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Fit, mom of 2. Lost the baby weight and now back...

Fit, mom of 2. Lost the baby weight and now back to pre-pregnancy. 120lb, 5'1. Muscular shape but I am petite. I just tried making rice sizers and I must say I think 350-355"CC" looked perfect! In shirts, sports bra and just a bra. I loved them. I tried a few other sizes and anything 400+ looked HUGE.

Consults!! And hoping to book Tuesday!

I had a consult with Dr Morgan 2 weeks ago. I liked him and his staff, he was knowledgable and thorough (except I had to wait a full hour and 15 mins for my appt which was insane! My husband was angry st how long it took). Downside was, I didn't get to try on any sizers and he never did measurements. He said he likes to pick sizing on his own. I wasn't comfortable with that since I had never even seen what they would looked like on me. Plus, he quoted very high compared to 2 others locally. I have my consult with Dr Zannis on Tuesday and I am excited. If all goes well (and he lets me try on sizers and actually measures me!) I will go ahead and pay to set my surgery and pre op appointments ASAP. Still not sure about size but would like to stick to 350-400CC I think! Here are some "wish pics" I found here to show what I like!!

Nov 7 I'll have boobies!

I went ahead and booked my date. Had my pre-op today. Going with Sientra Round, 375 CC gummys. Not sure about which profile yet, I will call back this week and ask. I am so excited. I was stuck between 400-375 but went with 375 and am really happy. I think I will love them!!! I got all of my meds to fill and will do that this week and start on arnica a few days before! Can't wait!!!!!

Dr Zannis and his staff

I am so glad I went with Zannis. His staff (Veronica and Katie are who I mostly work with!) have been so helpful. They have no issue or attitude when answering my 478 questions. As I get closer, I start to freak myself out a little with my size choice and what not. I've called 3 times in a week to change CC's (oops lol!) but today I finalized and stuck with the Sientra, round mod+ 375 CC. Can't wait!!! 2 weeks from today I'll have boobs. I can't wait and wish I could do it sooner. The waiting is the worst part. Thanks again, Dr. Z and his amazing girls!

Very nervous.

I am about a week away from surgery and am working out like a maniac. I know I will be off my normal routine w solid 4-6 weeks, and hoping (begging/praying?) that I'll be OK for light impact stuff around 3 weeks. I have had 2 c sections, so I am not worried about surgery itself. It's more recovery and how soon I can at least incline walk and stationary cycle to get moving until I can get back to lifts. I figured I would need at least 14 days off from EVERYTHING. I am hoping I feel good enough around 3 weeks to start some lower body weight stuff/incline walks/stationary bike for an hour a day. I LIVE at the gym. 6 days a week, for almost 2 hours a day. I am in good shape but worried about gaining weight and losing muscle :( Ugh.... I think this is my nerves talking but I hope I don't regret them!

I have boobies!!!

The surgery went amazing. In and out in 40 mins and in recovery for 30. At home, resting in bed. We went with 375Cc, high profile. I am very excited. Feeling pretty good.

I am not really in any pain, more so discomfort. I have taken a Percocet to keep any creeping pain away. If anything, my back hurts worse than my boobies! I feel full of milk/over engorged like when I did when nursing... I was able to eat an english muffin and kept it down. Nausea wasn't as bad as I have read it could be. The only thing that's odd is the swishing sound! It freaks me out everytime I move a certain way haha!

I can take a shower tomorrow and will update with pictures. I have my post op at 1 week. :)

Day 1.

6 hours post surgery.

Day 3.

I have taken 2 showers. The warm water softens them and feels nice. Overall, I feel OK. Not sleeping much. My back hurts because I'm not a back sleeper and need to sleep elevated the first week.

I have the WORST burning/tingling pain under my incision on my left breast whenever I stand. I called my doctor and the nurse said its very normal because gravity will Hang the breast lower and push on incision/nerves. Apparently it's just nerves and tissues trying to re attach. I can't wait until that goes away because it's really painful! My mom leaves today and hubby has off until Tuesday. Thankful for family to help me out, they've been great.

Day 6!

Day 6 has been good. No big updates. My husbands been giving me showers BUT today I did it alone and washed my hair and body!! Then even got dressed. It took 20 mins but only a few zings and I feel good. Hubby is home until Monday. Tuesday I will be alone with the kids. My oldest is in school 8-3:30, but my little guy just turned 4 so at least he's semi independent!

Constipation has set in which is no fun. But I've been completely off pain meds since Thursday night and only using Tylenol so hoping lots of water helps.

2 weeks!

It's insane how fast time has gone. I feel amazing and my girls look amazing! I love them. I am back to almost normal, I would say 90%. Only complaint is I get tired pretty easy after a long day.

I've been walking a few miles each morning since day 8 to keep moving. But today was cleared to start back to the gym doing light cardio (stationary bike, elliptical with no arms and incline treadmill) this morning!! Felt great to get back into it slowly.

No more pain, just a bit heavy/stiff in the AM, and incisions healed up great. Got my stitches removed at week 1 and have been massaging since. I'll update again in a few weeks as they continue to fluff :)

5 weeks!

Lots of dropping and fluffing still needed but love them. My right side is a bit higher and tighter but that is my dominant hand and also was my bigger breast to begin with.

They are squishy and starting to look great in shirts and bras. No more pain, and on Friday I have my appointment to get cleared for normal activities!
Dr Zannis

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