33 Year Old, lactating mom, 12 Year Old 400cc sub muscular Saline Implants - Wilmington

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I was a 34a/b and at 21 years old, I hated my...

I was a 34a/b and at 21 years old, I hated my asymmetrical breasts. I implanted 400/350cc saline yet still had asymmetry. Now I hated my breasts even more because they were uneven and extremely noticeable now that they were huge. PS recommended a breast lift to even things out. I was left with bad scarring under my breast and around my areola. What a mistake. Fast forward 10 years when I started having babies and breastfeeding, they got even larger, I'm a 36E!!!!
I once needed these implants to feel good about myself, they served their purpose now I want them out. I'm now a more conservative mother and career woman while these breasts are obnoxiously large and heavy. I find myself covering up more and more because smaller tops seem so provocative now. I've since started running marathons and these things nearly slap me in my face. I went for a run with a male co worker last week and I could seriously hear them slapping against my ribs. How embarrassing! I just want them out. I didn't get them removed after my first pregnancy because I was still nursing and everything I read led me to believe that I couldn't do it while lactating. I never weaned my first child before getting pregnant with my next. Now I tandem nurse both kids, 9 month old and 2yrold. I don't expect to wean the 9 month old before getting pregnant with my next child and I am dead set on having my babies close in age. I kept reading your courageous stories and looked into it further. I found a woman in my area whose PS explanted her while lactating. I booked my appointment with him and will see him this afternoon. I am worried that he'll tell me no because my 9 month old baby still nurses frequently as does the toddler. The stories I've read were about nursing moms whose babies were 14 months and 16 months, nursing only 2 or 3 times per day. I nurse the baby 9 times per day and the toddler 3 times per day. I'm not willing to wean for this. Fingers crossed! Wish me luck.

Met with PS

The plastic surgeon told me everything I wanted to hear. He said that removing the implants won't be a problem even with the large quantity of milk I'm producing. He said he's not going to go anywhere near the milk ducts, that he'd be going behind the breast to remove them. He was very clear when he assessed my potential recovery by saying, 'sweetie I'm sorry but you were not blessed with great skin and I expext you will sag and they won't look very good afterward. you will require healing mentally and emotionally' I really appreciated that honesty and bluntness. The surgery will be under local, incision under the breast. I opted out of the Valium or pain meds. I'll need a course of antibiotics and have yet to check to see if that is safe while nursing. He said I could nurse my babies immediately afterward. Total cost will be roughly $2100. I plan to book May 11th but for some reson stalling on booking the appointment.

Procedure booked, but hesitant

It's booked for next Friday but I'm not feeling too good about it. My husband hasn't voiced disapproval but his lack of supportive comments has been unsupportive. Also, I'm moving in July and I think that would be a better time to do this because I would beoving to a new job and no one would know the difference. But I booked it as soon as possible because I want this so bad that I'm taking the risk that coworkers might notice. So I guess both of those reasons are my hesitation. But I really want this, the timing is just bad. But maybe the timing will always be bad.?

30 minutes out...

On my way to the procedure. I just got back from vacation and have been so preoccupied that I haven't thought about it much. I'm in the car pumping the last bit of milk now. Still not nervous and opted out of the valuum.


I wasn't nervous until the nurse called me back and was wearing a hairnet and had her mask lowered near her neck. Now I'm in a hospital gown, hairnet, and booties. This "procedure" is suddenly feels like "surgery." The reality of getting cut is starting to set in and shit just got real.

900cc's lighter

My sister drove me to the appointment and watched the kids in the car while I went inside for my procedure. I wasn't even there an hour. I was welcomed in to a dr office and changed my clothes. My PS came in to mark my incision and asked me what kind of music I liked. I told him country music so he had that playing in the surgery room. A few minutes later I walked to the OR, layed on the bed and my chest was sanitized with betadine. The nurses were super comforting and talked to me to help me relax. They put up a blue tarp so I couldn't see the surgery which was kind of disappointing but understandable. The PS came in and administered the lidocaine which felt like a little sting, I also don't have much sensation on the bottom side of my breast where it was administered but still felt a little sting. It set in quickly because it only took a couple of minutes before the PS started making the incision. I felt some pain and most of my uneasy feeling was anticiaption for more pain which never happened. Everything I felt was manageable. After the incision was made the saline was sucked out with a vacuum-like machine, I think it was the same machine as liposuction sucker. Then the implant was pulled out. I felt a little tug and once it was out I felt lighter immediately. Next they irrigated the capsule to clean the area very well. Then they did the same thing to the other side. Then they went back to the first breast, stitched up the capsule, stitched the inner layer of skin, then the outer layer. I think he did an extra good job on the stitching because I told him that my boys get very rough when they nurse. I'm like a lactating jungle gym. Once all stitched up, I got cleaned up, changed and left. The surgery itself took 35 minutes maybe.my sister was surprised to see me so soon. The worst part about the procedure was the traffic on the way home. On our way home the baby got fussy so, like I always do, I leaned over and offered my breast. I held my breast at the base just incase he tugged. He gagged at first because he sucked in too much of my breast because the skin is looser but he quickly readjusted his latch and nursed just fine. The toddler nursed once we got home and he didn't seem to notice, which I think is wierd. The baby gagged 2 more times tonight while nursing but it hasn't deterred him. It's 5 hours post surgery and still no pain. I picked up the antibiotics tonight which I'm behind on taking, should have started them this morning. Infection while nursing could get ugly. My breast surprisingly don't look terrible. the PS was even surprised that there was some tissue there and thinks I might heal better than he initially thought during our consultation. I'm really happy with the outcome. I'll post more pictures tomorrow but here are the immediate post op pictures.

Fever, chest pain, drainage, redness, swellin

The day of surgery and the day after I felt great, but 2 days post op I had a little bit of drainage on my sheets. On day 3 I felt weak, dizzy, and tired. Day 4 I had a fever of 103.0, couldn't lift my arm without pain in my chest, couldn't stand up straight, and had redness at the bottom of my breast. I was so out of it, I snuck out of work to catch a cat nap in my car. I was also quite nauseous but that could have been due the antibiotics. I'm certain that my body is fighting an infection. I called the PS and they wanted me to come in but it's just such a far drive and a taking a day of work is not cool. The nurse proposed mastitis as the cause, since I've had mastitis a few times I'm pretty good at recognizing it. Although the flu-like symptoms are the same, there is no reason that I would have mastitis as I didn't miss any feelings which would cause the milk ducts to clog and become infected. Also, with mastitis I've never had the chest muscle pain, it's all in the milk ducts. Day 5 is today, my fever has been a consistent 100.3-7. Chest pain is not as severe but still sore and redness near the incision and swelling persists. I know I'm fighting an infection and hoping the Keflex and my own body can fight it off. The other breast is perfect.

2 week Post op disaster

After fighting off an infection, I finally started feeling good again and even got back into my pre surgery exercise routine. On the way to my post op exam appointment I pumped my breastmilk in the car, yes it was hands free and safe, of course. Once empty I went inside and waited only a few minutes before seeing the nurse whom I showed the photos from the days I was sick with an infection. Over the phone the week prior she had suggested that I coincidentally had the flu or a bout of mastitis but when she saw pictures, she said it looked like seroma. The ps came in and said the same thing. He wanted to draw out some of the fluid to see if it was clear or cloudy which would indicate whether the infection was still present. I hesitated because I'd read on this site that sometimes draining fluid can be more harmful and cause infections. The ps persisted and against my gut instinct and better judgement, I consented to him extracting the fluid from my breast with a large needle. As the the needle got close, I said, don't hit a milk duct. Murphys law would have it that he hit a milk duct, which is exactly what happened. I saw white fluid in the syringe and when I asked if that was milk he stayed it was just air bubbles. Hmmm, air bubbles in my body? He moved the needle around and extracted beer colored fluid. He said it looked clear and he was no longer concerned about infection but that if I felt sick again they'd have stronger antibiotics already called in to the pharmacy. I don't think he ever cultured that sample, just a visual inspection. I hopped in my car, hooked up my pulp and drove away. I looked down to see that blood coming out of my nipple and mixing with the milk. It was only comfort if one particular duct and when I pumped it was painful at the spot of the fluid extraction.this went on for 2 days and I wasn't sure if it was blood mixing with the milk or the drainage that made its way into my milk duct and through my pump contaminating my son's milk. I had to send him to daycare with pink colored milk. After the second day I felt flu-like symptoms again and had redness at the spot on my breast where the fluid was extracted. Sure as shit, I caught another infection. I picked up the antibiotics and started taking those immediately. This one took me out hard, fever made it up to 105.5, I was ready to go to the ER. Blood was no longer coming out of the nipple but nothing was coming out of that duct, no blood nor milk. Would you believe that when I called my PS office, it was suggested that I coincidentally had the flu or mastitis! I was so insulted by the response. I'm 33 years old, I know my own body and I'm telling them that I have an infection in my breast and that is the response. Unreal! The following day I had lots of green puss come out of the milk duct, the same exact milk duct that had blood coming out of it right after i was stuck with a needle to remove fluid. After a few days I stated feeling better and nearly one week later I'm still trying to work out a clogged duct and some inflammation.

Pics from post op disaster

For some reason the pictures from the post op didn't upload.

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