38, 2 BF kids, 107 lbs, AA to 400CC/420CC Naturelle HP Tear Drop Implants

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I would like to be proportional. I have been a...

I would like to be proportional. I have been a 32AA my entire life. I nursed both of my children which cause what little breast tissue I had to sag. I would like to be fuller and proportional to the rest of my body. I want it to be natural and look like me only enhanced. I'm nervous about the pain..


7 days until surgery and I am very nervous. The doctor said that is normal. I have been the same size since puberty but now sag from nursing two babies. Who knew such small breast could sag. I am excited though. Very nervous about the pain. I dropped my prescriptions off today and have my grocery list (my doctor helpfully provided one) ready to go. I'm worried about coming out of anesthesia as it has been a long time since I've been under. Crossing my fingers and praying.

Unsure about shape

I am going to be a horrible patient. I am so unsure! My doctor and I talked about doing the tear drop shape implant but after researching I think I want round. I like the fullness at the top. I left a message (it's Saturday) to talk about options. Surgery is Thursday and I am crazy nervous. If it wasn't for my sons birthday tomorrow I would be a basket case. We talked 350 Cc's to make me a C. Thoughts. Posting some before pics.

Round vs. Teardrop

I am so torn!! When I had my consultation with my doctor he immediately discussed the teardrop shape for me. I told him I wanted to look natural and proportional. Round was never discussed. Now I'm concerned. I want that fullness at the top that the round ones provide. However, I also know that isn't as natural. I read that for petite patients the teardrop is better. Help!! Thoughts?!?! My surgery is scheduled for Thursday and the implants have already been ordered. I also told him I wanted to be a full B/small C and am leaning more toward a C. I can't even fill out a AA now so....


The doctor's office called this morning about my questions of round v. teardrop. They were so helpful. They are squeezing me in tomorrow to answer all of my last minute questions and finally put this debate of round v. teardrop to rest. I am leaning toward the teardrop because I do want to look natural and know that with a good push up I can achieve a fuller look that may not always be appropriate for the courtroom.

Second Preop

I love my doctor. I am the most indecisive person ever. I was so torn over round v. teardrop, Cc's and projection. He put all of my fears to rest and answered all of my questions.

I am using teardrop because it is more natural and that is what I want. I does offer some upper pole fullness which I have ZERO of now. We are going with 350 Cc's which should put me at a C though some bras would have it at a D. He said it isn't possible to make me a D so it's all vanity sizing. We are going with a high profile. I am very narrow chested so the high profile gets more outward projection without adding a lot of "side boob".

He also told me to tell the anesthesiology that I have gotten sick after anesthesia so he will give me meds in my IV and give me a patch for the HOUR AND A HALF drive home. (I'm taking a bucket just in case.)

He also told me to go home and find pictures of what I want as homework and he would do his best to make me look like that.

I am so excited now. I want Thursday to be here now! I'm posting a few before pics with and without a bra.

So long, farewell, I (don't) hate to say goodbye

Less than 24 hours now!! I'm getting so so close! My mom got into town and she will be my nurse for this journey. I actually feel pretty good. I'm trying stay busy and not think about it. I'm not nervous right now but I know I will be tomorrow. I'm going to take my headphones and use them as long as I can. Music calms me down.

Things I am nervous about:
1. The IV. (I freak out over little pain. I handle big pain much better)
2. Getting sick
3. The hour and a half drive home
5. Going back to work Monday and what I will wear that will not make it so noticeable I have new boobs that are still up around my neck.

I'm posting the pre boobs. To me they look bigger in the pics than they do in real life.

Go time

It's almost go time. About ten more minutes. I met with the ane

Go time (2)

Dumb app. Ten more minutes. Met with the doctor and he drew all over me. Showed him my wish boobs. Talked to the anesthesiologist. Now I wait. I can feel my anxiety rising a little and my heart pounding. See you on the other side. With boobs!!


I'm done!! And home!! I got to the surgery center thirty minutes early. I waited in the car which amped the nerves. Once inside I waited maybe 5 minutes before being called back. I peed in a cup and she did the pregnancy test. She then told me to get dressed in the lovely surgery garb. (Disposable panties and all)

The anesthesiologist then came in and we talked about my medical history. One of my concerns was getting sick to my stomach. She addressed that and said they would deal with it.

Then the doctor came in. I showed him my wish list and said it was very helpful. He stood me up and drew all over me.

He then left and I just had to wait. Maybe 10 minutes but it was enough to make me anxious. When the nurse came to get me, I gave my mom a hug and told her I loved her.

In the OR I was put on the bed. I tried not to look around too much as I knew seeing all the instruments would freak me out. I put my arms out and the nurse started my IV. Oddly enough I was more concerned about that little pain tha the big pain. But it wasn't bad. My arm got cold and she told me it was the fluids. They put another blanket on and a heating blanket because I was freezing. Midge, my nurse, was so kind. She held my hand and patted my face. There as a little burn when I got my "cocktail" to ease my nerves. Instantly I was groggy. I breathed through the oxygen mask maybe 3-4 times and I was out.

The next thing I knew I was in recovery. I was disoriented and confused. I wasn't "in pain" but it was definitely apparent something had happened. My chest was tight and it felt like an elephant was sitting on it. The doctor cans in and checked on them. He said he had to put more Cc's on the right than left to make them even but didn't say how much total yet. He is supposed to call tonight and I will ask then. He said it all went well and I will be very happy.

I was in recovery around an hour. They helped my put my pants on to my knees but I said I would rather put them all the way on when I stood up. Then the shirt went on. I had been snacking on crackers and Sprite but still didn't feel great. They stood me up, got my pants on and put me in the wheelchair. I waited there a minute while my mom pulled the car around. I had to keep my eyes closed while she wheeled me which is unusual. They put me in the car and I got SOOOO close to throwing up but held it back.

I was asleep instantly and slept all the way home. We got home right around 5. I'm home now in bed. It's easier to sit up than lay back. It's hard to take a deep breath, but it's already getting easier. My surgical bra isn't super tight or uncomfortable but it is ugly!!

Right now I feel:
Tight like I am getting the tightest hug ever;
Like an elephant is sitting on my chest;
Like I got punched in the ribs;
My under arms are sore.
All of these things aee already subsiding slightly.

I ate a little something and took my antibiotic. I'm going to wait until I get a little closer bed to take the pain meds and muscle relaxer so I can sleep. My incision on my left side is a little tender but the bra hits right on it. I can take off the bandages that are on it except for the episeals. Those stay on for several weeks. She said if the the incisions bother me tomorrow when the gauze is off, put a maxi pad on them!! Hahaha

So far so good. Posted pics in the lovely bra!

Day One

It's day one. Last night was fine. I talked to my doctor around 8:30. He said I sounded incredibly lucid and that most patients hated him the first night. He warned about staying ahead of the pain as the Expadril would start to wear off today and tomorrow. I went ahead and took a pain killer and muscle relaxer around 10.

I slept pretty good. I woke up two times just wanting to roll over and realized I couldn't. I slept with a Boppy I used when nursing over my lap and it helped me not roll. I woke up at 3:45 to go to the bathroom and debated a pain pill but decided to wait until 5:00 when my alarm went off for the muscle relaxer.

Mom got me some breakfast and took the kids to school. We watched a movie and I was in and out. I took my antibiotic with my breakfast.

My alarm went off at 11:00 to take a pain pill but thought I was fine and would wait until 1 when I could take the muscle relaxer. Then I sat up. While not "pain" it was more sore and I decided to go ahead and take one. I want to stay ahead of the pain.

I just took my first shower. I took it slow and it wasn't bad at all. I also got my first glimpse of the girls. I won't lie but they look super weird. The doctor (and thus site) prepared me for that. Very high, right, full and swollen. And I feel like they are huge. I'm also a little bloated which is gross. I do have some bruising on the sides of my breasts. My rib cage is still very sore.

The post op surgery bra isn't bad at all. The underside of my breasts are numb right now. The incisions don't hurt right now either.

So far so good. I'm hopefully that with the meds I continue to feel ok.

Posting some day one post-op pics.

Post-op Day 2

Day 2: I can tell the Expadril shots are wearing off. I had a harder time sleeping last night. I woke up several times very sore. I think the waking up also had to do with sleeping on and off all day yesterday as well. I can't say it's "pain" as it is all bearable. Just very sore like a pulled muscle. I've stayed on schedule with my meds and will continue to through the day. Hoping to start weaning myself off of them this evening. I took a pain killer and muscle relaxer at 5 and it helped tremendously.

I did look at the card the doctor gave me yesterday regarding the implants. 400 cc sized implant on the left and 420 cc sized implant on the right. I will find out the exact totals on Thursday at my post-op. Oddly enough though the right looks smaller in the pictures than the left. I realize it's only day 2 and I'm trying not to panic but it is noticeable to me.

I think the swelling is going down faster on the right than the left as the right side is not as tight feeling as the right. There is still some bruising on both sides along the bra line. My rib cage is still sore but noticeably better than it has been.

I'm tolerating the bra just fine. One of the meds I am taking at times makes me a little itchy. No rash and nothing bad. It's almost a little helpful as it makes me move my arms around which hasn't been an issue. I'm still pretty bloated which grossed me out. No bowel movement just yet though I am religiously taking the stool softeners. I also keep bumping them with my arms because I'm not used to having boobs!!

All in all I feel really good even with the Expadril wearing off.

Thank you for all the well wishes and warm thoughts. It is very much appreciated.

Day 3

It's day 3. I feel really good. All I can compare the tightness and uncomfortableness to is being very engorged while breastfeeding. It is by no means pain, just tight. Most of the soreness is gone as well. I switched over to Tylenol this morning and hope to stick with that from now on.

I am still very concerned that my left side looks bigger than the right. The right side got the bigger implant, but it appears to be the other way around. I know they were never symmetrical, but now it is even more noticeable to me. I go back in on Thursday and can address it at my post op.

I am still VERY bloated. I read that can take 1-3 weeks to go away. I look like I'm 4-5 months pregnant. It's not just in my stomach, but all the way around my waist. I also haven't gone to the bathroom yer despite the stool softeners, fluids and smoothies. Awesome.

Regardless, I feel really good. I think I built this all up so much in my mind and it wasn't near as bad as I imagined. For that I am thankful.

Will post pics later once I take a shower. We will see how washing my hair goes!

Day 4

It's day 4. I'm back at work. I can't say I am thrilled to be here but oh well. I also can't say I am actually "working" either. I'm here physically.

Sleep wasn't great last night. Not because of pain but because sleeping elevated on my back is getting old. REALLY OLD. I kept waking to roll to my side only realizing I couldn't.

I'm sore this morning. I made it all day yesterday with just Tylenol. I did take a muscle relaxer before bed but couldn't tell it did a whole lot for me. I'm not opposed to taking a pain killer tonight because I know pulling a full day at work is going to wear me out. Hopefully after that I can just use Tylenol and Tylenol PM and be fine.

Yesterday was hard for me emotionally. I was still very bloated (I looked 5 months pregnant), I was sore and my boobs were super pointy. I expected most of that, but it was still hard to accept. I was thrilled this morning when I finally woke up to see my breasts are already starting to round out. I can tell the left one dropped quite a bit. The bloating is still there, but I finally went to the bathroom so that is subsiding slightly.

If I sit long enough I get weird sensations. Almost like air bubbles escaping. Or I can feel them dropping a little. It's hard getting used to the extra weight on my chest. I still have no feeling under my breasts. The bruising is going away as well.

I am very excited for my post op appointment Thursday. I want to hear the totals and see how he feels things are going. While I haven't minded the surgical bra, I am ready to be in something else for sure. I ordered a zip front sports bra with cups (as per my instructions) from Amazon. I just hope it fits.

I did see a few friends today that said, had they not known what I did, they would have never guessed because it looks so natural and proportional. I'm thrilled as that is exactly what I wanted. And I am very happy with the size almost to the point I think they are a little big. I know some of that is still swelling. I'm not used to having to work around them. I also feel like I have to hold on to them when I walk because having them is so foreign to me!!

Here are some day 4 pics. Still need to level out some but we are making progress!


Today was my post-op. My doctor said I was 100% ahead of schedule. He said it takes a month for my muscles to give up and allow the implant to fully drop and fluff (though I don't think he actually said "fluff".) He also said it takes a month for my brain to reset and accept them as my own and not always think of them as fake. He said they looked great, but would continue to fill out and round out over the coming weeks. (Personally I already thought they looked pretty great, but what do I know? I've lived 20+ years with tiny boobs).

I go back on Tuesday for him to change the tapes over the incisions. He said he couldn't do it today as they would start bleeding.

One week down!!

Three Weeks

I am three weeks post op today and feeling great. The only real issue I've had is chaffing. A week after the surgery I was told I could change from the post-op bra into a front closing sports bra with cups. This turned out to be very difficult to find. It took a week before I found something comfortable that fit. In the mean time, all the swelling had gone down and the post-op bra moved around so much and literally rubbed my breasts raw. Dipping back into my nursing days, lanolin cream has helped tremendously.

My doctor said everything looks great. I still have tapes over my incisions and will keep those on until April 12. They have both dropped quite a bit and are rounding out nicely. My left one still appears a bit bigger though the right has a bigger implant. They were never shaped the same so that has affected things as well.

I went bathing suit shopping and the difference was just amazing. I can't wait until they are fully healed and it is beach season!!

Posted a few pics of my progress.
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

He was wonderful. Met with him at the consultation and again at the preop.

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