52 YO Painful Implants. Wilmington, DE

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Hello Ladies, Just had my 10 YO saline implants...

Hello Ladies, Just had my 10 YO saline implants removed, under local. I've read many reviews for months, many talking about removing capsule as well. I am thrilled to be implant free as I type this, procedure just 3 hours ago. No need to remove capsule, as not silicone, doing so causing more damage.

3 Days Post Explant

Feeling great! Physically a bit sore at the incision site, otherwise amazing! So happy with this decision! This morning when I came down the steps my feet didn't hurt like they always had. May be a good day, will have to see if it continues! I had horrible joint pain in both feet and hands, who knows if it was implant related or arthritis, will wait and see. Bras hit the incision that's under the breast, even sports bras. I am actually excited to go get some comfy new bras as soon as these sutures heal!


Saline vs Silicone
Both shells made from medical grade silicone rubber, just as chemo ports are,.. It's the fill material that is treated differently when removing or ruptured.
...Hope this is OK to add here, if not, please LMK!

Before Explant

Day of Explant!!

5 Days Post

Dr. D

2 top Docs said removal of capsule actually causes more damage to pec. muscle. Unless implants are silicone, mine were not. Likely had grade 2 Capsular contracture, however capsule is collagen, and will eventually shrink down and disappear not the foreign body had been removed. Super happy, as I have wanted them out for many years. Painful tight breasts are a thing of the past! I was concerned, as most of the posts I read all involved general anesthesia, drains, etc.. I drove myself there and home, and I have a few sutures under each breast. No major sagging or stretched out skin. Was numbed well with local, procedure went well!

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