59 YO Sculpsure Pubic Mons, Abs, and Love Handles- Wilmington, NC

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I have been researching Sculpsure and pricing and...

I have been researching Sculpsure and pricing and decided to go with Biosymmetry in Wilmington. I had liposuction about 20 years ago and I'm going back to places the doctor wasn't as aggressive as I had wanted. Lower abs at the pubic mound and abs around the belly button are impossible for me to get down. Right now, I'm going to do 8 pads for $2000 on a special from a demonstration they are doing on the 27th and I'll lock in that price then. The plan is two pads on the fat on my pubic mound, two on the belly button fat, and two on each flank. I'm 6-4, 216 pounds, 21% body fat...26.5 BMI, which makes me a good candidate. I'll get measurements right before the procedure, but here are two before pictures.

10 pads, four areas 10/14/2016

I had pubic mound, upper abs, and love handles done. I did a consult with Dr. Pate, who went thru the procedure and did caution that the pubic area was off list of approved areas, but did say I was a good candidate. Deb, the RN who did my procedure is amazing! Their practice had never done pubic area fat before and are very interested in what my pain level and results would be. As you can imagine, before pictures and procedure that low basically had me disrobed totally, but Deb quickly put me at ease. Just be prepared for that exposure if you are thinking of that area. We did two pads on the pubic fat, two on abs either side of my belly button, but did up the initial pads to three on each flank for a total of 10 pads on four treatment areas. It took almost 2 hours for pictures and treatment. Pain level varied a lot. The pubic area has a lot of nerves and was the worst, but I was able to gut it out on the highest setting at 1.4. Belly button area was done at the same time at 1.4 and I didn't feel anything...maybe sensory overload because of the pubic area was done at the same time. Each flank was done at the highest setting, as well, with tolerable pain. I'll note here that the sessions started at 1.1 and then bumped up as could be tolerated. Deb suggested an ice pack on the skin next to the pads, which actually did help divert some of the pain. Afterwards I was told to massage the areas several times a day, which I have. The pubic area had a pretty uncomfortable burning sensation for the rest of the day, but ice packs helped a lot...yes, ice packs in the pants driving home and then ice packs with me on the couch in my gym shorts. Tylenol as needed. This morning, the pain there is gone. Very little soreness in any of the areas. They promised to email me the official before pictures, so I will post them when I get them. Overall impression of Dr Pate and his staff was very positive.

1 day post op

We've been in the car all day and didn't massage as often as we should, but the treatment areas have a lot of swelling. I'm icing now. I'll update as the swelling changes.

1 week post op

I still have quite a bit of swelling in the flanks and pubic area. I massage several times a day. I have resorted to wearing a binder at night, which reduces how the love handles stick out in the morning when I go swimming. The pubic mons is sore with a hard area under the skin. I took Motrin for the first time since the procedure to try and reduce some of the inflammation and for other aches and pains the Tylenol hasn't helped. The abs, either side of the belly button, hasn't been too much trouble. With the swelling, no way to tell much of a difference. We were on vacation when we had our procedures done and now back on a routine, I've lost several pounds that I can't contribute to the Sculpsure...more later.

2 week post op

Swelling has reduced considerably in pubic area and flanks, but that may have been helped by wearing a binder to bed. The flanks really swelled up a lot. Some pain when massaging the areas still. Not going to guess success at this time...mearly wanted to update current conditions. I continue to swim and exercise, which I've read helps with blood flow and removal of the dead fat cells, so I'm really hopeful.

Official before pictures

I said I would post the before pics when I got them...but it took me a while to figure out how to convert them from the format the doctor's office sent them in. Sorry...

Official before pictures, revised.

I separated the pictures the doctor's office sent...it seems clearer.

3 weeks post

Just checking in...of course I'm not expecting any noticeable results, yet. Pubic mons has developed two nodules that are tender to touch or massage. Their is also an area center of the treatment area that is still sore and maybe a little puffy still. Abs and flanks are feeling normal. I'm still exercising 4-6 times a week and massaging a couple times a day, but only a couple minutes in the shower and at bedtime. I don't know about anybody else, but flanks are tough for me to massage myself effectively, so I hope I'm still helping the process.

10 weeks post op

Just checking in...2-1/2 months and definitely seeing improvement. Pubic mound is going down...Not smooth, but irregular...More on the left side than the right. Abs are a little more even than before. Flanks definitely need another round when we go back to Wilmington in February. I'll wait until then to post official pictures.

16 week follow up and second treatment

I'll post the before and after pictures when I get them, but I can definitely see a difference, so I retreated the pubic mons and love handles while I was there. I don't know if it means anything, but where I was able to max the 1.4 settings the first time for all 4 locations, I was barely able to get to 1.2/1.3 and still tolerate the procedure on the three location this time. I did not redo my abs this time, partly because of cost, and partly because there wasn't much fat to treat. I do not have any pain afterwards this time, where I had burning sensations for several hours afterwards with my pubic mons like a bad sun burn last time...so I guess the amount of fat and how your body reacts is different, not just person to person, but time to time. I can't say enough good things about the Biosymmetry staff. They are great! I will continue to up date with this round of Sculpsure as I can. A lot of what I read talks about a more noticeable difference with a second round of treatment. I'll let you know.

16 Week Before and after pictures

Biosymmetry sent me their official pictures they took. I definitely can see a difference. The lighting/shading is not the same, for one thing I had a tan in October and I don't now, but the flanks/abs and pubic mons are reduced. See what you think.

16 Week Before and after pictures

Biosymmetry sent me their official pictures they took. I definitely can see a difference. The lighting/shading is not the same, for one thing I had a tan in October and I don't now, but the flanks/abs and pubic mons are reduced. See what you think.

July update and re-treatment

Since we are not local to the Wilmington area, we just managed to get back for retreatment and progress pictures. I retreated the mons and flanks on a new special Biosymmetry was running.
Wilmington Physician

Dr. Pate was very personable and professional. He went over the procedure and answered all my questions. His staff and his office area are first rate. Deb, Shena, and all the staff were professional and easy to talk to. They shared their Sculpsure experiences and didn't pressure me for additional services. In fact, my wife was interested in one procedure and was told that they had not had good results and recommended not to do it. Overall very pleased. We'll go back for "after" pictures in February. I can't say enough nice things about Dr.Pate and his staff! My wife and I have both had Sculpture procedures and couldn't be happier with the results. They were honest and open with what areas respond well and what they had not seen work. We're going back this summer for additional work!

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