5'1,120lb. Petite but Athletic/muscular Frame.

Fit, mom of 2. Lost the baby weight and now back...

Fit, mom of 2. Lost the baby weight and now back to pre-pregnancy. 120lb, 5'1. Muscular shape but I am petite. I just tried making rice sizers and I must say I think 350-355"CC" looked perfect! In shirts, sports bra and just a bra. I loved them. I tried a few other sizes and anything 400+ looked HUGE.

Consults!! And hoping to book Tuesday!

I had a consult with Dr Morgan 2 weeks ago. I liked him and his staff, he was knowledgable and thorough (except I had to wait a full hour and 15 mins for my appt which was insane! My husband was angry st how long it took). Downside was, I didn't get to try on any sizers and he never did measurements. He said he likes to pick sizing on his own. I wasn't comfortable with that since I had never even seen what they would looked like on me. Plus, he quoted very high compared to 2 others locally. I have my consult with Dr Zannis on Tuesday and I am excited. If all goes well (and he lets me try on sizers and actually measures me!) I will go ahead and pay to set my surgery and pre op appointments ASAP. Still not sure about size but would like to stick to 350-400CC I think! Here are some "wish pics" I found here to show what I like!!

Nov 7 I'll have boobies!

I went ahead and booked my date. Had my pre-op today. Going with Sientra Round, 375 CC gummys. Not sure about which profile yet, I will call back this week and ask. I am so excited. I was stuck between 400-375 but went with 375 and am really happy. I think I will love them!!! I got all of my meds to fill and will do that this week and start on arnica a few days before! Can't wait!!!!!

Dr Zannis and his staff

I am so glad I went with Zannis. His staff (Veronica and Katie are who I mostly work with!) have been so helpful. They have no issue or attitude when answering my 478 questions. As I get closer, I start to freak myself out a little with my size choice and what not. I've called 3 times in a week to change CC's (oops lol!) but today I finalized and stuck with the Sientra, round mod+ 375 CC. Can't wait!!! 2 weeks from today I'll have boobs. I can't wait and wish I could do it sooner. The waiting is the worst part. Thanks again, Dr. Z and his amazing girls!
Dr Zannis

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