39 Y/o Clean Eating and Very Active but Still Had Stubborn Areas

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When I went to the consultation, the nurse was...

When I went to the consultation, the nurse was very helpful and she made me feel as comfortable as possible when standing in my under wear while someone is squeezing my fat. She told me that this isn't for weight loss and I was fine with that. I've never cared about the weight I was because I did a lot of weight lifting and I'm very active.
My procedure was yesterday. I had 4 core applicators on my abdomen, 2 on my inner thighs, and 2 on my upper flanks (bra line) for a total of 8 applicators. I was told these were a new design of applicator and they only stay on for 35 minutes each.

They gave me paper bra and panties to wear because they have to apply a gooey, wet gel pad to the skin for protection and they didn't want my personal items getting wet or soiled. Then we went to take the "before" pictures.
The PA then proceeded to draw on me using a cut out measuring tool that was the same measurement as the applicator so she could get the placement exact.
The first set was one upper ab and the opposite side thigh. They wipe down your areas with rubbing alcohol and then put the gel pad on. This was cold. Then they turn the suction on in the applicator and place it in the markings. It kinda tickled at that point. Once she had both on and secure with me laying comfy in the bed, she turned on the cold and started the timer.
It's immediately cold, then it's a little painful like holding ice in your hands too long. After about 6 or 7 minutes, it's numb and the cold didn't really bother me anymore. Once the time was up, she came back in, stopped the cold, turned off the suction, wiped the gel pad up and immediately started to massage the area.
***This was the single worst sensation I've ever had in my life, and I birthed 2 children. I wouldn't consider it painful, I guess it was a little painful, but it was just a horrible sensation because of the numbness. It was just a terrible combination of numb, pain, tickle, and nausea. Luckily it only lasts for 2 minutes on each area.
After that, the area was a little sore, super red, totally cold, and a bit swollen. It took about 15 minutes for the pain and coldness to leave the area. The thigh and flank massages were the same sensation but not nearly as bad as my abs. I think I'm just extra sensative on my abs.
When it was all done I got dressed, made my follow up apt and went home. I was extremely tired from being super cold for 4 hours (despite her best efforts to keep me warmed with 2 blankets) so I went to sleep early and slept for about 5 hours longer than normal. Fortunately, I have the next 3 days off so we'll see how it goes. I did stretch in the shower today.
This morning was a little sore in the abs but only when I tried to bend down to tie my shoes. I took a Mobic early and went on a 2 mile walk with my husband in the afternoon but I didn't want to run because I'm still swollen and I'm not using and compression garments. I'm positive the jiggling of the swollen areas would hurt if I ran. I'll probably go buy the compression garments. My thighs and back don't hurt at all unless I poke them. I can touch them and feel that they are swollen and numb though. The only really pain is maybe 2 out of 10 and it's a dull soreness like you'd get after a good workout.
I didn't include thigh pictures because they used very small applicators on them and they couldn't do my outer thigh because of my muscle density. So I'm not expecting a huge change there and I've always been thick legged. The only reason I went ahead with the thighs was to get rid of any extra jiggle.
Those are my details and I hope this helps some one else prepare.

Day 3

Not much change. I feel bloated and swollen. When I look in the mirror I'm not nearly as visibly swollen as I feel. Treated areas are still numb. Back and thighs feel bruised to the touch, but other than that I don't notice them.
Belly is tender. I was moving boxes yesterday and I brushed one against my belly and it was painful enough to make me more guarded with my activity. I did not walk yesterday due to thunderstorms. I've been fortunate enough to spend these past couple days actually resting. I've slept a lot. I think this helps with the healing.
Something else that I noticed was that eating large portions of food is nearly impossible for me now. I made myself 3 scrambled eggs with a half sliced tomato and toast for breakfast. I could only eat half because any extra pressure inside with the bloating and swelling becomes painful. I was not at all upset about managing the half portions. It's a welcomed side effect.
I'll post pictures weekly to show the swelling go away and then hopefully the results.
My back did get a little itchy last night and this morning. I'm hoping that a good sign. It seems way too early for that but I'll take it.

Day 5

I had to go to work today for the first time since my procedure. It wasn't too bad. I'm feeling bloated and very swollen still. I hardly notice my back and thighs, although when I use the bathroom I do notice my inner thighs are still numb. I think the sensation is amplified when sitting on the toilet because of the way the tissue is shifted. It's awkward but not really painful. My abs actually hurt today more than any day since the actual application. The only pain is the upper quadrants. It's about 5 out of 10 pain and it feels like an achy stab. It's not constant, but it seems more prevalent when I'm sitting at my desk. I think the position smashes the tissue causing the pain. Stretching helps alleviate it.
I still haven't tried compression garments and I've managed so far but I do think they would help with my comfort level. Maybe I'll get one this weekend.
PA Tracey McKenzie at Ideal Image

She was awesome. She was patient and respectful. She was constantly checking on my comfort.

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