20 Years Old. Painful, slow recovery -but Worth It.

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Ever since i was about 14 i have wanted this...

Ever since i was about 14 i have wanted this procedure.
As I'm sure you know it can be an embarrassing area to talk about.

in July i went for a consolation and had it all booked for the 7th of September (excited)

Today was the day, lovely staff, clean hospital.

Woke up painful after half an hour, was on my period annoyingly so wasn't sure how much the wound was bleeding, after about 3 hours mum took me home (wear something very baggy!)

when i was home the swelling began and the bruising was dark purple on one side, took some medication and fell asleep only woke up once for the toilet )

day 1 after op.

OUCHHH! pain, bruising on both sides looks 10 times the size it was before,
although i can see the labia has been cut away and very happy with what i think it will look like.

Day in bed, got up to wee a few times, stretched the wound and it bled a little. very saw but still taking medication. going to try and get a early night tonight and will ice it just before bed.

day 2

woke up once last night for the toilet, make sure you take a water bottle with you to rinse the area after.

got up and had a shower, wasn't as bad as i thought no stinging, a little bit uncomfortable to walk as I'm still so swollen .

rang the hospital to ask if my thoughts were normal. why am i so blue/black bruised? swollen majorly on both sides? and possibly stitches are bleeding?
she said all if expected ring back tomorrow if there are no changes.
I'm currently sat here with an ice pack between my legs which really helps to numb and help the swelling go down.

day 2, evening

so todays been mixed, hasn't stung as much so the pains going and icing the area really is great for swelling.

i went to boots today with mum for some panty liners and a sandwich, still hard to walk(like i have wet myself) got home and was sick twice.
horrible going to stop taking the doctors strong tablets and stick with paracetamol.

one more ice pack now hoping to get a good nights sleep as I'm seeing family at the weekend.

Day 3.

Woke up once last night 3-4 o'clock. Becoming a regular time to go to the toilet. Pain wasn't to bad so only took one paracetamol.

Woke up at 9 to find some bleeding now because I'm still so swollen and purple I can't see where the stitches are so hard for me to see where the bloods coming from.

Had a shower today washed my hair for the first time since the surgery! All felt fine.
Still finding it hard to walk, it's easier being naked so nothing rubs.
Going to try the cinema tonight, as tomorrow I'm going to the beach with all of my family so need to try to act normal! (Hard as I can't even sit down normally)
Icing the area at the moment, hoping for the swelling to go down more. Will update later this evening

day 4

can't believe its already been 4 days since surgery, times flown and i haven't been doing anything in my days off work! (still have a week off contacted them yesterday. the thought of massaging clients for 8 hours isn't appealing right now)

i did go to the cinema las night, took me about 20 mins to walk from the car to my seat but i made it! very uncomfortable and people must of thought i had pooed my pants looking at me walk!
the cinema lady got me a foot rest bless her which was a real help otherwise i wouldn't of stayed for the whole of the film.

got home and iced the area, had more bleeding last night which I'm a little bit worried about seeing as its day4. Woke up at 6;30 and sat here with another ice pack, going to have another shower soon and then its the 2 hour car journey down to the sea side! with the whole family! wish me luck!

going to be taking paracetamol, pantyliners and an ice pack this weekend with some loose trousers. hoping to stay rested and relaxed. will try to post over the weekend to keep my progress logged.

Day 5

Got up and showered. Hair drying was horrible made me feel hot had to lye down on the floor half way through. It's horrible standing can feel all the blood going to the area making it feel warm and puffy.

Had breakfast and a paracetamol! Still on the tablets for the pain. It's just a stinging sensation and I can feel it's quite tender at times. Think the stitches are rubbing on my pants and the swelling isn't comfortable at all.
Go in the the car for a short 10 minuets to my aunties. Got to my aunties and me and mum had decided to tell everyone I have had piles removed rather than a 'designer vagina' .
Everyone took it quite well and understand why I'm still hobbling along and lying down so much.

2 and a half hour car journey stopped half was for a pub lunch ! ( if sitting in the car wasn't bad enough stilling up right on a hard Woden chair broke me. So uncomfortable it's just so awkward to try and sit there looking normal for everyone else to see.

Finally got there. Lovely big house in the middle of nowhere fab for some chill out time.
Got excited and hobbled about everywhere with my younger cousins so was on my feet pretty much for 5 hours. Worst decision ever seeing as I hadn't been on my feet for more than 30 minutes before.
Stitches began to bleed quite a bit. Stinging and hot sensation.
And at dinner I couldn't sit with anyone either.
I got upset because I want to be sociable and happy for this family event but I need to remember rest is important.

That night after having a roast dinner alone in bed, I had a shower head shower just for my vagina and iced the area a little.
Really worrying about the bleeding I took two paracetamol and went to sleep. woke up once at 4 o'clock to change the bloody sanitary pad.

Day 6

Stayed in a room with my cousin she's not much older than me. Luckily she didn't sleep very well either so it wasn't like I woke her up in the night.
All my family have gone for a swim and I'm still sat in bed with a cup of tea, mums worried and may take me to A&E today.

We went to A&E this morning just nhs so had to wait to be seen. They just cleaned the area and removed the scabs that were on it.
No infections so that put my mind at ease. Told me to book to see my surgeon soon just to look at the open stitches.

Went to the beach and lead there all afternoon which was lovely and took my mind of my problems.
Also helped make dinner managed to chop some onions whilst sitting at the table!

The bruising and swelling is still bad but gosh it has got better. Things are starting to look up at last (YAAAAY)!!!!

Day 6-7

Think I've counted my days wrong as its a week tomorrow. So surly we are on day 6.
Another 4 o'clock wake up. Just uncomfortable rubbing on my pants. Tomorrow night I'm going to sleep nude back in my own bed.

Can feel the area has almost gone back to normal! Bruised still and bleeding a little but improved massively. Will post a photo ( it has been so much worse, anyone who wants to see it at its worse stage privet mail me but I do warn you its not a pretty sight )!

Going to the hospital tomorrow to check on the open stitches.

ONE WEEK day 7

well times flown by, netflix is helping with that very well haha.

this time last week i was just coming home from the hospital.
a week on and things are looking a lot better down there.

went to the hospital today as i rang up just to be checked over, they said i had made a good improvement as i showed them the photos of how badly swollen it use to look. there are a few open stitches at the top but nothing to be worried about.
they have asked me to take another week off work ( I'm a spa therapist so being on my feet 8 hours won't be good)
get more rest ice the area and stay of your feet as much as you can, keep the area nice and clean to prevent infection.

over all i am pleased with how its looking, I'm just a little worried about the open stitches although they told me not to as there is still a lot of swelling to go down still.


Sorry to be so graphic

Day 8

Swellings gown down so much, starting to see what the result will be like, so happy can see it looks good. There's so much more swelling to go down though. Started to out arnica gel on the bruising which is also really helping.

My hairs grown back and is stubbly, quite itchy I wish I waxed rather than shave. And the stitches have started to get a bit thickly too.

Spend all day in bed, but can finally sleep on my side!!! Horaaaay my back will get better now it has been quite uncomfy sleeping on my back with a pillow under my bum.

I can also walk much better now, same speed as everyone else and can keep my legs shut so I don't walk like John wayne anymore hahahah.

Happy days finally. Will post pics in a few days and keep updating.

Day 9

Amazing, can see the results. The itching had started though! Find myself itching occasionally! I really shouldn't touch it.

Any help on things to make the itching go?

This picture is just progress of a day after surgery suirver swelling and bruising. To today's picture 9 days on. (One week two days)

Will post a full picture of day 10 tomorrow.
So overly happy with the results already and still know there's so much more to heal.

Time will tell :)
I see girls reviews on here who recover and keep changing 4-5 months on.

Any questions feel free to ask?

Before picture

What it was like before surgery.

Day 10

10 days since surgery.
Really have come a long way, can say I'm finally happy starting to see what the final result will look like.
Most reviews say it changes at the three week mark and the three month mark.

Still got swelling and bruising to go down but much happier I am now before I had it done.

The bottom circle/lump is going down, the bruising and swelling to.. I expect it all to go down in a month or so and just be able to see the outside lips.

Happy happy!

Really shows a good job of what's been taken off. Still swelling to go down, just under two weeks of surgery. Over the moooooon! :)
(Shaving rash, sorry. First time I shaved and hair removaled after surgery 12 days after.)

Two week mark!

Today I went back to work. Walking fine, no pain killers needed. Was a little bit uncomfortable sitting on the therapist chair. But I managed.

Photos look much better. And I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say.
Will post again on the three week mark.


Anyone know what this is?
Will it go?
Did they cut to much off!
Is it thrush? Will I always have it ?

Spilt !? Help !

There is also a split on one side. It looks heeled but it's a separate heel. Feels very firm on that one side. Started using bio oil and coconut oil to help. Will it sort itself out ? Will it interfire with sex ?

Progress. Full review. My story.

Everyone is different. That's what this site has shown me.
All of our body's react differently to the surgery, drugs, creams and recovery time.

This is my story,

I was scared and nervous but so excited for the op (ever since I was 14).
On the day it was great, I felt as if this was a new chapter of my life.

The first week after surgery was utter hell! So so swollen, painful! Couldn't walk. Very uncomfy, basically bed ridden. (Iced everyday and rested as much as I could)

Second week I could see improvements, still uncomfortable but able to walk and do a few things. - scarred with arnica Jel for the bruising.
Swelling also went down.

Third week, went back to work (2 weeks out of work)
Walking normally, still a bit of swelling and brushing but gone down amazingly...
Very happy and feel a new women. Was so self conscious about it before. But I feel amazing by it! I recommend anyone getting it done if your in so much doubt about it like I was.

Still expecting the bottom lump to go down. The brushing at the very top. and the left middle side to reduce in swelling.

Will post a months pic when due. Any questions feel free to ask me! And do look at other reviews as well as mine( I think I was once of the worse patients for swelling and bruising, don't let it put you off)!

Thankyou ladies xx

Three weeks today!

I am so glad I had tho surgery.
Feels like I have had it done for a lot longer than three weeks.

Still recon there is swelling to go down at the bottom and the left size. Tiny tiny bit bruised at the top still
And the right side split is looking much better still open but hear it can heel 'from the inside out' waiting longer to have sex and gym.

Feel much more confident in myself really pleased.

Can't believe what I went through

It looks like such a shock when I go back through pictures and what I look like now compared.

Was worth it! Not going to lie it was horrible felt it all went wrong and the outcome wasn't going to be pretty but I was wrong. It heeled great.

Don't let this put you off just showing what may / could happen.

Five weeks

One month one week today.
Looks good really happy with it.
Still I bit sensitive when wiping. And had sex for the first time since. Gone a little bit swollen and a bit sore stretching the tissue. But not to bad

Anyone got any advice of getting rid of the darkened purple colouring at the opening of my vagina?
Always been like it before I had the surgery.

Two months update

Love my new vagina. Couldn't be happier. Can look at it and not feel ashamed. My boyfriend can finally see it with the lights on and I'm happy about it.

Still haven't had sex fully yet, little bit uncomfortable feels like it's pulling but it won't be long now.

Only thing I think about is the tiny lump where they left tissue at the bottom and the right side where the stitches came loose is visible.
I guess these will close with time.

Over all completely happy and would recommend anyone thinking about it to 100% go through with it.

Life changer !!!!

Read my whole review though(my swelling was awful)!

Sex bruising

It's day 78 after I had my surgery.

Love the shape of everything now. But I am still having a problem with sex.
Feels it's pulling on the stitch line... Quite uncomfy.
And it seems to be a bit swollen bruised and sore to touch after.

Anyone else getting this?
Or have any tips for me

Thankyou. X

almost a year on

i look back at these photos time to time and think what i went through.

i use to be so ashamed embarrassed and shy about my vagina.
wearing pants. a bikini or even every day if anyone was to ever accidentally see it i wouldn't of been able to handle it. no girl should live her life that way. scared of any boy to go down on her!

it was extremely painful but i don't regret it in the slightest i paid just under £2.000 and i would pay that 2 times over again to keep my vagina as it is now.

100% body confident and it feels i was born this way :))

do it girls or your regret not doing it sooner.

364 days since

Body hAppy now.
So glad this website is here helped me a lot and feel I am helping others a lot :)
Can see no scar tissue!
Only things I am not 100% happy with is the little bit of skin left at the bottom and after rough sex it does stay tender for a few hours.

But I can't moan. Completely over the moon :)
Any questions I will answer soon as I can

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