I Hate my Brand New Tattoo. Wilmington, NC

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Ill be the first to admit im a very impulsive...

ill be the first to admit im a very impulsive person and i have no one to blame but myself. with that said, i will also say i think my artist did a great job, but it wasnt what i wanted at all... and i feel so hurt and i wish i never did this at all. ive had to keep myself from having an anxiety attack or becoming depressed because i know that wont solve anything. so im trying to stay positive! i have an appointment at ideal image in a few days for a consultation. i have to wait a month and half for this to heal but im completely sure i will not change my mind. im scared but trying to stay optimistic and hopefully the picosure can remove it 100%. if anyone can give me any advice id be eternally grateful. i learned my lesson and i never want another tattoo as long as i live.

the only thing that makes me nervous is every review ive seen so far, 95% of them dont look lie they ever truly went away.

Day of consultation at ideal image

i just had my consultation at ideal image and it went very well. They were very kind and informed me on everything. I will have to have 9 sessions that will take a year to complete. I happened to catch them while they were doing a 15% off discount (imagine that) and my original price was gonna be 1700 but now it's down to 1400.

Thank god for my husbands great credit because we can now make payments every month.

I plan to update with pictures along the way. My first actual pico laser apt will be on sept. 4.

1st picosure treatment day 1 and the next day updates

yesterday i had my first procedure done. i first one say i thought 100% the laser wouldnt hurt and oh my sweet lord was i wrong. it was terrible! but like everyone says, it does only take a minute or so.

the reviewer that said the laser obliterates green pigment is absolutely correct.

after my session, the pain i felt was like a bad burn but after an hour, i couldnt feel anything besides a dull ache. i only formed a few small blisters and overall im very optimistic :)

my next apt is November 16!

2nd round of picosure

hey its been awhile since my update but i got my 2nd laser treatment a week before christmas. this time they used to different lasers on me and im very happy with the results.

3rd picosure treatment

Hey everyone, I'm here for an update on my 3rd treatment I had may 15th. I'm healed now but there was some blistering. But this time I noticed wasn't as severe. The green is completely gone and even the yellow is disappearing
Ideal image

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