5 Best & Worst Things After Mommy Makeover

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Last one of 3 kids recently left for college... so...

Last one of 3 kids recently left for college... so its finally time to do it! Had gastric bypass 5 years ago after struggling with weight my entire life...have maintained size 8, yeah! But no matter how hard I work out...stomach is super flabby with ugly shelf and scars from c-section and hysterectomy. Boobs are deflated and look 20 years older than they are. Won't let dh see me naked with lights off.

I've pretty much have Everything in order for mm...

I've pretty much have Everything in order for mm on wed 12/19. Doing decent job of keeping nerves in check. Thanks to all of the valuable info on real self I feel fairly prepared for what to expect for recovery. DH would prefer that I not have surgery, but is supportive of the fact that I want to have it. He doesn't want me to go through surgery for him and is great about being happy with me as I am. He's into a natural look, not armpit hair natural or anything like that, but understands the effect that gravity has on the body. Gravity is a bitch! I keep calling my mm my 'degravitational procedure'. He's not a 'trophy wife' kind of guy and doesn't want my BL/BA to cause a lot of attention.

I'm totally doing this for me! Just trying to relax and focus on the finished product and less on surgery itself and recovery.

Well...the waiting is finally over. Whohoo! ...

Well...the waiting is finally over. Whohoo! Surgery is tomorrow morning at 8:00. I'll be asleep in less then 2 hours and the whala it'll be time to leave. Man if I had a penny for every time I second guessed this decision I'd be a millionaire! Lol. I've got everything ready to the point of being a little OCD with all the preparation. Trying to make it as easy as possible for dh since he's not a huge fan of having the surgery. I think he'll be fine once it's over and will be great with recovery. wishing all of you getting ready to have surgery 'calm nerves and hope time flies'...wishing all those who recently had surgery a speedy recovery.

Sorry I haven't posted this week. Had mm on 12/19...

Sorry I haven't posted this week. Had mm on 12/19.

12/19 day of surgery, was actually fairly calm. My ps has or in his office,which was very nice. PS marked me, a necessary evil, but a very humbling experience. The took some more pictures, then the anestegiolost (sp) came in and talked to me. Then I walked into the or, hopped up on the table, and off to sleepy land I went. I woke up in recovery very alert, but in a lot of pain and they immediately gave me morphine, which helped a lot. after about an hour (seemed like 5 minutes) they took me to the bathroom to pee, which thankfully I was able to do. Really don't remember the 20 minute ride home. Went straight to bed and was out of it for rest of day. Had made dh a medication log to help keep track of meds and he did a fantastic job keeping up with them around the clock.

12/20 post op day 1
Dh took care of drains and helped me to bathroom every couple of hours. Stockings (to prevent blood clots) were a pain cause the had to be cut due to Lipo on inner thighs and kept rolling up and cutting off circulation. Can only stand at 45 degree angle which is hell on my back. Could use toilet seat riser that I bought cause it cu of circulation to my legs and the went numb when I used it. Pretty much slept most of day...time went by pretty quickly.

12/21 post op day 2
The wonderful nurse that works with ps came to my house to check on me which I thought was fantastic as i couldn't imagine pain traveling to office. First time I got to see everything and even with the swelling everything looks great. Still needed help getting to bathroom. Dh is doing a fantastic job of taking care of me, couldn't imagine going through this without him. He's looking pretty tired.

12/22 post op day 3
Still draining pretty well. Left drain real sore. Took first shower using bath chair that I bought for mm. It was a big help, but felt I was drowning in shower. Felt great to be clean and to wash hair but was completely worn out by the time it was all done. Dh went out and bought new shower head thingy that I can hold while showering. We'll try that one next time. Swelling is getting bad and pain is bad but controlled by pain meds. Thighs (from Lipo) look pretty rough, like someone hit each one with a baseball bat several times. Not took painful unless you touch them. boobs (from BL & BA) are very sore and super swollen. Tummy tuck is the worst by far, when pain meds are running low, it feels like all the incisions are on fire, burns really bad, so it's important to stay on yip of meds, even in middle of night.

12/23 post op day 4
Mouth is extremely sore with blisters all over roof of mouth. Will call ps tomorrow. Also, I can't poop, which is making my stomach bloat on top of all the swelling. Much more alert today and can move around more without help. Took another shower today and it worked alot better with new shower head, still exhausting, didn't have energy to sit while dh dries hair, just laid down with a towel over pillow and went to sleep. Drains are only producing 10 on left and 12 on right and no longer bloody, fairly clear. Incision looks great. Stomach is super flat even swollen. Old freckle that was above bb is now below bb.

12/24 post op day 5
Called ps nurse and I was having a reaction to antibiotics so she call in prescription for that and told me to get glycerin suppositories for constipation. Had small bm within one hour of using suppository. Was in tears night before from pain from bloating/constipation, so that was a huge releif. Hoping to get drains out at po visit on Thursday.

PO day 11 Everything is going fairly well meaning...

PO day 11
Everything is going fairly well meaning no complications, thank Goodness, but just not recovery nearly as fast as I think I should be. Took my first shower by myself today, but it wore me completely out. 'helped' dh with dinner tonight by sitting at table cutting mushrooms and chicken while he did all the work. He has been AMAZING!!! Couldn't imagine going through this without him. I can barely get from the bedroom to the living room without being exhausted and back hurting from being bent over so much. PS did a great job with incisions they look great. Supposed to go back to work in 3 days and there's no way I'm going to be able to go back by then. (not being pessimistic, just realistic). When were you all able to go back to work?

PO Day 14 Mentally...These last two weeks have...

PO Day 14
Mentally...These last two weeks have been tough. I feel like I've been on a roller coaster and as soon as you're strapped in you start regretting your decision to get on the ride. There were many moments (especially the first week) that I could not believe that I had opted to do this to myself and deeply regretted doing this surgery. However, the last three days I finally feel like myself and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I now truly believe the results are going to outweigh what I've been through the past 2 weeks. Before the surgery I wouldn't undress (with lights on) in front of my husband and now I have absolutely no problem with him seeing my body. Can't wait to 'repay' him for all of his love, support and help over the past 2 weeks.

Physically...I feel really good. Went to lunch with dh yesterday. Was moving slow and still noticeably hunched over, but it was very nice to get out of the house. Had a rough night last night, must have moved wrong and tweaked something in my sleep. Woke up in pain and had to take pain pill for first time in many days. Supposed to go back to work today...there's absolutely no way!! I do not know how anybody who has this type of surgery can go back after 2 weeks. I guess it really depends on your job. My hats off to all of you with smaller children while your doing this, I know it must be really hard to recover while dealing with the needs of your kids.

This site has been instrumental in my decision to do this...knowing that lots of other women were out there just like me. In preparedness...my recovery went much smoother with all the supplies that I would have never thought of on my own. My sanity...I was as mentally prepared because of all of your honesty with your recoveries. THANK YOU!

PO Day 15 - Today has been great! Starting to get...

PO Day 15 - Today has been great! Starting to get back in normal routine, which feels awesome. Went in to work for 2 hours, that was really too much, but enjoyed talking with my staff. Could only sit at my desk, couldn't move around much at all. Started swelling and had to leave. Had 2 week po appt, it went great! I praised Dr. Kays for what a beautiful job he did on me. I am thouroughly impressed with him and Melissa, his amazing nurse. Everything is healing nicely. I am very lucky. I had been a little disappointed that I'm not recovering fast enough, I had excepted to be back at work after 2 weeks, but you know what...it's okay. I am not recovering as fast as some people do, but I have to remember...everybody recovers diferently. I had a major surgery and everyday I feel better than the day before. It's unbelievable how much I feel better today than I did just a week ago. I believe there is 2 sides to this coin...one side is controlled by the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon and the other side by the patient. Our outcomes also depend on us not pushing ourselves too far during our recovery. Still having some trouble with bowels, picked some Miralax, really don't want to have to do another enema.

PO Day 17 - went to crackle barrel today for lunch...

PO Day 17 - went to crackle barrel today for lunch with dh...lunch was awesome, went to Target after lunch to get comfy outfit (can't wear and frankly wouldn't want to wear jeans). Grabbed a cart to lean on and off we went. Was only there about 20 minutes and was exhausted by the time I got back to the car. I weighed this morning and was 10 pounds lighter than the morning of surgery. Yeah. Honestly I'm recovering a lot slower than I expected, but am having no complications so that is definitely the bigger picture. Dr told me to not wear my support bra for the next week cause boobs aren't dropping at all, they've dropped a lot the last couple of days and are looking great! I am so happy with how fantastic my new boobs and tummy look!!!

PO Day 19 - Worked from 9 to 4 today...supposed to...

PO Day 19 - Worked from 9 to 4 today...supposed to be there at 8, but just takes 3 times longer to get ready in the mornings than it did pre surgery. Got a lot done and it felt great to be back at work, but my mobility is still VERY limited. Very challenging and exhausting trying to appear as nothing has happened since the majority of people (mostly customers) I'm interacting do not know about my surgery. Trying to play it off as back problems or just avoid contact if possible. Not really in pain, just REAL sore, especially belly button/muscle repair area. Was determined to cook dinner last night and dh had to do most of the prep/cooking. Couldn't even chop onions. I'm trying to listen to my body and stop when it hurts, I'm just very ready for my body to say it's ok...you can do this. Patience is a virtue, right?

3 week PO update - went to PO appt this morning. ...

3 week PO update - went to PO appt this morning. Removed steri strips cleaned incisions and put New steri strips back on. Didn't hurt on TT incision because it's numb, bit was really painful on boobie incisions. Boobs aren't dropping so ps said not to wear a bra again this week and hopefully they'll begin dropping. He mentioned that he may have to go in and surgically lower them, I was not happy to hear that at all, I'm sure that it was more of a worst case scenario type thing, but when u r 3 weeks po from surgery that is the last thing u want to hear. Swelling is BAADDD! Worked 7 hours yesterday...laid down for 2 1/2 hours then went to take shower, undressed and stomach just blew up...immediately put on binder and laid back down. I don't know how people with small kids do it after this kind od surgery...hats off to you.

PO Day 27 - I have a stitch coming through my...

PO Day 27 - I have a stitch coming through my belly button. Will call ps tomorrow. Went to lunch at olive garden with dh...was very nice. Then we went to Costco and I drove the scooter, because swelling was bad and I didn't want to push it.

PO Day 32 - feeling so much better this week and...

PO Day 32 - feeling so much better this week and so much more like myself. This was one of the most difficult months that I have ever had. But man was it worth it. The 1st week physically demanding and was just a struggle to move and get through each day. The 2nd week was both mentally and physically demanding. To me the 3rd week was a repeat of week 2 with the added bonus of going back and trying to physically get through a day and trying to focus mentally when i'm so exhausted that all I want to do is go lay down. Week 4 was soooooo much better...still a little sore and a little tired, but it's amazing how much better I feel. My results are amazing!!!! So worth it! The biggest change has been the dramatic Improvement in my body image. I have always been extremely self contious of my droopy boobs and flabby tummy. My dh only saw me naked if I had a little to drink. He's seen me naked more in the last 4 weeks than he has in the last 14 years. Although he didn't want me to have this surgery...he is so glad that I did. Not for him, although he loves the results, he's happy for me that I'm now the opposite of self contious. Our 'alone' time is going to be so much better!!!!

5 weeks PO - my Best 5 are 1. The mental...

5 weeks PO - my Best 5 are 1. The mental transformation of my body image and how comfortable I am letting my DH see me - has brought us much closer. 2. The Dramatic Physical Change in my appearance - HUGE difference before and after. 3. Now looking forward to wearing a baithing suit again - have always avoided anything with water that I would have to wear a baithing suit for. This opens up a whole new world. Hawaii here I come!!! After I pay this surgery off of course. 4. How wonderful my DH was during the whole process - he didn't want me to have the surgery and now we are closer than ever. I find the TLC he gave me very romantic. 5. My boobs not falling out of the top of my bra every time I bend over. Worst 5 Things 1. The Recovery - It's long, hard and painful 2. The First few BMs - for me it was as bad as childbirth - worst part of the whole experience for me. It was BAAAADDDD!!!! 3. Lying to those I didn't tell about surgery - this was tough...but it's a personal thing that I didn't want the world to know. You tell 1 person and they tell 5, then everyone knows. So I didn't tell anyone but my DH. 4. Feeling so dependent and vulnerable - this surgery makes you look ahead to what it's going to be like when you are old. I didn't like not being able to do a damn thing and having to ask for help. 5. The guilt of spending this kind of money on me...when there are so many other things we needed. 5 Best Supplies 1. My adjustable bed - it was amazing! 2. Bath Chair & Shower Head thingy on a hose. 3. Enema, stool softners, Miralax - these saved my life 4. Cough Syrup & Drops - trust me...coughing is the last thing you want to do. 5. Help - you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT do this alone. If you don't have enough help for the first several weeks then wait until you do!

10 weeks PO - tummy tuck incision is looking and...

10 weeks PO - tummy tuck incision is looking and healing fantastic! Belly button is still very sore/painful, but rest of muscle repair is feeling almost back to normal. Boobs...size is great (full C/small D), however they still have not dropped and PS wants to do surgery to correct. I am very upset! The thought of having to do another surgery after spending 2 months recovering from surgery is honestly very upsetting.

3 month PO - feeling much better everyday. ...

3 month PO - feeling much better everyday. Swelling better, but not gone yet. Boobs FINALLY dropping YEAHH! Tummy tuck incision is healing great. Belly button still very sore and not healing quite as good as it should be. About 80% back to normal at work...can do all office stuff just fine, but still not close to normal on physical stuff. Self esteem/body image MUCH better!
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