59 YO Sculpsure Abs and Love Handles- Wilmington, NC

I have been researching Sculpsure and pricing and...

I have been researching Sculpsure and pricing and decided to go with Biosymmetry in Wilmington. I had liposuction about 20 years ago and I'm going back to places the doctor wasn't as aggressive as I had wanted. Lower abs at the pubic mound and abs around the belly button are impossible for me to get down. Right now, I'm going to do 8 pads for $2000 on a special from a demonstration they are doing on the 27th and I'll lock in that price then. The plan is two pads on the fat on my pubic mound, two on the belly button fat, and two on each flank. I'm 6-4, 216 pounds, 21% body fat...26.5 BMI, which makes me a good candidate. I'll get measurements right before the procedure, but here are two before pictures.
Chris Pate

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