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I had my consultation on Monday, October 22nd. I...

I had my consultation on Monday, October 22nd. I was very impressed with both surgeon and staff. After losing 60+ lbs, I'm looking forward to removing the excess skin and not having to wear a girdle in the summertime! I'm also getting some fat removed from my inner thigh, lower back and flanks. This fast will be transferred to my buttocks. I'll keep you posted...xoxo!

Current status...

This is my current status...not cute at all! Lol!!! Although I do a pretty good job of hiding this belly underneath of my clothes, I'm so over it!!!

Ideal curves and bottom...

I want a realistic butt. I just can't imagine having a huge behind all of a sudden...

I like

I like her butt...just a tad bit smaller

I'm havinga change of heart...

Love her shape!

Date locked in...

I'm so excited! My 6/13 date is locked in, and I can't wait!!! I made my down payment, which was $ turning back now.

While I was at my surgeon's office making the payment, he came in to look at another problem area that I have. My bra line is awful. Dr. Lonergan told me that he will probably have to cut me again to achieve the results that I want. I got a breast reduction/lift last June (with a different doctor). Although I love my new smaller boobies, I hate the hanging bra line skin!!! Ugh... is always something!

Just wondering...

If I'm a size 8 right now, with all of this belly, what size will I be when the belly is gone??? Hmmm?!?!?!?

6 months left...

Okay, I am 6 months away from my scheduled surgery date. I'm itching to change the date. I guess that it doesn't make sense to miss time from work, if I'll be off during the summer...

Oh well, such is life. #superexcited #flatside


5 months...

Hey everyone, I'm five months out from my scheduled date & growing so anxious. Well, I'm sure that June will be here before I know it. Congrats to all who have crossed over to the flat side!!! xo

4 months...

As of yesterday, I am 4 months away from my surgery date! I started my journey in October. Time is flying by...I thought that it would drag. I'm sooooo excited!!!!!

3 - month mark

So, as of yesterday, I am 3 months out from my surgery date. I can't wait...xoxo!

June 2014!

Okay, the countdown is on.. where are my June TT & BBL dolls???

Super excited...

The 2 month mark is right around the corner. I'm beyond excited!!! Good luck to all of my April dolls!

2 month mark

Hello everyone! Congrats to all who have had surgery in April, and good luck to those who are crossing over to the flat side in the next few days/weeks!!! Well, as of today, I have 2 months left...60 days! That really puts things into perspective.

I went to the mall yesterday and couldn't resist picking up a couple of things; although, I'm really trying not to buy a lot. I typically pick up dresses or shirts, but I ended up purchasing a pair of pants yesterday. I'm currently a size 8, so I picked up a 6 (100% cotton... no stretch), we'll see. ;)

Well, I have decided that I'm going to pick up all of my supplies next week, since I'll be on spring break. I also have to check and see if the local Rent-A-Center has an electric recliner that I can rent. If not, any suggestions??? Please let me know which products you really needed and which ones were a waste of money. Thanks in advance, dolls! Until next time...


47 more days!!!

It's getting real now. I'm so excited!!!

Medical clearance

Heyyyyy, it's me again...twice in one day. So, I'm nervous about a couple of things. My main concern: I have Highmark BCBS insurance. Does anyone know if they will cover my medical clearance? I have an appt with my PCP tomorrow for a physical. Then, I have to go back on Wednesday for an EKG. I just hope that they will cover it...I have hbp & type 2 diabetes (no meds & no issues). Please respond if you have any insight. Thanks! xoxo

Medical clearance--update

Yay!!! I got my clearance done today! It's getting real... Xoxo

Electric recliner

Okay, so I called Rent-A-Center to find out if they had any recliners in stock & they do. For the leather one, it's $100.80 for the month. Can someone please let me know, approximately, how long I will need it? Also, I'm going to order some supplies off of Amazon. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance! xoxo

Exactly 1 month left!!!

So, I started this journey back in October. At the time, June seemed so far away. Now, I'm 4 weeks away from the new me...and, words can't express what I'm feeling! Congrats to all of the May dolls & good luck to my June sistas!!! xoxo

Pre-op pics

As you all know, I'm having my surgery soon, in 25 days to be exact. So, I guess that it's time to post my pre-op pics...omg!!! That is not going to be a pretty sight. :(

Anyway, I'll be posting them later on tonight or tomorrow...


Pre-op pics

June 13th couldn't get here faster if it wanted to...

Pre-op app

Heyyyyyyy everyone!!! Okay, my surgery is right around the corner!!! So, my pre-op appt is in 2 days...unbelievable! I'll do another update afterwards. Oh, for inquiring minds...I'm moving forward with the bbl. Can't wait!!! ;)


Hey dolls, my pre-op appt was yesterday. Everything went well. They have me my instructions and took pictures. The nurse told me that I'm going to love my new body...praying that she's right! If you have any advice, please let me know. Until next time... xoxo


I hate that you can't edit your comments. I meant to say that they "gave" me my instructions. Darn swipe!


Okay, as I get closed to my surgery date, I get completely obsessed with this site! I have been on here since 6:30 am (on a Saturday). Smh!!! On another note, my friend had her TT & br/bl in October. She just posted a new pic on fb last night and she looks amazing! I'm ready to officially begin my journey...can't wait!!! Let the official countdown begin!!!

Congrats & good luck...

Congrats/good luck to all of the May dolls who have had their procedures or will have their procedures done this week!!! June dolls, it's almost our time! xoxo


Hello dolls, I'm trying not to flood your in boxes with posts. It's just getting so real right now, and I'm so excited! Anyway, I just want to give you a quick update. The hospital just called a few moments ago. Apparently, they do an intake interview via telephone that's out of the way (check). I should have taken notes, but the lady seemed to be in a glad that it's not my PS's office. Anyway, I will receive another call on 6/3. I think that she said a nurse will be calling me. I'll call my PS and find out for sure. This time is moving so slowly.... I can't wait! Lol... I'll be singing a different tune once the pain kicks in I'm sure.

Quick question--Pain pump or no pain pump? I was determined to get a pp, but the hospital informed my PS that it would be an additional $350-550. Is it worth it??? Heeeeelp! Thanks in advance dolls!!! xoxo

Home sick...

Heyyyyy everyone! So, I got sick on Sunday. I was off on Monday (holiday), took off on Tuesday, came home early yesterday & my doctor told me to stay home for the rest of the week...ugh! Typically, this would be fine BUT now I have too much time to think/obsess about my sx. My friend thinks that I'm suffering from anxiety, but I totally disagree. First of all, I'm asthmatic and the pollen levels were super high this weekend. Secondly, I actually had an asthma attack. And, finally, I've had multiple surgeries in the past few years. It doesn't really scare me, until the night before/morning of...what are your thoughts dolls?

On another note, June 1st is this Sunday!!! Yasssssss!!! P.S. Remind me about how excited I was pre-op, when I'm in excruciating pain post-op. Lol! xoxo

TMI time:

Heyyyyyyy dolls! So, as my time dwindles down...exactly 2 more weeks from today, I have a personal question to ask. Anyone can respond, but this is directed mainly towards those that have that are already on the flat side. Sooooo ladies, wax or shave??? I have never waxed, but I will if you all think that it's the better solution. #june2014 #summer2014doll #countdown

Compression garment

So, I have been stressing over my cg since yesterday! I was so eager to post that my surgery was in 2 weeks...then, it actually hit me like a ton of bricks!!! Anyway, I searched on RS (you women are such lifesavers) and found a lady who had to purchase her garment as well. She had her surgery in April. I went to The website was a little overwhelming, but the I called and the lady was very helpful. The store is located in northern NJ. I sent them a picture and my measurements, and they suggested an Ann Cherry faja. I ordered it, and now I feel so much better!!! Fyi--If you need to call them, they are open Monday-Saturday until 7 pm est.

Well, in 20 minutes, it will officially be June. To all of the May dolls, congrats; and, to all of my June 2014 divas, let the official countdown begin. Congrats, good luck & happy healing! xoxo

Walmart haul

So, I went to Walmart last night. I couldn't find body pillows, so I purchased 2 king sized pillows. I'm only 5 feet tall, so they will work. I also purchased 2 regular sized pillows. I got covers for the pillows. They keep the pillows from getting messed up (excess fluids, etc), and they aren't plastic. They were near the pillows. I also purchased collace (stool softener per my doctor), an Enema (per my friend who's a nurse & she recently had a mommy makeover), Tylenol, thermometer, box of disposable gloves, baby wipes, bulky maxi pads, peroxide, Neosporin (sp) & cough drops.

I still have to pick up magnesium citrate (it's a liquid laxative), per my friend the nurse. I also need a bottle of MOM (she said that most people, including her, dealt with constipation), a bar of Dial soap (per surgeon...I prefer Dove) and gum.

FYI--Another June doll shared that chewing gum makes the body think that you are eating and gets your bowels moving (tmi...sorry). I will share that I did get constipated after my breast reduction last year, so this information is here just in case...

Oh, and I still haven't gone to Rent-A-Center. I was home sick all week long. Yesterday, was my first day out. Smh...I have to get with the program. I would have gone today, but they are closed...ugh!!!

Anyway, if you can think of anything else that I may need, let me know. I'm trying to be realistic. Sometimes people spend a ridiculous amount of money on unnecessary items. I hope that I haven't. Talk to you soon! xoxo

No updates just checking in...

9 days pre-op...woo hoo! My cg was delivered today. My neighbor has it at her house. I hope that it is the right size. I worked late, went to get a manicure and got stuck in traffic today. I say all of that to say, I still didn't go to Rent-A-Center. Can you order online??? This is ridiculous. Lol! Anyway, congrats to those who have crossed over to the flat side and good luck to the everyone else!!! xoxo

So unhappy right now...

So, I got my cg from my neighbor. Tried it on and it won't even close. So, those sizes are wayyyyyyyy off. I wear a size 8, ordered a size xl and it doesn't fit! Really??? They included a paper measuring tape, and I measured my breast, which I know are correct. I wear a 36 bra. My measurement was 36, and VS measured me at 36. I used their tape and it was a 42. WHAT??? Smh! Anyway, I called the company and left a msg. I'll see what they say...not too worried. I ordered this one on Saturday and it was delivered today...

June 2014 dolls...

Hey ladies, if you are a June doll, search for June 2014 TT. The page is full of support, answers to some of your questions and/or concerns or a place to vent. Good luck/congrats!!! xoxo

8 days pre-op...

Sooooo, I became a "Real Friend" today. How exciting is that??? Awwww...I feel special! :) xoxo

1 more week!!!

Hey everyone, work was so hectic yesterday. So, I wasn't able to get on here. That's fine, because I plan to make up for it today. ;)

I want to share as much info as I can, to help the next person(s), at this point. Forgive me if my posts get longer...

Recliner-As I stated previously, Rent-A-Center has a power recliner for $100/mo. Well, I called Aaron's (similar company) & found one (and rented it) for $23.99 per mo. So, shop around!!!

Faja-They truly run in weird sizes. Try and order yours in enough time to make exchanges, if necessary. Speaking of exchanges, order from a reputable company. Make sure that they will allow you to exchange items if they don't fit; otherwise, I wouldn't deal with them. P.S. I ordered an Ann Cherry faja. I don't know anything about the different styles, brands, etc. But, so far so good...

Anyway, I didn't like the company that my doctor's office referred. They weren't very helpful... maybe it was just a bad rep but I was annoyed. So, I started stalking this site (RS) for some clarity on cg. I found very little information. Then, I stumbled upon a young lady's page and she shared her experience with the company with me; so, I will share with you all.

**Disclaimer: I don't work for The Pink Room (, nor do I receive a kickback for sharing!**

This company is open until 7 pm, Monday-Saturday. I called on Saturday and I received my garment on Tuesday. I got home late, after UPS closed...ugh, & tried the garment didn't fit! Ugh!!! I left them a message. They called first thing in the morning, told me to send it back (no questions asked) and I got the new one today...and, it fits! They are the!!! Anyway, I'm adding this because I struggled...hope it helps.

At this point, I have to get my prescriptions filled but I think that I'm good otherwise... if I can think of anything else, I'll let you know. xoxo

Reality set in...

So, my surgery is scheduled for Friday. I spent so much time focussing on the TT & lipo, but I forgot about my BBL. Thank God for RS (and specifically inneedofanewme, Mzdiva & Booty4real)!!! You ladies made me get my butt in pun intended!

So, I sent my doctor some wish pics (thanks again ladies). I hope to hear back from him tomorrow or Tuesday. They are pretty good about getting back to you. Anyway, I need to ask him about cc's and all of that. Smh...I was so thorough about the TT. If you all have any suggestions, please let me know! xoxo

BBL update

Heyyyyy ladies! So, my doctor answered my bbl question today. He said that he puts as much fat as your backside can hold. He's hoping that mine can hold 800 cc's each...that works for me. Luckily for me, I have lost a decent amount of weight. Therefore, due to the loose skin, he will be able to inject more fat in me than someone whose skin is tight. For once, my hanging skin is a! In other news, I made my final payment to the hospital today. My bill is paid in full!!! I also picked up the last of my supplies today. I was a little nervous about my prescriptions. Does anyone else have to do the thigh injections (Lovernox...I think)? Well, apparently, most insurance companies won't cover them. If you have to get them, go to Walmart. First of all, my doctor's nurse told me that it's cheaper at Walmart if you have to pay outright. At some pharmacies, you can pay $200-300 for the script. Walmart was $90+, but I paid $5. Yesssssss!!! As a matter of fact, I paid less $14 for my pain meds, antibiotics & shots!!! #winning

Okay, well, that is all for now. If I think of anything else, I will keep you posted! Talk to you soon!!! xoxo

Arrival time

Hey dolls, I'm just dropping in for a quick update. I got a phone call from my surgeon's office today. I have to be at the hospital at 6 am. I'm the first surgery of the day!!! Woo hoo!!! I did not want to have to wait until the afternoon...that's torture!

I also want to say congrats to all who have had their procedures and good luck to those who are quickly approaching their dates! xoxo


This has been a truly amazing journey, thanks to my RS sistas!!! Thank you all so much!!! xoxo


I made it!!! Thanks for all of your continued support!!! xoxo

Heyyyyy ladies... update time

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your continued support! This journey is very overwhelming, but you ladies have truly been such blessings.

My surgery went very well. I spent the night at the hospital. Dr. Lonergan is fabulous. So, I didn't have a lot of pain. I only had pain meds twice.

I'm going to compile a list of my must haves (see below):

Cough drops
Fruit cups/jello/applesauc

Sorry...hit send accidentally

Toilet riser
Maxi pads (to line your incision)
Walker (I don't have one, but: could see it coming in handy)
Recliner--I didn't care for the recliner but I did have a bbl, so it wasn't comfy for me)
Pads for bed, chair, ext
Lots of pillows

Bad day...

So, yesterday was a horrible day. I couldn't get comfortable at all. My bottom was on fire, the drains were so overwhelming and I just couldn't get it together. Today, thankfully, I feel so much better. Last night, I finally decided to sleep in my bed, and that was the best decision that I could have made. I slept through the entire night. I feel well resed today. I am praying that these drains will get removed tomorrow. They are so annoying! Oh, I have this weird feeling near my bellybutton. It's like a pulling sensation... ewwwww! So I TT he only one that is experiencing this??? It doesn't hurt... it's just weird! Anyway, happy healing everyone, and good luck to those who are about to have surgery!!! xoxo

The dreaded drains...

They were removed today. I honestly felt instant relief! For those of you who are struggling through the last few days, a change is going to come...just hold on a little longer. I will update with pics in the next few days. I'm still very swollen. As usual, congrats & happy healing to those who gave crossed over to the flat side, & good luck to those who will be having their procedures done soon! xoxo

Swell h***...

Okay, I was only taking one Bromelain pill per day. As of tomorrow, I will be taking 2 per day. Any other suggestions???

I was so swollen that I couldn't put my cg on for the first time. Now, I'm not too concerned because I did a lot more today than I have done since my surgery date. I went to my doctor's appt, ran a couple of errands with my mom (which caused me to walk a lot more) and took a shower for the first time since my surgery date. Hopefully, these things contributed to my swelling and I didn't do something wrong.

Sn: I don't say it enough, but you all are lifesavers! Thank you for helping me keep my sanity! xoxo

1.5 week update

Heyyyy everyone! So, I had a rough day on Saturday. :( The swelling was completely unbelievable!!! **Sn: Ladies, I urge you to communicate on your specific surgery month page (for example, June 2014 Tummy Tuck check-in). The women are so supportive & everyone is going through "it" right along with you! Usually, someone has already commented about what you are currently experiencing; therefore, you don't feel alone during this process.** Anyway, I really had a moment; but my June 2014 TT ladies helped me through it. I am so grateful!!! Thanks ladies!!!

I also have to tell you guys how great my doctor is...he's the!!! So, during my breakdown, I decided to give Dr. Lonergan a call. He answered right away and talked to me for, at least, 20 minutes! He didn't rush me off of the telephone. He was very soothing, and he even encouraged me to call him back on Sunday. I didn't because my moment had! I did, however, go in on Monday to see him; and, everything was fine. He was very pleased with my progress and I don't have to go back to see him until July 14th. Dr. Lonergan said that the swelling is expected because there was a lot of liposuction... I'm thankful for that!!! **Sn: Btw, my inner everything now!!! So, I can actually wear my bikini after all!** :)

On another note, I still couldn't fit my cg...smh! I purchased an Ann Cherry faja, apparently one of the best on the market. I couldn't put that thing on at wouldn't even pretend to close. Lol!!! So, I went back to another website that I had found called Diva Curves (on Saturday). There fajas are the best. The material is different, and they are so comfortable!!! I love love love my garment. They feel like Spanx, but the material is heavier (of course, because it is a compression garment). The owner is so helpful. He said that I was swelling because I didn't have a cg on and he sent it out right away. The company is located in CA. I wasn't supposed to get my garment until Tuesday, but it came on Monday. My swelling has gone down tremendously. I am so happy!!! But, don't get it twisted, I'm still swollen. :( Hopefully, I will see a significant change by the 4th of July. Fyi-I am still taking the Arnica & Bromelain. Any other suggestions???

I'm sorry for rambling ladies... I'm all over the place. Hopefully, my craziness will help someone else who is going through it...xoxo!


I ordered the new garment on Friday evening. It was supposed to arrive on Tuesday, but I received it on Monday. xoxo

So, I drove myself around today...

Heyyyy ladies, I had to pick up my mom from work today. So, since I can only wear yoga pants and I only have 3 pairs, I ran to Marshall's to get some new ones after I dropped her off. It wasn't too bad, and my swelling is starting to go down. I'm so happy & really tired!!! I'll take some pics this weekend.

FYI--To you ladies who just had your surgeries, remember that we have to be patient. Eventually, everything will work itself out. Remind me that I said that, when I get! On a more serious note, thanks for all of your continued support! Your messages helped me get through a really rough patch of time. You all are beyond awesome! Talk to you soon! xoxo

16 days post-op

Happy Sunday, ladies!!! I wanted to update with pictures this weekend, but I'm just not ready. The swelling is getting better, but I can't wear any of my clothes. I found some size 10 shorts from 2 years ago and they don't even fit. If it's not spandex, you can forget it...smh! Thank goodness for yoga pants! So, I'll wait until the swelling subsides enough to see a difference. On a positive note, my scar looks amazing. It's already flat, barely there and soooo low! I'm happy about that. :)

BBL update

Ladies, I'm so overwhelmed with this swelling that I always forget to give a bbl update. I'm still very happy with my results. My booty did shrink a little, but I didn't want anything that was overly obvious anyway...just wanted to enhance what was already there (or, in my case, not However, I have to admit that I am looking forward to the fluffing stage. Does anyone know when that begins? Sorry for not updating, but this TT swelling is the worst! xoxo

4 weeks post op...

Heyyyyy ladies! I am so sorry that I have been MIA. As I stated previously, each day gets a little better and I have been enjoying my vacation. I'm remodeling my house and I have been hanging out with my friends/family. So, here's my update...

The swelling is still a slight problem, but nowhere near as bad as it was... thankfully!!! I am pleased with my results so far, and I can't wait for the end result. (Unfortunately, I still can't wear anything that buttons and zips... unless it stretches a lot! Lol!!!) As for the bbl...

The booty is still poppin'! I had the weirdest experiences last week. So, I went to my doctor's office on Thursday because a small section of my incision reopened ( apparently, this is, no worries). As I'm walking up the walkway, this man held up traffic trying to get my attention. He then proceeded to show me his Benz, as if I couldn't see it (talk about cheesy). Now, let me explain my attire. I had on leggings, because I can't wear anything else (lol), and a fitted shirt. I'm pretty sure that it was my bottom that stopped him, since I wasn't looking in his weird & corny!!! Then, I left my appointment and went to Victoria'Secret to buy some bras. I also looked at the yoga wear while I was there. I debated over purchasing these yoga shorts. One of the associates, an older lady, came over and said, "what's the problem"? I told her that I wasn't sure about the shorts. She told me that she had purchased them for herself. She then caught me so far off guard by saying that she couldn't believe that I was questioning the purchase with legs like mine and "that tush". I was so overwhelmed. Lol!!!

Anyway, happy healing everyone who had had surgery recently. And, good luck to those who are about to have your procedures. Remember, everyone is, we heal differently. I didn't have a lot of pain, but that swelling caused me some emotional distress...just be patient. xoxo


Please excuse my grammatical errors. I hate the fact that we can't edit our comments...smooches!

7 weeks post op

Hello ladies, I hope that all is well with those of you who have had their procedures done this summer & good luck to those who are having yours done in the near future.

So, everything has been great on my end...just enjoying the rest of my vacation. The swelling has subsided tremendously; and, although I'm not 100%, I'm pretty darn close. I can fit things that I never thought that I would wear again. I'm enjoying short shorts, sexy dresses/skirts & fitted shirts. I tucked in my shirt the other day for the first impressive. Oh, and I went down to a size 6. Again, the swelling isn't completely gone but I'm happy.

My bbl is everything!!! Well, I have to begin by saying I traded my belly for booty for sure! But, it's a trade I will take any day. My bottom looks natural and it's just right for me.

Sn: I love love love my doctor and his staff. My advice to those who are currently searching for a surgeon is to make sure that you connect with him/her. Otherwise, it will not be a pleasant experience. Communication is key to ensure that you are getting what you want. Also, don't choose a doctor based on the cost. If you have to cut corners, you may want to wait. You get what you pay for... when I signed into the hospital, everyone raved about my doctor (several of my family members work there... so they told them). That made me feel like I made the right choice. Yeah, he was a little pricier than some of the doctors in my area but I couldn't be happier with my results thus far...xoxo
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lonergan is such an amazing man.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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