13th haha. I am getting more nervous than excited, and I'm definitely nervous for the anesthesia lol. I don't know what to expect, and I'm afraid of recovery!! But, I can't wait to see my results!


I've been in and out of sleep all night! I can't believe this day has finally come!!! :) only a few more hours to go!!

Finally done with the surgery!

Well I'm finally home from the surgical center and I am feeling great!! I was actually really afraid of the anesthesia but I knocked out so quickly that when I woke up I asked the nurse when they were going to start LOL. I woke up super nauseous, in a lot of pain, and it was freezing cold! My nausea eventually went away, and the nurse gave me pain killers. I slowly got better after a few minutes. The nurse was super nice and helpful! Loved her! I am so happy my boyfriend was already there in the waiting room so they called him in to see me. We had a good laugh about how I woke up so confused and high off meds lol. After we left the surgical center, I started to feel really nauseous all over again, and drove to pick up my prescription for pain killers. Oh man! Was I ever dizzy, nauseous, and drowsy. Couldn't wait to go home. Finally home and not feeling much pain! It wasn't as bad as I thought.. But then again it's probably just the pain killers kicking in. I wonder how my first night will treat me post-op. Soo impatient, and super excited to see the final results! Lol. I'll be posting post-op pics shortly! :)

1 day post-op!

It's been a rough first night! I was waking up almost every hour and had to get my bf to move me and bring me to the washroom most of the night. I got really nauseous and hardly slept. This morning I noticed they got a lot more swollen and feeling really tight. It's kind of hard to breathe, and walking/moving around is still pretty difficult. I predict I'll be on bed rest for the next few days :( Everything is just too much to handle. Hope it gets better soon!

More painful than I thought.. 2 days post-op

So it seems like the pain, for me, is getting worse by the day :( I'm feeling more sore by the hour, and still having shortness of breath. The worse part is getting up from laying down or walking around. I just feel the worst sharp pains in my chest. My PS said he wants me to keep moving around, but it's just way too difficult for me to do at the moment. It just feels like the implants are 1000 pounds and about to pop out of my chest lol.. They feel sooo heavy. They are also weighing down on my wounds under my breasts so that just makes the pain even more worse. Still feeling really bloated too. The only progress I've had is laying down on my back without feeling like there's an elephant on my chest haha! My back is killing me from sitting up most of the time and sleeping awkward, and my ribs are pretty sore to the touch too. Hoping it gets better soon...

Day 5 post-op

Most of the pain went away, but I'm still feeling a lot of pressure and tightness which will probably last for a few weeks from what I heard. I've been getting random sharp pains in my right boob, and the right incision still stings a lot when I move around. I've noticed bruising around my nipple area on my left boob.. Hope it doesn't get any worse. I'm still sleeping on my back which is giving me the worst back pains ever. I can't wait to go for a massage! Still need help getting up from laying down too. I am back to work in 6 days but afraid I may need more time to recover. I can't wait to feel normal again!!

6 days post-op

My progress in a bikini. Still pretty swollen but definitely got a lot better. Still feeling a lot of pain/discomfort on the side of my right breast and noticed some bruising on my right side rib.

Feeling a bit discouraged..

I am currently going on 3 weeks post-op and now that the swelling has gone down, they are looking a lot smaller than I expected. My friends say they don't look that big and thought it would look a lot bigger. I feel like I could have easily gone 50cc's larger, but my PS said they would be too big if I did, so I stuck with what he recommended. I've heard that they will drop a lot more and the muscles will relax so it will appear "bigger" throughout the next few months, so I reeally hope it's true what they say about D&F!! I would hate that I spent all this money and went through all this pain only to be unhappy with the final results later on :( I am sooo impatient! Lol..


So it's been a while since I've last updated my review. I just wanted to update everyone on my progress. Since 1 month post-op and being discouraged about the results, I've had a change of heart and come to love my new boobs so much more! They really do change and look bigger every month! I am now more than happy with how my boobs are shaping/looking. I went from a 32A pre-op, to 32C 1 month post-op, and now fitting into a 32DD 5 months later! Love it!
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