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Hate having a pretty face, nice chest and thighs,...

Hate having a pretty face, nice chest and thighs, and hips with no butt. I'm very thankful for what God blessed me with but wanted to look better in my clothes. So after months of researching, calls, visits, and emails I decided to get my surgey on May 7, 2010.

I had three consultations before making my final decision. He was a realistic doctor, I like that he didnt sell me a dream he gave me facts! Alot of docs tell you yea you will have a huge butt jlo and beyonce like and I can transfer sooo much cc's to your butt. (too much cc's will make you get fat cerosis and it will be a hard time for the fat cells to survive.)

First, they can only transfer as much as you have and all fat that we have on our bodies isnt good fat. He had good results in the past that I saw pics of. So when I original saw the dr. he said I was to small I was about 139 and I 5'6. So on the day of my surgey I weighted 148. I gained all my weight in my stomach and back! ewww. lol

Surgery day he said he had enough fat. so we went through with it. I was under general anthesia, the surgey was for three hours. He also uses local antheia inside the cannula to reduce pain while liposuctioning. (Smart) After I came out, it felt like was in there only for ten mins. lol I was in no pain but, my behind was huge. They originally ordered me a garment but after surgery my butt was too big so they had to change it.

After going home my scars leaked for the first 24 hours no drains tho just padding. I popped perks soon as I came in the door because I didn't want to feel anything. Day two I wasn't in pain so didn't use the perks again. Sleeping is sooo uncomfortble. After day two I was extremly soar and had a lot of discomfort. the recovery is ruff but doable.

A week in and I look great cant for final resultS...FEEL GOOD TOO! p.s I still walk slow and that garment is the worst!! I highly recommend this procedure way more natural and safer then implants. I will be more then happy to answer any questions.

Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

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