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I saw Dr. Jeffrey Church at Wilmington Plastic...

I saw Dr. Jeffrey Church at Wilmington Plastic Surgery yesterday and I was so impressed by the time that Dr. Church and Midge took with me. The details they went into and how comfortable I felt with them. I have always wanted to have a Breast augmentation but after seeing another doctor and felt like I was a bother during our consultation I decided to wait. Now I am ready and definitely met the man that will be doing the surgery. I am so excited and also nervous. I am a cosmetologist and I hope that taking 12 days off work will give my breast time to heal before I go back to work. I chose saline implants and I chose a D. I am thinking maybe 450 cc.

My before pictures.

I am enjoying my halter tops and sleeping on my stomach. I keep talking to my clients about my surgery and they have all been so supportive. I am so glad that I decided to do this for me. I am trying to decide if I want high profile or moderate. I am 5'5" and weigh 145 lbs. I currently wear a 36 B. Hope to hear your opinions.

The count down is on....

I went in to see Dr. Church for my preop appointment Monday, everything went well. We went over the size and profile I wanted as well as all of the information needed for the day of and afterwards. I left with a pack of papers with all of the instructions to follow when I get home from surgery. He prescribed an antibiotic, pain meds, nausea meds as well as some muscle relaxers. I pray that I don't have to take too many of the pain pills since they make me nauseous and also constipated. I can't believe that I am 9 days away, I have wanted to do this for so many years and it just doesn't even seem real. Something that I didn't know was, I had to stop taking any diet pills at least a month prior to my surgery. I was taking Bontril which is similar to phentermine. I will post another update the day before.

Today was the big day!!!

This morning I arrived at the surgeons office at 7. The took me and my sister and daughter back to the recovery room. They asked a bunch of questions and went over what to expect. The anesthesiologist came by and went over her part. When I went back it was freezing in there. And for some reason I was dehydrated and ended up sticking me 3 times before they could get a vein. After the IV was in I don't remember a thing. I pretty much slept the whole way home. I have been asking Percocet and Flexiril since I got home. I slept on and off the majority of the day. I read so many people say they didn't have an appetite but that's not been the case for me. I nibbled on crackers and toast and jello. I had the experil shot and I think that has helped with the pain. I started out sleeping in the recliner but my back started hurting so I got in the bed. It is a challenge to get up by yourself. The pain this morning is worse but I just ate some toast and took more meds. I LOVE MY NEW ADDITIONS!!!!!!

Day 3 post op

The pain hasn't been as bad as I anticipated. I contribute a lot of that to the experil shot used to numb the soft tissue for 72 hours. I have been taking the muscle relaxers and a Percocet as needed. Still getting use to not being able to sleep on my side or stomach. I was also told I wouldn't be able to lift my arms over my head and I have had no problems with that. I love the new twins but they sit so high and hard.

One week post op

Starting yesterday I started feeling these zing pains from my nipple area. It felt as if any friction from my bra or shirt made it worse. The swelling in the left breast has gone down a lot but my right breast is still very swollen and hard and very high. I haven't taken any meds other than Tylenol for the past 2 days.

3.5 weeks post op

Today I went in for my second post op appt. Dr. Church said everything looked great. He changed the sterile strips and I saw my incision for the first time. I can't believe how awesome they look for less than a month. I am still having the skin sensitivity but he explained that is just the nerve endings. He told me that I can wear any type of bra that I want now. I went to Dillard's to be sized and could not believe that I am a 34DD!!! I really thought that they looked small to me me but I guess they really aren't small. I love the way they fill out some shirts that never fit right before. I am so glad I had this surgery. Now I want to have my tummy tuck.

Merry Christmas

5 days and 3 days post op. My scars are looking great and pretty pain free finally. The right breast is finally starting to relax and drop some. I love my boobs for the first time in my life. So glad I did this.
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