29yrs, 2 Kids, 5'6, 140lbs, pre-op 34B- 371cc (1yr post op)

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So it is February 14 and I am anxiously awaiting...

So it is February 14 and I am anxiously awaiting my consultation appointments Herr in Windsor. I have one with Dr. Neissen and one with Dr. Snowden. Snowden is more known for BA here in Windsor, Ontario, but Niessens office was SO helpful over the phone as to my questions of what to expect, price, contacting financing companies, etc.
So it will be a bit before I can update you all on my consult.
I am trying to avoid the augmented look by ALL costs. I basically just want to fill out the skin pouches that are there now. Thinking of 320-350cc... Have seen some women similar to my stats and look (before) on here and am wanting to achieve that as my end results. Don't really want HP as to avoid looking "fake" but I'm thinking it might be my best bet but I guess the Dr has the last say in what will look right on my body. Will keep you guys updated.

what I'm working' with... 134lbs and 34/36B US

Alright. So here's the big reveal!
I won't lie, I feel of posting essential nudies on the internet, lol. But its all so other women can see before and afters and help them out in the long run. My consultation with Dr Niessen is Feb 29 and Dr snowden is Mar 1.
Currently I am (barely) a 34/36B, and that's with padding. I feel I'm very unproportionate when it comes to my boobs... Its like, the 36B fits me well AROUND my ribs, but if it weren't for all the padding - I'd be swimming in the damn thing...
I'm thinking of going with silicone because all the 'meat' I have is at the bottom, and I don't want rippling on the top. And size wise, I'm thinking between 320-350cc.
I've seen some before and afters with women that have the same stats, and they seem to fit very nicely. Big, but not over the top to the point you would be like *omg, those are totally fake* - which is what I don't want.

1st consultation!

Well, my March 1st consultation appointment with Dr. Snowden here in Windsor got bumped earlier and I went to see him today (February 18).
He agrees with my sizing (325-350) and noticed that my left breast is slightly bigger (barely) than my right so he said we MIGHT have to do two different sizes.
He said he also agrees with doing the gel implants as opposed to the saline because I'm quite small up there and wants to avoid rippling.
I was also approved for financing! :)
I have a good feeling about Dr. Snowden, but I am still going to see Dr. Neissen February 29th as well and then will make a decision :) I can't believe this is happening!!

Appointment booked!

April 6th is the big day!!

more pictures

Well, I'm booked for April 6th... And I'm already getting impatient. :(
I'm pretty set on getting the 350cc Gel moderate profile implants. Under muscle. I'm 5'5-5'6 and 135-140lbs avg. And as you can see from pics, very deflated after having two babies.

rice sizers

Oh. My. God. I'm so pissed! I was DONE writing this, and my fat fuckin' thumb hit the back button and now I get to (attempt) to write it all over again!!

Okay, well I'm about 3 weeks before my pre-op appt, which is March 22, 2016. I've got everything done in regards to financing and was approved by Medicard for the whole $6,500 for the surgery. Now I'm just trying to figure out childcare...
I have a 6mo old son (well he will be 6mo on march 10) and a 6yr old daughter (who will be in school during the day). I watched a YouTube video of a woman who had gotten her boobs done in Toronto Ontario, and she has a child as well... But she never said how old. She DID say, however, that she hired a nanny (live in) for 7 days and that after that 7 days, her Dr said she would be able to lift the child... I'm gonna try to find the history and message her on Instagram to ask. I have help from 5pm on (technically 4pm because my daughter is the biggest kid momma Bear there is! Always wants to help) but I will need someone throughout the day. Preferably not family, especially my mom. Even though I'm financing it, and it will help with my credit that I fucked up when I was 20 and its my body ie. My decision... She will still have something to say about how 'that money could be going to something else' etc. And, I mean. She's right, it absolutely could. But its not like I have 6500$ saved, its a loan... I dunno. My mom is... Extreme. I'm an only child, maybe that's why she's so intense.

On the plus side, my son is almost fully sitting up on his own! Which will make things a lot easier, especially considering we have a little over a month to go. He's fine by himself for short periods, but reaching for shit, he eventually topples over. Lol.

Alright! Back to the rice sizers! And where my fat thumb decided to hit the back button! Lol. I was originally planning on getting 350cc gel silicone. But after looking at *millions* or pictures and reading *hundreds* of blogs and watching tons of videos, I don't want to go through ALL this, only to end up wishing I'd gone bigger. So with that being said! I've decided on 375cc instead :)

I bough a slight compression bra and filled up bags of rice (if you Google rice sizers a chart will come up that states how many cups of rice = how many cc's) and put it in and formed them.

Keep in mind this bra DOES have a padded lining, making it seem like my boobs are a normal size (lol) without the rice sizers in it, but obviously you have all seen my nudie boobies and they are NOT that big lol!

These are 350cc = 1.48cups of rice (I put 1.5) and with the extra padding there, I assume this is what 375cc will look like (give or take) - I decided to do 375cc after I took these pictures and wasn't about to do the while process again.

So this is my before and after with 350cc/1.5cup rice sizers!

My stats are 5'6, 135-140lbs and I won't get even put my bra size because I have like nothing, I have nipples lol

more before pictures

This bra I'm wearing is a (Canadian) LA senza (the most push up that you can have) size 36B

8 days away!

Wow!!! Time sure has flown by!
Just some updates;
My son is sitting on his own like a champ! And has been getting into the 'crawling stance' the last few days, so I hope that he will start soon :)
I had my pre-op last Tuesday and we decided on 375cc, because he's going under the muscle - the 25cc won't make that much of a difference in size outcome.
He took before pictures and I FINALLY saw that he was right, my left IS bigger lol! But he said its not big enough to warrant two different sizes in implants.
I went out and got a high impact sports bra, but I think that until my incisions are healed, I'll probably stick with the fat old lady sports bra because it fits right under where I will have my cuts and I don't want it to cause pain or irritation.
I don't need anything fancy like a compression bra, he says its good for them to move around a bit, but obviously no jumping jacks :p
I've got my neighbors lined up for daycare but I'm still needing a ride HOME from the hospital.

Also, ladies with their bellybutton, nose or ears pierced, did you have to take them out?

3 more sleeps till boobies!!!

Well, I just want to post these pics, lol!!
It's a full C sports bra from Walmart. Obviously I don't fill it out at ALL, but my goal is to :)

The girls are here!!!!

So. I'm finally home and resting.
Surgery went good, no antibiotics for after, so I don't have to worry about feeling nauseous when I eat.
I am on 2 percocets right now and unless I move a certain way and it uses my chest muscles, I can't feel a damn thing! I got the under the breast incision and I THINK I only got 370cc (I briefly saw it on the paperwork) on at least one, possibly both implants.
I'm laying on the couch right now only propped up a bit and I can't feel any pain. I'm pretty sleepy but I came home and ate so much lol. Fries, milkshake, watermelon, and popcorn already. Now its nap time. I will post a picture tomorrow night for my 1 day post op. Bit so far aside from them being high, this is the EXACT size I was hoping for :)

before and after

Pictures of before and then the day of (after) surgery

Day of surgery

Day of surgery stat recap;
28 yrs old
Pre-op 36B

371cc natrelle silicone
Style 15 (moderate plus)

I'm in love!!!!

Eeeeeekkkkk I love them!!!!! Screw what I said about wishing they'd be bigger. They're fuckin perfect even 1 day post op. Yeeeeeessssssss. Ps, it's not a fake tan, I'm still covered in iodine lolll

2 days in

Well, its Friday morning and I had my surgery on Wednesday morning.
I have been keeping up with my pain meds, until this morning, I thought I could wait to take it at 730 instead of 5 and boy, was I wrong.
Ladies, morning boob is definitely a thing! Lol! Its only my left side that's sore though. When I was bent over washing my face last night and this morning, they jiggle. I love it. I can't wait until they're fully healed and dropped because they're going to look so awesome! They're actually not too high up right now, just still tight.
I wouldn't mind if they stayd up where they are right now and just got softer. I fill out that pink sports bra from my previous pictures.
But I think it might be too big once I'm not so swollen anymore. But that's okay. I took my bandages off and showered today like I was instructed to do. Steri-strips are still over incisions though. So I don't know how bad the damage is.
Other than my left side being sore under my armpit and around to my back , I feel fantastic. Still not lifting baby :( but I sat on the floor and hugged the shit out of him all night and boyfriend put him on my lap today to snuggle a bit before leaving for the sitter next door. I should mention that I wasn't put on antibiotics either, so I've had no nauseousness or anything. And despite taking 2 percocets every 4-5hrs since Wednesday at 4pm religiously, I had a poo today. But I've also been drinking lots of water and eating fruit I cut up before I had surgery. I think having two c sections helped prepare for the amount of pain. Lol. But, I just ate breakfast and am climbing into bed to watch some Netflix. Er, try to find something I haven't watched yet.. Haha. Happy healing ladies!

Day 3

Not much change so this update will be short...
My right boob is dropping and gettin squishy way faster than the left. Lefty was a TAD bigger than righty pre-op. And I see it's definitely still bigger now, but left still has pain and is swollen. So as long as I take it easy, it should end up the same.

Day of surgery (wed) vs day 3 after (sat)

I'm so impressed with my results already.

More pictures

4days post

Well I'm not gunna update for a while cause I feel great and they look pretty good for being so soon after surgery lol. Don't mind the bloat, I've ate like shit and haven't been able to go to the gym obviously. :( lol

5 days post


almost 1wk post op!

I feel great! I look great! And holy crap!!! I have boobs! Lmao! I just had my 1 wk post op appt and Dr says I look awesome! Aside from numbness under my boobs, and I can't hold my little man as close to me as I once could, I have no complaints! He took the steri strips off and trimmed the stitches.

1.5wks post op

Well, nothing else to report ladies.
Still a bit numb under the boobs but its slowly coming back. T.h.o sucks and is super uncomfortable. They're getting softer and more jiggly real boob feeling. Lol. When I was doing my massages the other day I noticed that the scars are hard to the touch. Almost feels like there's something behind them. Other than that, they look great and aside from feeling like I got kicked in the chest (yes. Almost 2wks post I finally have that feeling now. And its not fun) I'm not sore anymore, just achy in my ribs, I think that I'm getting along just fine :)

A little over 2wks post

Hi all!!!!
Just a quick update, I feel great and boobs are squishy and jiggly when grabbing. But not much bounce. They're not sore at all, but a few days ago under my boobs on my ribs became very sore to the touch. Nipples are SO sensitive when they're cold, holy shit. And I have to cover them with my hands so the shower water doesn't hit them, lol. Never really was into nipple play and now it's made even fabric grazing against them like pure hell. I'm still a bit numb under my boobs but it's a lot better. My chest broke out a bit at the top, not sure if implant related or because the weathers changed so much here lately and the fact I have boobs and sweat there now lol!

Before and after

3wks post (scar pics)

So it's 3wks post op, I feel great. They look great, although lefty has more upper pole fullness than my right.
My scars are almost completely gone which is awesome.
I'm still numb under my boobs between scars and nipples and nipples are still super sensitive.
No pain though.
Massaging sucks and I was only instructed to do one type (basically just pushing my boobs up to keep the pocket large so I avoid cc and they have more room to move around / be squishy) but it's so repetitive that I've been doing a few different ones I've seen invcluding the ones my Dr told me to do, just to mix it up.
Gunna have bf take some pictures of me to compare the last 3wks

sad and wished that I'd done bigger

So I'm twice as pissed because I had this all fucking typed up and then somehow it got erased. UGH!!!
As the post title reads, I am upset.
I feel like I am a big B cup as opposed to the mid C I'd asked and hoped for.
I spent so much time looking at women with similar stats to mine and looking at before and afters, that I was scared that even the 375cc I chose would be too big.
But they feel small. Like, to the point I am again, embarrassed to have them naked in front of my partner because I just spent so much money and am not at 100% happy with my end results.
I know a ton of you are gunna say that I'm only 4wks out and they're going to change and drop and get softer and bigger. But the fact of the matter is, i know my body. They're soft. And they've dropped already (right about 2wks after and left just this past wknd). But they have not gotten bigger. I haven't posted a comparison picture because I'm not happy with how they look so I don't even want my bf to take them.
Don't get me wrong. Dr. Snowdon did a goddamn amazing job. My scars are barely visible, I was up and doing stuff within a few days, and had barely any pain since a few days after. He gave me what I thought I wanted, I guess. I did say I wanted a modest, natural looking C cup. But I feel like this is definitely not the C cup I asked for. Or a C cup at all for that matter. My results are amazing, I will admit that. As I'm bigger than what I was. But I am still sad because I spent almost 9,000$ (I financed. So after interest its going to be over 8g) to not be happy with my results regarding size.
I originally planned to get 350cc but after all the reading I did about losing some of the projection and size going under the muscle, I decided to go with 375cc at my pre-op appt. And the dr agreed that it would not be too big for my frame. I thought to myself I'd rather go a bit bigger than not go big enough. But also I didn't want to go TOO big and regret it. So at the end of the day, he ended up using 371cc (random I know) and I haven't remembered to ask why not the full 375, which I know would not have made a difference... But I'm still curious. Seeing my results NOW, I feel like I could have definitely gone with 400+cc and it would have been more proportionate to my body (which is why I did this in the first place) but now I feel even more disproportionate because I have boobs but they're still small!
I have attached a picture of what I was hoping my outcome would be. But I don't think its going to happen :( I realize they are 9-10cc bigger and high profile, but I think the all around size should have / be similar. Dr. Said he wouldn't use high profile because my chest was too wide and they are a narrower implant so the mod + would be better to take up more space in my chest.

Any ladies been through this before, with the same size implants and it gotten better? I'm legitimately planning on a revision to go bigger once they're paid off in the 3yrs I financed for :( I'll only be 31 by then. I just still feel so small chested.

scar comparison

6, 11 & 26 days post op scar comparison

spending thousands of dollars I didn't have, for nothing...

So I just tried on my 36B nursing bra. It fits perfectly. Super upset considering I was a 36B PRE-OP. Like, what the fuck did I pay for?? I don't get it. 371cc mod + and all for essentially nothing. I wore a 36B (with lots of padding mind you) before I got my implants. So what the fuck. I'm pissed. Like, really pissed.

1.5mos post update

Well... I still have boob greed.
But on the other hand, my Dr did deliver. I went to get sized again today, at the same place I bought the 36C bra I feel that is too big for me, and I tried on a 34D and 34DD in the same exact bra i bought and the 34DD fits WAY better than the 36C?! I also bought a few bathing suits... One from on store is a M top and the other is an XL top... Both size large bottoms.
I start back at the gym tomorrow night, I've gained close to 10lbs since I had my surgery. So that might be aiding to the body depression thing I've got going on. Once I lose the weight I am hoping I'll be happy with myself.
The Dr said the noise that my left implant is making (when I wash my hair. Or bend down etc) will go away with time.
He wants to see me in 4 mos (September) to do my 6mo post op photos. Which is amazing. Because I feel like shit about my body right now. So I have time to get into shape again lol.
I still wish they were bigger. But I am content for the time being :)

1.5 mos before and after

bra fitting 1.5m post

1 month 3 weeks post pictures

Ugh. So regardless of me being an "alleged" 34DD in la senza bras, naked, I still don't see them being even a C cup. My boyfriend says I'm crazy and that they look fine. And I'm not doubting that, but I am still upset because I asked for a full C, was told I'd be one, so I was expecting to BE a full C. I have an appointment in September. So I am going to see how I feel about them then. And if I'm still unhappy then I will set it up for a revision. I know I should be happy. And I am, it's just... We just bought a new car and I explained it to my bf like this... We bought this car, let's say specifically for the sunroof. We were promised a sunroof. And then let's say when we got it... It didn't have one. Obviously you're gonna be pissed because you were expecting one and were told that you'd get one. So after paying all that money, to not have one - would suck. No? Ugh. I know I'm being nit picky about the size. But I just feel like with the money I spent, I should be 100% happy and have the results I wanted,and were promised.

Today's the day I call about a revision

I'm not happy. It's been two months and there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I haven't been upset with the (lack of) size of my boobs. It's not what I asked for. So today I'm going to call about a revision. I look at pictures daily of woman with c, d and dd breasts... And regardless of what la senza says I am (34dd) I am not that big. I will post after I sPeak with him. I just can't justify going three years and paying a total of almost $8500 to realize that I'm not happy with them and then have to pay that money all over again over a three-year term if I can get it done for cheaper right away

4 months post-op (still unhappy)

Well I had to postpone my revision appt consult until September. I missed the one spot and the earliest they had wasn't til the end of August. And my next spot was middle of September.

I am still so unhappy with the size when I'm naked. In bras and bathing suit tops they look awesome. And big! But wearing no bra in just a tank top, you can barely even tell I have boobs at all, let alone fake ones.
He said that my left one was bigger than the right before surgery but not SO much bigger to need a different sized implant. But I think that I will need two different sizes. As my left is WAY bigger than my right boob. You might not be able to tell, but I can.

I'm thinking of doing a revision and going from the 371cc silicone I have now, to about 575-600cc IF my Dr thinks my body can handle it. These are the only photos from today I took just to show how disproportionate they still are with my stats. I'm 5'6 and 138lbs.
I still have a "shelf" from my two c sections that is stubborn and no matter how hard I try to work out and eat healthy, I won't go away.

wish pix

This is a little bigger than how I'd like to look. Not all the time. But at least have them big enough to achieve a sexy look like this. And at 5'6 140lbs ish, I think 575cc-600cc would do that and not have me look too extreme. Unless I wanted to anyway.

7mos post...

Well... Here I am 7 mos post op from getting 371cc mod+ gel implants...

Not sure what to say exactly. Except that pictures make them look way bigger than they are / look to me in the mirror.

I still have my consult for a revision. Sorry gals, kept having to reschedule due to the baby and work. Nov 15 I go though. I get married September of next year and I'd LIKE to have them done before then, depending on price. But I won't be butt-hurt about it. I'd rather save the 2-3g for our wedding. Anyway. Here's some pictures and scar progress shots.
Dr. Snowdon

Dr. Snodwon did an amazing job on my breasts. The scars are smoother and barely visible at just 1 month post op and healing was a breeze. His staff was nice and he was on the same page as me regarding the size and look I wanted. However, I almost wish he would have given me a min-max CC so I could figure out how big I could actually go, because at 1 mo post - I am having major boob greed and wish they were bigger. But all around, that has nothing to do with him. He did a fantastic job.

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