I'm 35 5ft2 Size 8. I'm Having a Mini TT and BA in 7 Days. Winchester, GB

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I'm very petite, thin and a gym addict. I work...

I'm very petite, thin and a gym addict. I work hard to look good. I can work out every part of my body so well, but as my Surgen said because of my mussel damage and CS scar. I will never shift the podge that hangs over the scar. It is small and people think I'm crazy for doing it, but I hate being thin, wearing a nice dress and having that, why I think horrible bit to my body.
I've also wanted my boobs done for 15 years, so I'm going for both together to make it a bit cheaper.
Op is in 7 days and I'm VERY excited. Only concern is recovery as I will be out of gym for a while. And I know I have to be good, and not go back to soon, or all that money could be waisted without maximum results.

Day 1 post op of mini tuck and BA

So happy it's done :)
I went down at 2pm in time yesterday, was backup in my room by 5.30. Ready to eat by 6.30pm. I was in no pain as obviously still well drugged up from op.
I even managed to get up (assisted) at 9.30pm for a loo. (Got my period too) gutted, but the staff have made me feel more than comfortable with them.
I have 4 drains in and they may stay in till tomorrow, maybe not! My tummy hurts more than boobs this morning.
I went for 275 under in the end, on top of a small B cup. Feel feel really small right now. But I havent seen them yet.

End of day 1

Everything is still swelling, looks like it's swelling more today. Not looking forward to the next few days :(
I have no drains in my boobs now, but I do in my tummy still, it's like a burning feeling. I'm uncomfortable but not in agony. My boobs look bigger than they feel. I've had the bra off and had a look. I think my surgeon made the right suggestion for what I wanted to achieve (once swelling has gone down)

Day 5 after mini TT and BA

Well, I can say I'm much more comfortable now. Phyically and mentally. Everything is settling down nicely. Swelling is going down well. I'm still uncomfortable, but probably alittle less than I exespected for two procedures. Day two was my worst day, but the pain has been controlled with pretty much simple painkillers (and I'm normally a pussy) I won't say I'm ready for run round the park yet... But I do plan or walking to the school today to collect the children.
I'm feeling a burning feeling in breasts today, it's not really painful but I can feel it.
Over al I'm very happy with my recovery so far. I'm not sure if this is down to good surgery, or good strength. I really did smash it out in the gym pre op.... Built as much arm, chest and touso as I could. I really believe this is helping now, as my body still feels pretty strong and capable. However, I'm still consious of my stitching and swelling and taking it easy. I will post some photos soon.

1 week post Op

Had check up today, everything is good. Settling well. Swelling is going down slowly. Boobs are softer now with a little movement. I'm happy They are definitely going to be big enough once the swelling has gone down and they drop a bit. They're chancing every day still.

Two weeks post op mini tummy tuck

Had my dressings off today. (Not washed it yet) looking forward to a nice bath. Scar is looking good for two weeks, healed well. You can just see the tiny scabs at the end where the lipo was done. I'm told the skin will flatten out more. I'm still hard and swollen around lower tummy. But not painful. Boobs are looking a good size in a costume. Happy days :)

3 weeks post Op

Well it's 3 weeks tomorrow. And I feel great. Really starting to see results now and it's only going to get better.
Still can't sleep on my side but movement is much easier all over now.
Not sure how much more swelling will go down in my boobs. (They are slightly bigger than I'd hoped) but not far off so I'm still happy.
Really happy with my scars too.
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