Breast Augmentation/Full Lift w/ Scar Revision (Post 12 Year Reduction)

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I am 28 years old with one child. I had a breast...

I am 28 years old with one child. I had a breast reduction 12 years ago at the age of 16. Over the years, my weight has remained the same, but my breast tissue decreased and I “bottomed out” as the doctors say. So, all my breast tissue was at the bottom and I was flat at the top, causing my nipples to sag and look oval. When I had my breast reduction, I did not treat my scars and they healed raised and dark in the anchor incision. So, I was happy after my reduction, my confidence was much higher, but over the years I lost any volume I had and became all “mush”, another term my doctor used, lol.

June 2012 - I decided to get a couple consults. I had 2 consults and decided to go with the first doctor who really explained everything to me and was very warming. At the time I went to the consults, I honestly only went to see what they would say I needed and to find out costs. I don’t think I really had any intention of going ahead with the procedure. I also inquired about a tummy tuck, because I got huge during pregnancy and my skin stretched out leaving me with a little loose saggy skin.

July 27th, 2012 - After a lot of thinking and talking with my husband, I decided to go ahead and get a breast augmentation and full lift with scar revision. I figured I am 28 years old and very unhappy with my body, why wait another 10 years? I am waiting on the tummy tuck though, just to be sure I don’t have any more children. So, I called to book the apt, which was looking like January of 2013. But luckily, they had a cancellation for September 7th, which was only a little more than a month away. I wasn’t prepared for that, but after some more thinking, I decided better to get it over with than have more time to think about it and talk myself out of it. So I booked.

August 20th, 2012 - I made a pre-op apt with my dr to make sure we were on the same page. We decided on 300cc, smooth, high profile implants in each breast, cutting more away from my left breast to make it the same size as my right. As well as rounding out my nipples. He would also reposition my anchor incision to lay better and be hidden and well as fix as much of my raised scars from my reduction as he could., making it heal more like a “white line”.

September 7th, 2012 - Day of Surgery. Went in at 8am, was in surgery from about 10-1pm. Was in a lot of pain when I woke up, shivering on the table while they were bandaging me up. They kept giving me more pain medicine through the IV. I was home by 3pm with On-Q pain pump, very sore. Ate dinner, left HORRIBLE! Up all night!

September 8th-11th - the roughest of the days. Very painful, needed help getting up. Luckily my mom was staying with me to help care for my 3 year old and myself. I took my pain meds religiously!

September 11th - removed the catheters from the pain pump and showered! Yay, still not as bad as I thought, didn’t like having my bra off though. Still very sore. Incisions looked very good, much better than my reduction.

September 12th - post op apt with my doctor. Said everything looked great, normal and prescribed me percocet because I was having terrible back pain which the Vicoden was not helping with at all! At this point, my back pain was out weighing my boob pain!

September 20th, 2012 - 2nd post op apt with my doctor’s nurse. Removed all my steri strips and said everything looks great. Said there is no need to massage, they will drop on their own. Said I could use a strap if I wanted to. She also gave me some samples for scar treatments, and said not to treat them until 6 weeks post op. At this point she said she doesn’t need to see me until 5-6 MONTHS post op, which I didn’t think was right.

I get home that day and notice a dimple in the anchor incision of my left breast, from the stitch. I think it is stitched too tight in that area. So, being nervous about it healing that way. I called and asked them about it and they said everything is very fresh and needs time to heal, give a another month or 2 to smooth out, and it most likely should once all the stitches dissolve and everything drops into place.

Skipping ahead a little here…

October 3rd, 2012- today, the day I am creating this review/story/blog. I am 3 days shy of week 4 post op and honestly haven’t seen any real changes in pictures. I think in person I feel like the right is slightly higher and firmer than the left. I also am a little unhappy that my left breast looks bigger than the right and my nipple looks a little oval and bigger. Now, I am hoping this will change over time because like I said I do feel the right hasn’t dropped as much as the left and is firmer. So maybe once it drops, my nipple will stretch to equal the same as my left breast and will fill out to be more proportional to the left. I also forgot to mention, I pulled the breast muscle in my left breast, so it might be swollen, also making it look larger than the right.

I made an appointment for a follow up apt for October 11th. I will be one day shy of 5 weeks post op. I am hoping they can reassure me on the dimple under my right breast, the scab on my right nipple, if they are dropping, and if they are “too” firm, because I am afraid of capsular contraction. I am also going to mention how the left breast and nipple look larger than the right, and this was supposed to be corrected during surgery. They tell me to call with any questions, but I almost feel like a pain calling and wanting to make appointments that they “don’t think” I need. I just feel like with having so much done, they would want to see me more than the average person just getting implants.

I know I will be much happier once everything is looking more normal and falling into place. I can only hope they be turn out to be the same size and not once bigger than the other, etc. Only time can tell, I am trying so hard to be patient…

I ordered NewGel+ for scar treatment. I ordered the silicone gel and strips, should be here any day. But the doctor said not to treat my scars until 6 weeks post…that’s another 2 weeks.

So far I am liking how my scars are healing this...

So far I am liking how my scars are healing this time around, they don't look to bad or raised for only being 4 weeks and not treated. Unfortunately some of my old scars couldn't be revised and are still very raised. I am hoping when I treat my new scars with the NewGel+ that the old scars will flatten and fade too. Hey, maybe the scargel will help with that dimple from the stitch under my left breast too. Here's to hoping, anyway.

At my October 11th apt, I spoke with my PS's nurse...

At my October 11th apt, I spoke with my PS's nurse and expressed my concerns about my left breast being larger than the right, as well as the nipple. She said to think of them as two separate surgeries and give them time to heal and settle. The right breast is a tad firmer, but they are softening and looking very nice. She said I don't have any signs of capsular Contracture, which is a relief to hear...but she also said that it would be too early for something like that to happen. I expressed my concern about my left nipple being larger and she said that if it is still larger at the 5 month mark to come in and they can do a simple in office procedure to make an incision around the nipple and round it out and make it the same size as the right. They would numb it and stitch it up, would take 15 mins. I don't really want to have to do that, but I don't want one nipple larger than the other either. I also noticed that the dimple under my left breast disappeared the day before my checkup. The stitch must have dissolved that was causing the dimple. That's a relief, I was very worried it would heal with a dimple.

I am 5 weeks PO, yesterday. I will be taking pictures today and posting them. I feel like they have softened quite a bit. I have been massaging them, so I think that it helping, I also started my NewGel+ scar treatment 2 days ago. I use the silicone scar gel during the day and the silicone stripes at nighttime while I am sleeping,

Look out for 5 week post op pics. Let me know if u see any droppage happening...

At 5 weeks post op, I feel the left breast is...

At 5 weeks post op, I feel the left breast is still noticably bigger than the right, as well as the nipple. They are getting a little softer and dropping a little bit. When I looked at the 5 week PO pics, I noticed the side profile pics look more round this week. I had a scab on my right breast fall off and under my nipple there is a really pink scar. I have started scar treatments, which should help within the next couple of weeks.

And you will notice in the sife profile of my left breast, the dimple from the stitch is gone :-)

7 Weeks PO, the right breast has not dropped as...

7 Weeks PO, the right breast has not dropped as much as the left, making it appear larger, My left nipple has not gotten complete sensativity back yet, while the right has...this makes the nipple appear larger than the right as well. I can't wait for the next 2 months to see my final outcome. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they even out and look round and the same size.
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