45 Yo with Three Kids, Still Nursing Baby, explanted 21 Yo Saline over Muscle - Wilmington, NC

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Low self esteem when I was 23 led to implants at...

Low self esteem when I was 23 led to implants at 24. If I could tell my younger self anything it would be to love myself and be happy the way I was. I wish I had never had the augmentation. The doctor talked me into going larger - i just wanted an A cup to be a B or very small C at most. Instead he talked me into a D. They were just too big. I lost feeling in both of them. I hate them and I can't wait to get then out 21 years later! I am worried about recovery and not being able to exercise.

Excited, just educating myself!

I have found several ladies on here who got this done while still nursing. I may wean before then, but just in case he hasn't weaned 100% it's good to know I can move forward. I believe winter might be best, as it will be less noticeable and also if I'm going to sleep in and not go to my gym I will choose to do so in the long winter nights - lol! I have mixed feelings on the capsules and drains, etc. scared of the seroma risk. I also worry about self esteem issues, as I don't want a lift or getting replacements. I wonder also about braving it with a local anesthetic. I'd like to do that in some ways but I am terrified I other ways. I can't wait to lie on my belly in yoga and not feel these rocks. I also look forward to hugging people and not being self conscious. I worry my husband will think I look awful, as he has always seen implants only. Soooo many worries!!

Scheduled for Explant - only a few more days now!

Still nursing 2.5 yo but my doctor is going to take the old saline implants via local anesthesia in their facility. It is supposedly quick and easy but I'm nervous.

Surgery done - should have done it years ago!

I had my surgery yesterday and it was so quick and easy. I changed into a paper top and then went into a small room where I had to lie down on a table with a bright (warm) lighting shining on me. Dr. Church and Midge were the main ones and they are both awesome. Another nurse observed as well and she was very sweet, too! I should note that I had all three kids without any meds, but even so I was super nervous about the surgery. It's just the "idea" of what is going to happen and the fear of the unknown. Having read so many reviews here made it much easier to be prepared.

I had been listening to my relaxation tracks that I listed to when I had the babies. I had those playing in one ear so I could focus on that vs my fear. It always helps me tremendously - I have practiced yoga more than a decade and it helps to be in touch with your breath and it can calm you down.

They prepped me with a sterile environment and also covered me with Betadine. Dr Church came in and started administering the local anesthesia. This was the part I was dreading, but I am somewhat numb where my old scars are, so that worked in my favor. I could barely feel that at all. He started on my right. He made a cut and then proceeded using an electro surgical device that allows them to cut and cauterize at the same time. Of course that smells bad, but not as bad as I had thought it would. Once he cut through the scar capsule he was able to push the implant down from the top and grab ahold of it and it popped right out whole (they were Mentor smooth saline with he old tab valve. No marks on the implant to identify it. Midge said it looked like maybe 300-350 cc and I do believe mine were around that size. I think we had to get one filled a little more on one side due to size difference.

Once he popped that one out, he looked inside the pocket and said it looked great. He then moved to the other side. My left was harder for him to cut through. He had to increase th settings on the device and I felt a couple zaps. That mostly burned a little or felt like getting shocked or splattered with hot grease. Kind of that unexpected zap. It was not awful and only happened a couple times. He had a harder time getting hold of that implant - but did pop it right out. He then washes both pockets out with Betadine and I couldn't really feel that much at all. They then proceeded to sew up the different layers - including the capsule.

I didn't feel them doing the stitches at all. Dr Church sis one side and Midge the other. I did get some antibiotics and pain meds. Took the antibiotics and pain meds just for "in case" I need them.

Felt great, went shopping and to lunch right after the procedure. I certainly could have driven myself home, but my husband came with me. Around lunch I started to finally feel some stinging as the anesthesia wore off. Not bad at all though.

I have very little tissue. I now remember why I got them in the first place. There is the concave spot where they sat and eventually that will get better. They are sad and droopy but they will fluff some. I was told I could shower right away. I have to keep the strips on my sutures until my follow up. The stitches will absorb. That's good because I hated my stitches when I got them in 1994.

We discussed if I am unhappy after 6 mos or a year we may do a lift and remove capsules. For now we will wait and see. I am so happy I did it and wish I had done so years ago! I look more myself - even in clothes. Those implants where with me so long I had forgotten!

I am thankful for the decision I made. I hope I don't get a seroma/infection but I'm trying to take it easy. Healing begins.....

Follow up call

I received a call from Dr. Church personally checking on me and assuring me that he thought my tissue would shrink quite a bit.

Still healing - Very little discomfort

The process has been easy thus far. The toddler still nurses just fine and never skipped a beat. My biggest concerns are Moreso cosmetic. Because I had saline over the muscle for so many years I have a huge indent where they sat. Hoping some fluffing happens. Will try to post pics later. I have had no swelling and/or fluid. I wore snug sports bras the first week, but no tight binding.

Follow up Appointment

I went in for follow up and all looks good. He says it's still early to judge my results and I'm fine with that. I believe they have definitely changed since the first day for sure! Still lots to go, but my stomach didn't recover overnight from my pregnancies either. These things have been in place for 22 years almost, can't expect miracles overnight. My concavity is the worst part - in the upper pole. I hope that diminishes a little, but even if it doesn't, it's still better than those huge bags I was carrying around. I will go back to see the doc in 2 months. He says we can do a lift if needed, but he does seem hopeful that I may be happy with my results. I don't think they will be optimal, but I am just hoping for "normalish" lol. I will try to gather up some pics and post soon.

2 months later

Still happy with my decision. Still nursing the toddler with no issues. They are droopy, but they were with implants so I knew my results wouldn't be like some others. Still happy without a lift though at this point. Hoping to still get more fluffing around the area the implant sat. I think it has already changed some over 2 months.
Dr. Church

Excellent experience! Kind, caring and wonderful staff!

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