30 Yo Explanting 400cc - Wiltshire, UK

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Phew, so I have finally decided I want to book my...

Phew, so I have finally decided I want to book my explant for May 2016, and I'm both excited and terrified!
I had my first BA at 18; 280cc silicone cohesive gels under the muscle. I had always felt so self conscious about my tiny 32AA boobs, although I now realise i had barely given them a chance to finish developing at that age. My mum supported my decision, and I went to my family GP. He took one look and said "oh yes, I can see why you'd want them done" Gee, thanks doc!! So that confirmed it. And I got implants, paid for by my mum. But they weren't big enough, I thought. So a year later I replaced them with 400cc. This took me to around an E cup!! I was thrilled for the first few years, and they did give me the confidence boost to approach a hot man in a bar and offer to buy him a drink... 11 years later and hot man and I are about to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary and we have 2 wonderful children. So, I will never regret having got implants; without them I wouldn't have my lovely family :)
I have grown up a lot now, and have a natural self confidence that isn't based on looks. Having implants seems like an affront to that, and I feel embarrassed to have them. Especially when I think of the example it sets to my 2 young daughters. So they are coming out!! Plus, I would never have them replaced and they have to come out sometime, and the sooner I do it the better the results will be. I'm not expecting good results though, as I have huge implants compared to my natural breast size, and I have breastfed 2 kids, during which time they ballooned to a G cup, then shrank back to a DD!
I have had a consult with a nearby breast surgeon and he was so lovely, didn't once mention the idea of replacing with new implants and was reassuring and encouraging about how my results may look. So I just need to book the date!!!

Photos- pre explant

Well here they are, my assymetrical breasts! My left one bottomed out somewhat which has made it look bigger and my nipple is way too high! The surgeon says he can put in some stitches to help correct the crease in that one. Bit concerned about scars, as they are currently really long and come far into the middle. Hoping for some overhang after explant to hide them!

Booked a surgery date!!!!

On 23rd of May I will be having my explant!

My surgeon only does explants under general anaesthetic, so I'll be going right under. After my previous surgeries I was crazy after waking up, talking nonsense, swearing a lot... Oh dear! I will have to warn the nurses beforehand, haha!

So so excited, can't wait to be teeny weeny again. Planning to use the time leading up to it to get into shape and lose just a little weight off my lower body and tone it up. My extreme pear shape was one of the reasons I wanted implants. I love my big bottom now and have embraced my natural body shape, but it would still be nice to be a bit more balanced out so a little bit of trimming down would be good. Hopefully having this goal will help the time until surgery pass more quickly!

My job :/

I forgot to mention previously, but I have a part time job as a nude life model. I really enjoy it and it's definitely helped me to reach my current level of confidence and acceptance of my body. If my explant leaves me flat am saggy I will still be happy to continue with it. But if I look "deformed" (by which I mean something like caving in or very abnormal skin texture, that sort of thing) then I don't think I would feel comfortable life modelling any more :(
Anyone else had such large implants removed and had normal looking breasts afterwards?

Explant done!

Ex planted this morning :) It went fine and I was home again early afternoon. Feeling pretty good, I'm up and about ok, just making sure not to raise my arms up or lift anything!

My breasts are very droopy and concave on top, I was all implant! But I'm not bothered :) The left one looks the best, hopefully the right one will firm up and fill in a bit to match it! You never know. Only time will tell; it's only day one still, so plenty of time for improvement :) Either way I am happy, and even if they stayed like this I wouldn't mind too much! But I expect they'll look better than this in a few weeks. Will update with more photos if I see any changes :D

Day 4 post explant- some improvement?

Front on photos don't quite show the weird ski-slope shape I have going on at the moment! Haha! But I think they are looking a bit better already, or is it just my imagination..?

Day 3 photo

Removed this photo from the previous post, as I realised it needed to be flipped as it's a selfie. But can't see a way to flip it so I've put it back up as is, and people will just have to imagine it flipped to compare it with other photos ;)

They jiggle!!!

Had to share my excitement... I've never had boobs that jiggle! :D
They wobble about when I walk, haha! I love it!

1 week de-boobiversary!

Looking fuller I reckon :D
Incisions still a bit tender and sometimes itchy. Still haven't seen what they look like under the dressings. And when the dressings come off I might look quite different as they are currently pushing my boobs up from underneath!
So happy with how they are looking. Much better than I had anticipated :)

Does this look ok..? :/

Had a shower earlier and water got inside the dressings so I thought I'd better remove them. Discovered this bruising aroud one of my incisions. That one is still a bit sore too. I came down with flu this week and have been so so poorly, unable to get out of bed, and am now starting to feel better, but I have had and still have a cough. I'm worried the strain may have caused the incision to open a bit (it's hard to tell under all that steri strip!) or I have some internal bleeding. Or is bruising like that normal for 10 days post op?

15 day PO photo

This photo was taken a few days ago at 15 days post op.

There was definitely some fluid in there previously, which has almost all gone now, so they are getting smaller, but I don't mind :)

Think my left may still have a bit more fluid, my surgeon mentioned it at my post op appointment earlier this week, but he didn't seem concerned and didn't suggest doing anything about it. And it does seem to be going now.

I've effectively had the all clear to go back to normal, except still no chest exercise or lifting heavy weights for a few more weeks.
Feels so good to be able to do more again, especially with 2 young children!

The dressings are off cans the scars look really good; very neat and thin. Will post close ups of them soon.

Had a little bit of a wobble recently, and the thought of "oh my god, what have I done! I'm totally flat! I've made a mistake!" popped into my head. I do feel less attractive :( but hoping that will pass as I heal more and get used to my new size.

Haven't been bra shopping yet, as I can't even imagine being able to find a nice one that is small enough! This photo is quite flattering and makes me look bigger than I am. My right especially has almost no breast tissue, just skin. But I'm still happy overall :)
Dr Hawkins

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