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Hi everyone! my name is reese i am 21 years old,...

Hi everyone! my name is reese i am 21 years old, with 34DDD. Since i hit puberty (which was too soon) i have had big boobs. teachers from as early as 4th grade said i developed fast an didn't even realize i was a 4th grader (i was a new student that year and always got mistaken for a middle school-er). For years after i was very insecure about my body, til this day i don't take my shirt off anywhere public. when i was younger i got a lot of attention i didn't want and to add on to the stress i had back pains. i envied all my friends with small boobs. I finally took things seriously after a break-up. i decided i wanted to better myself and improve my insecurities and that is where i started getting serious about my BR. i went through PT first, that helped none, then i talked to a PS back in my hometown of Philadelphia (i live in Delaware now) I LOVED HIM! everyone in his practice was nice and highly educated and very informative about everything. It took a while for everything to kick off but once i got my approval letter from my insurance company i was stoked. they booked me for a January 10th appointment and since then i cannot stop watching you-tube videos and reading journey stories. NEW year NEW boobs and a NEW me. i'm nervous and excited and i'm praying time goes by fast. I will keep you posted.

Signing of the Consent Forms

Ok So yesterday 12/18/13. I went to sign forms with my surgeon. It was the last time i would see him before the big chop! i asked a lot of questions, like will i be getting a urine catheter (i hope i spelled that right) and how small could i go (i would love to be really small). He made me feel really comfortable. He warned me on the what could happen like, infections or a loss of a nipple (my eyes got really big when he said that, but he let me know that its like 1 in a million and has never happened to him.) he always told me that since i live an 1 hour away i may need to stay over night, i forgot to ask if someone could be with me over night. i dont like hospitals or the thought of being in them alone. i will be sad. do anyone know if they would let someone stay with me?
surgery is only 22 days away! YIKES!!!


Yesterday, 1/3/14 was my pre-op. I did not see my surgeon which was fine. They asked me about 100 questions about any illness or history of complications with anything. They also took about 5 tubes of blood. They told me things I could not do this week like take any ibuprofen only Tylenol and told me that after 12am the day of my surgery I cannot eat or drink ANYTHING. They also gave me these towels to use to clean myself the night before surgery and the morning of. They said I could not use a towel and I needed to air dry with a fan or blow dryer. Weird. Did this happen to anyone?
I will know what time I go in for surgery the day before.
I've been getting real nervous. My hearts beats really fast when I think about the room and me getting put to sleep. But everyone tells me the same thing. That it will be fine and it's going to be ok. I think just the waiting and thinking about it makes me nervous. I hope this week goes by fast so I can get it over with. I will post before pics sometime this week. :)

Here's some pics

Here's some pics

Thursday 1:24 am

I was actually hoping this week went by a little slower. At first I wished it went fast then I was like whooaaa it's Wednesday already? Slow it down!!! But surgery is tomorrow. My nervous calmed a little but they are still there. I know it will feel quick to me since I be sleep. Idk why I'm so nervous. I'm just really excited. I keep trying to hold my boobs up with a shirt on to see how I will look. I should be sleep right now but I'm up thinking. Tomorrow night I probably won't get any sleep.
Well. I'll check in later today.


so ran into a few complications this evening when they called to confirm appointment time for tomorrow. They told me that i would need a 2500 down payment for my surgery. i was in total shock because its the day before surgery and i didnt know this. well i got them to get me pay in increments and i have to pay $600 tomorrow and 700 a month for 6 months. Im a little nervous now and questioning things now. i can afford this just gotta adjust my living a lot. i was planning on getting an apartment this summer with my friends. my mother does not mind me living with her but im 21 and i feel like i should be on my own. idk. just really confused now.


Omg guys! This was hands down the best decision I made!!!
So I was 15 minutes late. Appointment was at 5:45am.
When I arrived I did no waiting at all. I received a cup to pee and filled and signed papers. Then I was back on prepping. By this time was nervs were ridiculous!!! My whole body was shaking and every nurse kept trying to calm me down. One nurse said "I may have to strap u down, u look like your about to take off a any minute." I chuckled because I actually thought about it.
My surgeon came and did his markings.
My aunt jusy prayed for me and went in to the waiting area.
A nurse came and gave me so happy juice and I became all woozy and nothing bothered me from there
I was wheeled into the area where I was about to get sliced and diced.
They put a mask over my face of just oxygen and then the good stuff and next thing I know I was being woken up.
I remember mentioning something about spaghetti but can't remember exactly what.
My pain was not bad at all. I kept dozing off and they needed me to stay awake.
Then I was wheeled in my room that I would stay the night! I was bleeding ALOT! They changed my bandages twice ( that's when I first seen them and snuck a few pics. That were crazy small and I almost cried. I love them!!!) I had to get checked out by my surgeon ...he said I was fine. Then my blood pressure got really low and they had to keep a close eye on me.
Right now I'm in some pain. They just gave me two perks
But I didn't even care about the pain. I'm just happy I did it!!! Update u guys tomorrow!

Another pic

The next day!

So I was discharged around 10:30am.
The car ride home was horrible. To many pot holes. I was able lay in the backseat of the Tahoe. Thank god.
I had only one perk today around 7am. Took two around 2pm and 1 around 630pm.
My pain hasn't been that bad. I did get light headed standing up checking my dressing but I laid down for a few and I was fine. Haven't eating much cause I feel funny after I eat. I keep feeling like I'm leaking but when I check there's nothing there.
I've been sleeping on a recliner.
My doc said I shower and change my dressings and bra tomorrow. That seems really soon to me!
I'm really happy tho. Been drinking water and apple juice. My mom and bestfriend has been helping tremendously! Any suggestions let me know. I'll keep u updated!

Day 4

Day 4 and I'm in no pain at all! Just my back from the positions I sleep in. I'm really really itchy. I don't know what to do about that...
One of my nipple covering came off in the shower today so I seen my nipple for the first time... It's cute :)
I touched all around one of my boobs last night. I don't have feeling in part of my boob...idk if it will come as time passes or not.
I have my post op appointment tomorrow. I will let you all know how that goes :)

1st week!

Hi ladies!
Sorry for the delay on a update!
So I got thru a week! I must say I've been in 0 pain since Sunday.
I feel so good! Just still really itchy. My nipples are super sensitive. I was really exited that they got hard because I heard you could loose feeling in them!
I fit a size small sports bra. I cried when putting it on because I could not remember EVER wearing a size small bra! I don't even remember wearing a training bra. In 4th grade I had c cups. Now to be grown in I THINK a c cup is amazing. They are so small and perky and my back pains are gone! My clothes fit perfect everything is just great!
I did miss my post op appointment because I was under the weather. So I still have the tape over my stitches. I don't know when I can take them off. I got to reschedule with my surgeon. I'm going back to work early on Monday so I'm super excited to see all my coworkers. We'll ask questions if you want
Smooches guys
DR. Nueman

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