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My name is Laura Long, I was diagnoised with MS in...

My name is Laura Long, I was diagnoised with MS in 2000 ,Because of my windfall of such illness, I have gained a decent amount of weight. Before I develped ms I was 165.lbs then after the diagnoses I gained 70 lbs, i eat right and I tried to be active, but fatigue playes a major role ms and you need to fo as much as possible, without strain.
I have decided to do a challenge, with the "10 min Trainer" a video workout system by Tony Horton, I am one to not give up, so i have decided to record my progress on Youtube and try to remove the weight that has burdened me for so long. So follow me and lets work out together.


MS vs menapause vs Working out

Hi there everyone,
My name is Laura Long 47 year old that has been diagnoised with MS 13 years ago. Since I was diagnoised I have struggled with wieght gain pretty bad. I have been hospitalized due to massive exzacerbations that comes along with MS also summertime can be fun, but dangerous for someone like me, but I am carful about my surroundings. with me wanting to lose the weight, I have done EVERYTHING possible, I have done the gym membership ( btw I never went) Sensa,,protein Shakes,WW, and more, I did lose weight off some of these things, but I needed someting else,somthing that would help me do the right thing for my body & me,,in an excerise work out. & something I can do and keep doing with out feeling fatiged so much that I DON"T want to work out. also I have been battling with menapause a womans absolute foe! it really isnt a great combo to have. so i decided to sdo something about it.
I had been litterally stalked by the "10 Minute Trainer" workout comercials for months, so I decided to give it a chance. I am putting all my progression's on the table so that people know that " you can do this" if I can,, you sure can. I also am having people follow me on Youtube, to check my progress on how i am doing.
I am also a singer in a band called "The Ruffcutz Band" and i just plan want to look good when I ahe a show. I know that it takes self punishment & strength to get it done! and that is what I am doing for myself. Some peole just dont want to work out,, I know that I do! ,,I miss being active so much, and feeling good.
So please follow my progress on YouTube. I'm just a real person that lives in Windsor Wi, that just wants to show real result, and I think what better way to do it, than with the " 10 Min Trainer". I have been using it now since May 11,2013, it is now May 22,2013 I'm down 2.8 lbs a healthy loss. I will measure on June 11,2013 for a full month work progress.
Thanks all and stay healthy!
Laura Long
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