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Hi. I am 48, and have 4 adult children ranging in...

Hi. I am 48, and have 4 adult children ranging in age from 22 - 30. I've always had a buddha belly, and have thought on and off of having a tummy tuck, but it's been recently that I am able to afford it. My body proportions are good, and I have an hourglass figure.

Right now I weigh 164, and I'm 5'4" tall. I hope to get down to 160 by the time of my operation, Feb. 12.

I don't tend to worry about things I cannot change until "the day of", so right now I'm feeling pretty good about my decision, and of course, excited.

Before pics to come soon.

Well, it's less than two weeks before my surgery...

Well, it's less than two weeks before my surgery and I think about it a lot. I have only told about 3 people, my sister, my best friend who's across the country and the women I have who covers for me at work. I haven't told my 4 kids because i know I'll get some flack from them (Like, why aren't I using this money - which I borrowed - on them? For their schooling?). Plus, my eldest told me she's always known me to be on a diet all my life. She probably will think this is wasted money. When they do find out about my "operation" they will be told it's for "female troubles".

I have several items bought and don't plan on using a recliner, though we do have one in the basement that we can pull up if needed.

Sleep isn't too bad, no nightmares/dreams about it. I look at some of the pics on here and continue to get excited about the end result!

One week to go - I'm still not getting too too...

One week to go - I'm still not getting too too worried over the operation, but sleep at night is coming slowly. Once I do fall asleep, though, I'm fine for the night. I'm afraid of getting sick. A few times I've felt a tickle in my throat, but nothing's come of it. So far, so healthy!

I've bought Bromelain and Arnica, but I'm unsure of when to take them. I think I'll start taking them a couple days out, but not sure how many a day.

I still need to take some pics, and hope to have them up before I go in.

I added some before shots today - this is a bikini...

I added some before shots today - this is a bikini (I love the top!) - and of course I've never worn the bottoms in public before. It will be awesome if my after pics show me looking awesome in that bikini bottom. I find it too hard to believe that after trying so many things that this will actually work (you know?). 5 days to go!

I ordered a lift chair today. I am having a hard...

I ordered a lift chair today. I am having a hard time falling asleep. I am excited. I am nervous.

Oh my goodness, it's tomorrow! I hope I sleep...

Oh my goodness, it's tomorrow! I hope I sleep well, and I hope it all turns out good! Items are bought, lift chair is waiting for me, and hubby is ready to drive me to and fro! Here I go!

I made it through!

I made it through!

Okay, I was sick at least 4 times after I got home...

okay, I was sick at least 4 times after I got home yesterday, and o course I;m still in pain, but I'm keeping on top of it by taking my meds when I"m supposed to. I'm tired.

I slept on teh lift chair last night, and it worked well. I've had some toast today, along with some fruit and over night i had a couple of protein bars, too.

I keep saying, "this too shall pass".
I have no idea how it looks, LOL, but I'm sure it'll all be worth it.

Well my sleep last night sucked. I slept in bed...

Well my sleep last night sucked. I slept in bed and it was too tough to stay in one position; I ended up coming out to the recliner and still felt physically sick. But that passed. The day so far is *typical* - I am napping and eating healthily. I still havenèt seen my tummy, but I suspect it is smaller!

I was talking to my gf in PEI today and was...

I was talking to my gf in PEI today and was telling her I'm pretty much sstanding up straight - and she said that that was pretty good of me. I didn't think of it that way, but she's right. I also had a BM today and though I do have a back ache and my sleeping isn't very good, I think I'm doing well. I haven't been eating the best - mostly fruits. I just don't feel like eating other stuff.

I only hope that, with standing up straight already, that that doesn't mean that he barely took anything away. I'm kinda nervous about that.

I had my 1st PO appt. today. the doctor removed...

I had my 1st PO appt. today. the doctor removed the drains and that was almost-nauseating! Hubby said he pulled out about 8" of tubes from inside of me! yikes! so glad to get rid of the drain holders. they were big - about 9" round, 2" deep. Like the PS said, I feel so much better now that they're gone!

I thought I'd be wiped after this little outing, but I wasn't. It is a chilly, snowy, windy day and we came right back home (brrr).

Hubby took a pic of me while laying on the table after the CG was opened (which I have to continue to wear for 6 more weeks, joy!). I look puffy. I will get brave enough tomorrow morning to have a shower and will have hubby take a pic so I can post then.

Over all, I feel good. I do still get tired (no nap today or yesterday!), and my back still hurts, but this too shall pass!

I head back to the PC next monday to have stitches removed (1st day back at work, will do during my lunch hour).

I saw the PS yesterday and he took my stitches out...

I saw the PS yesterday and he took my stitches out. I asked him lots of questions: Is my BB all right? will it look normal when the swelling goes down (A: Yes, it's fine. no need to worry, it'll be an innie when this is all done)
Should I moisturize? (A: no need to)
How much swelling? (A: you wear the CG for the 6 weeks becuase that's when the bulk of the swelling happens. You'll still swell afterwards, but not by much.

He also told me that if I like the results now, I'm going to love it when the 6 weeks is up.
A few things I've learned- no need for granny panties or any other girdle. I get to wear the one that was provided for the 6 weeks. No need to watch what you're eating (he said I could eat anything I want). I am going to watch what i eat, though, because being sedentary means weight gain if I eat bad.

Today I look more swollen above my stitches, and I suspect it's because I've been sitting most of the day. I feel it, too. I hope to take some more pics in the next few days, when I've got this darn CG off for the 5 minutes of my shower.

Today I have my 3 week PO doctor visit. I have a...

Today I have my 3 week PO doctor visit. I have a few concerns; I am constantly swollen over my left hip, like a big blob. (oval in shape). I also have a constant pain in my upper left section - probably a muscle that's been over worked? My stitches are bumpy and although the doctor says that'll subside, it does look/feel not good. I've posted new pics taken 2 weeks PO.

Well, this past Wednesday was my birthday, and I...

Well, this past Wednesday was my birthday, and I have to admit the eating this weeks has been wonderful (or, I can otherwise say, Oh my gosh, what have I been eating???).. We went out Tuesday for supper, my sister and I went to the movies on Wednesday (and flavoured popcorn is my all time fave! Can't go to the movies without popcorn!), and yesterday my darling son and future fiancee gave me a gift basket from Laura Secord.

So over the next few days I absolutely have to eat clean! the chocolates have been put out of sight, and I've resolved to monitoring my eating habits (even through lunch out with darling daughter today!)(chicken salad, probably).

On other fronts, work has been slow so I've taken the opportunity to walk around the office. twice I've logged over 1,000 steps. I want to try to increase that (I have lots of times when I'm the only one in the office and can take advantage of the solitude by walking for 15 minutes without an interruption)(I know, great job, eh?)(I get lucky and the phone hasn't even rung during that time!)

I have worn some 'regular' pants, too. As I type I am wearing jeans - they are pretty baggy around the waist/hips, though, but that's a good thing in case i swell up.
I have weighed myself - about one week after the surgery I was down 3 lbs to 159, and this morning I was at 159.5. So, whew. I hope it doesn't go up more than that after this week of over-indulging!

I love looking at myself in the mirror, too!

I think I have fluid build up over my left hip....

I think I have fluid build up over my left hip. It's starting to feel hard. When I mentioned this to Dr. N last monday he said it's normal and it is just swelling and probably feels smaller in the morning. It's Friday night now - and I won't be able to call the office until Monday Morning. I hope that now that I realize that it's probably fluid build up it doesn't get exponentially worse.

Two things I really miss right now: 1. sleeping on...

Two things I really miss right now: 1. sleeping on my tummy and, 2. taking a bath.

The lump on my left side I feel pretty sure is just swelling and a bit of freaking out by me.

I posted a pic of my scar - based on what I see of...

I posted a pic of my scar - based on what I see of others, I am disappointed mine looks so rough, esp. 4 weeks PO. Plus, right about in the center I'm bleeding ever so slightly. I called the Dr. today, but the office is closed. I don't know if I should put something on it or what...?

I should also note that my BB is still "closed"...

I should also note that my BB is still "closed" and has dried blood in it... not happy about that, either.

Well, l have a call in to the doctors office about...

Well, l have a call in to the doctors office about some redness on my incision. I think it's infected. Perhaps from the bio-oil? Maybe it was too early to put on and it seeped in?

I think me going through peri-menopause helped me avoid the mood swings. I feel as though my emotions are normal. No crying, no depression, nothing. Not even a period (since before Christmas!!!!)

my weight has been holding steady at 159, thank goodness. I have been eating (mostly) clean, except for my birthday stuff.

I'll repost after l get back from seeing the doctor on monday.

Well, the incision was getting all pus-sy, and...

Well, the incision was getting all pus-sy, and today (Sunday) i was in pain. so i called the office and was actually able to see the doctor at his office. I got my script and I'm on my way to getting better. Thank goodness.

I dont' know if the bio-oil was the cause (in thinking hard, I think the blood that I saw in the past was from the same area... I don't know for sure, though), but I'm going to wait until all signs of blood are gone from the incision before starting to put it on again.

I've added another pic, taken this evening. I have...

I've added another pic, taken this evening. I have to admit that I"m pretty worried. I ended up seeing the doctor again today during my lunch hour. About 10 minutes prior to lunch I went to the bathroom and noticed bright red blood on my far right hip. I put a piece of paper towel on it, but after getting up off the toilet, there was even more blood. I called the doctor and then zipped over to his office (5 min away) and he looked and said that a stitch from below the skin made its way up to the top - he said there's a lot of stitches that he used, and this wasn't abnormal, and that I could take the gauze off tomorrow morning with my shower. That's the reasoning for the gauze on my right side.

That said, the redness in the centre is giving me cause for concern. I was prescribed yesterday apo-cephalex 500mg, and I'm taking 1 tablet 4 times a day (every six hours). The redness tonight is warm, and hard. It hurts to sit because I'm bend at that point.
I'm going to post another post in the forums asking for doctors opinions.
(Please don't freak out on me if you post to my review, LOL, I'm already there and trying to stay calm and composed!

Just a quick update - my infection isn't as red,...

Just a quick update - my infection isn't as red, but there's still a little bit of pus coming out. Very frustrating. I plan on calling the doctor tomorrow (because, for some reason unknown to me, he's closed yesterday and today-monday-tuesday) and see what he says about it. Perhaps the meds weren't strong enough? Argh to that. I have no other news about my TT, except that I've fallen behind a few weeks on the road to recovery, which really pisses me off. Another update in a few days. :(

So on Monday l called the doctotrs office; kessage...

So on Monday l called the doctotrs office; kessage says he won't be back until Wednesday. Fine. I wait until wed. To call, and the receptionist informs me he is on vacation. What the feck? I was very pissed, because by then l completed my antibiotics and as still infected!!!! The receptionist told me if l had concerns to either go to the clinic or to my family doctor.
This was the start of a day where little things went wrong, and to boot, l was also dealong with the loss of my mother-in-law, and viewings, and her funeral and helping my husband thru it. Argh.
So l drove over to my family doctors office (because the cell is at home on the kitchen table), and thankfully their reception said, "say nomore, we'll get you in". Oh how l love my GP. I got more meds, more detailed info on how to care for the incision, and more time than the PS. I will not recommend this PS based on his lack of bedside manner and lack of easy access and that each time l saw him l felt rushed.

I've been looking at other's post-op pics and...

I've been looking at other's post-op pics and feeling disappointed that my scar is still so red and yes, infected. 2+ weeks of it being infected. Still pus coming out (small amounts still). I change the gauze 3X a day, and I don't put on any ointment because the few times I put ointment on it, it came away with even more pus. I am in agreement that the ointment gives the pus a breeding ground.
Anyhow, I feel impatient that I can't do much with it still infected. I'm tired of waiting to feel good enough to go for walks, to start exercising, even to feel better about swelling. (big sigh)...this is just a rant and I know that this will pass eventually, but I so dislike being behind the 8-ball with regards to recovery. Pics taken today will be posted later on.

I went to my PS today; he said I am not infected,...

I went to my PS today; he said I am not infected, but it's my body (that's sensitive) reacting to a stitch that just doesn't want to make its way to the surface. I'm to stop my anti-biotics that I got from my GP (not necessary) and to wait it out. He asked that I come back in 4 weeks, that I don't need my appt. next monday, but I didn't cancel it nor did I book another appointment. I have a feeling that I'm going to want to see him again.

I asked him when can I start exercising - he asked if it's been 6 weeks (it's 7), he said go for it. I asked about ab work - he said do anything I want. I asked about swimming in a salt water pool. he said it's okay, and okay to stay in for a 45 minute class (cool!).
I forgot to ask about my CG & binder, so I'll probably call back tomorrow.

Tonight I did the easy level of Jillian MIchael's 30 day shred (it's about 20 minutes long) but didn't do any jumping jacks. I am not confident enough to jump. I did the ab work, and it didn't hurt!
So in summary, today was a feel good day, even though I don't look any better.

Well, another week has gone by and my scar is...

Well, another week has gone by and my scar is still red in the front and there is still pus coming out. I had looked closely (as has hubby) for a stitch coming out from inside, but can see nor feel anything. It has stopped pus-ing a couple of times for about 18 hours ± twice, but every time I take a shower it starts up again. What to do, what to do.
I am still exercising, and thank goodness for that, because it was a birthday dinner for the sister on Sunday.
I'd take a pic, but it's too depressing to see it still so red when others are next-to-gone.

.. pus ended about a week ago; I started with...

.. pus ended about a week ago; I started with ScarAway yesterday. I am, I really hope, in swell hell. I've got bulges above, within and below my bra straps on the side. I had my 1st period in 4.5 months, too. And I went without my CG for several hours for the first time, all at once. AND I weigh 2 lbs more than what I started when i had surgery.

Not having a thin week so far. Poo.

I decided to stop goign to the PS and went and saw my GP yesterday; he said the surgery was done really well, but I look to be a bit swollen and gave me a script for diuretics.

I started my bootcamp again. I went 3X last week, and hope to go about 4-5 times this week. I also joined up with his "90 day challenge". I hope to go down 10 lbs and feel thinner with that. It included a diet plan and all uses of all the classes, which are AWESOME.

No pics to post, because I feel freaking fat. but I'll post some "after" pics in a bit.

And on a positive note, I'm heading to Los Angeles to visit a friend who lives in PEI and who I haven't seen in about a year. Woo hoo! Gonna bring bikini, and hope for the best!

I had an appointment with the Doctor on April 30,...

I had an appointment with the Doctor on April 30, I didn't go and the doctor's office didn't call to ask where I was. I don't think I'll ever go back to him again. I'll make do with what I have now. It is slowly healing, but I certainly am not getting the after care I had imagined. The only thing he says is, "don't worry, this'll work itself out".. yeah, right. My left side is bumpy and I will live with it. It is, I believe, because he didn't cut enough skin off at that juncture. Over all I am pleased and if I have any problems in the future I'll see my family doctor.

I Will never recommend Dr. Niessen of Windsor, ON again. Do not see him, do not use him. He only wants the money and isn't invested any more as he was in the past (per my gf's thoughts). He just doesn't care, really, what your outcome is. nor Does his office.

Whoops, I'm only 3 months PO, LOL.

Whoops, I'm only 3 months PO, LOL.

13 weeks P.O>

I've posted a few pics. You can see how the bump on my left hip is big, and how it looks in pics. Ugh. I didn't know it looked that bad. On the plus side, I do love my hourglass figure and the flat tummy. I don't think I can hope for much more - Menopause is a bitch. BUT I can hope that it IS swelling and after some time it'll go down and I can feel better over all about myself.

I'll probably go back to the doctor at the 6 month mark to see if he'll suggest anything for that bump. But he'll probably say to give it a year. :*/
Dr. Niessen

Girlfriend used him/ recommended him.

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