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I have had a sagging area under my chin like a...

I have had a sagging area under my chin like a turkey gobble and bags under my eyes forever. The "Gobble" is hereditary (my Mom had it and my Brother has it too) but the eyes are just "age". Also dislike the marionette lines on the side of my mouth. I have had
Juvaderm over the years and also had some collagen injections and while the collagen helped, everything is temporary. I finally decided to go for an evaluation about my eyes and after we got there and I found out that they were going to use a twilight sleep (colonoscopy type sedation) my husband who was sitting there suggested if I was doing that maybe I'd want to do my neck too! I asked the surgeon and he actually does that too and said it would actually be less expensive in the long run to do them both at the same time, but there was truly no pressure. I am just thrilled to have found a forum for support- I know NO ONE who has done this and am looking forward to the support here!

Moving forward and gathering info!

Just LOVE all the knowledge I am accumulating from this forum! Thanks to all of you and especially to those who have bared their souls by posting their before and after pics! I am SO MUCH more prepared than I would have been without you all! I have been "laying in supplies" (I know, I know my procedure isn't til October, but what the heck?) And also have made another appointment with the PS with a WHOLE list of questions that I never knew to ask when I was there for the initial consult! :-) Questions mostly gathered thru reading your reviews! So thank you
"everybuddy" :-)) and keep up the wonderful posts! Kathy

Date change and lots of questions answered

So this week we went BACK to the PS with a list of 22 questions which he answered very patiently and with all things I WANTED to hear! LOL! Date was changed (for our convenience to the 22nd of October and he had me make follow-up appointments while I was there. I asked him if they have a back door, LOL. He explained that the first post-op will be at the surgery center and after that they will give me EARLY am appts so I don't scare any one (my words not his).
I purchased BIG sunglasses this week for that purpose too! I asked him about the laser treatment and he said he prefers NOT to do that at the same time as the procedures, and I also asked him about fat transfer and he is going to do that. Total cost is $11,050, so I think that is pretty good. Thank you all for all your vital info! :-)) Kathy

Still hanging out

and going tomorrow for another consult at the Austin Weston Center in Reston VA.
Should be interesting to see what they suggest. Can anyone tell me what a brow lift accomplishes that an upper bleph does not??? Thanks! Kathy

Computer images from yesterday

Update from yesterday

I think it went well! :-)) We didn't get home until about 8 pm last night- traffic around DC that time of day is terrible. Anyway, we really liked the girl that we met with- she seemed very up front and honest. She had work done 7 years ago at age 50- the works. I am going to have my surgery done there on October 21st. It will be "general anesthesia" (which I was NOT thrilled about, but oh well). I am having a neck lift, face lift, BROW lift, upper and lower bleph and fat transfer to different areas of my face, including my lower lip. The only two things I declined were raising my lip towards my nose, and turning the corners of my mouth up- I told him I smile a LOT and that was not necessary. I feel good about the decision- it is almost TWICE the cost of my prior doc, but this is all they do and I truly believe the outcome will be worth it. They took before pics and then gave me a computer image of "after" and it is very interesting. He explained that having a upper bleph, without the brow lift tends to backfire. Once the extra skin is removed from the eyes- a lot of the support also leaves and the lids tend to still be lazy looking. Not sure how many people here have had brow lifts????? Kathy

On the countdown!

Surgery is 10 days out! If I were to say I'm not nervous, I'd be lying! In fact, I don't think I' have slept an entire night since I made this decision! I think I am ready, physically- have purchased everything I think I'll need, had my pre-op yesterday. Have a busy week ahead so hopefully it will keep my brain busy! :-)


Already had some makeup on when I remembered, but not much! :-)


Can't figure out how to add more than one!

Last picture pre- lift

Okay ya'll

I am counting on you all being there tomorrow at 8:30 AM EST! I'd like the moral support and I promise to go with anyone that goes after me! :-) (Virtually of course)
I am drinking tons of water today- a friend who is a nurse tells me to go in REALLY well hydrated as it will be helpful in getting the anesthesia out of your system faster.
Having only had my tonsils out when I was 5, I have NO CLUE! Still feeling calm, but have passed the past 4 days with a wedding and being very busy! I'll "see" ya'll on the other side as soon as I can after surgery. Attaching a final "pre" pic- got "curls" in prep of not blow dryer and no curling iron :-)

Surgery was Monday

Today is Wednesday (last time I checked LOL). Am a bit sore and tired, but so far not so bad! Am going to post day three's photo that I just took and will back track at some point. Lots of bruising and my tummy is sorry from the fat harvest- neck is the most sore and top of my head is the numbest! How is everyone??? :-)

Day 4 but actually day three post -0P!

Feeling pretty good, can't wait to get up tomorrow with LOTS more swelling gone- that seems to be what is said here and also what my paperwork says! Here is todays "pitcher" :-)


Feeling good, but keep remembering Westys words about the crawling things etc.
It is hard to believe that my scalp can be so numb yet feel also like there are bugs crawling around on it! I'd say at this point my eyes are the most irritating. I can see pretty well on the computer (Praise the Lord) but my eyes tire really quickly. They are taped underneath and on the sides. Weird stuff oozing and my nose is running nonstop, wondering if this is fluid leaving???? Very odd, no cold etc. So here are TWO pictures today- yellow and green and purple are surely my colors! :-))

Second 5 day pic!

6 days!!

Other than my eyes watering and making me near insane I FEEL good!~ Best part of my day is my am shower and closing my eyes at night, LOL! Told my hubby I want to take some drugs and sleep til some of the stitches and this %^$*# TAPE come off!

6 days no smile! ;-)

Day 7

Tomorrow the TAPE comes up- okay so if it doesn't I may be suicidal! Here is todays update photo- in looking at it the tape around my eyes makes them look FAR more bruised than I think they are! Will know tomorrow- feeling more energy today! Kathy

8 days with a bit of make up from the surgeons office

Today they took out a TON of "cosmetic clips" AKA STAPLES, and lots of stitches AND the tape! Still more swelling to go down- go back on Friday for the remaining stitches and staples and then NEXT Thursday for final check! WOW!

Okay! Took THIS pic with my Iphone in the car!

:-)) When the swelling goes down so will the high cheeks and my eyes. Busy day today- 9:15 appt with Dr. Weston 2 hours from here in rush hour, home for lunch and then THREE stores! Figured while I had makeup on! :-))

Extra Photos

Have several of the first days that have not been added- wish I could add more than one at a time. This first one is after Dr. Weston marked my face for surgery- you can tell I am excited, right???? LOL

Extra Photo 1

Extra Photo 2- Going to the hotel.

The next morning- bandages came OFF

Day after surgery!

Day ???? 8 from surgery

Promised pic- no makeup, concealer etc. Also no shower, LOL!! Forgot to tell you all that yesterday I also DROVE!

Neck for Grace


October 30 Pictures

Worth 100 words! Eyes are feeling "more better" ;-) but the left one is still odd. Anxious to go back Friday for the remaining stitches and clips to come out!


Spent the day outlet shopping today! Yesterday we went back for the remainder of the stitches and staples out- SWEET RELIEF! Still have plenty of soreness, but they gave me a "steroid" eye drop that seems to be helping. I think I was correct about being allergic to the disolvable stitches! Anyway- next visit is Thursday of next week- and then not for 3 months! :-)

Week 3!

Still being gentle around my eyes, but actually even *I* like this picture! LOL! As you can see- had all that hair cut off, was making me nutz!

4 weeks

Okay, so after todays update I think I will wait a couple weeks. Things have slowed down. My most disappointing moment was yesterday when I went to a "Senior Monday" at a store and they did not ask for ID! LOL! My husband got a hoot out of that when I told him! It was for 50 and older! Everything is healing nicely, will see my brother next week and I can't WAIT to hear what he says :-). He is 74 and now thinking of having his neck and eyes done. Still haven't seen anyone that hasn't seen me in a while. Kathy

All of us need to take this to heart!


3 months today!

Wow, how time flies! I feel great and am thrilled with my results. My FAVORITE part is under my eyes (no bags) and under my chin/neck- no waddle! Absolutely NO one has ever said a word, and that is fine with me! :-) Part of the reason is that I live in FL half the year and then in MD the other half and both are senior communities and I think people really forget what I look like, LOL! I did tell one friend here and she was shocked and then started REALLY looking at my face and loved it because it is so good! I go back to Dr. Weston on February 5, for final pictures and he is going to inject some of MY fat on the corner bottoms of my face- as a bit of a filler. I think the fat graft has definitely taken my face is fuller for sure. Attaching a couple photos- hair is super short :-) Thanks to all of you who have supported me thru this journey- I would never hesitate to do it all over again! My friend here that knows says I'll need to do some upkeep in 10 years- we'll see! Kathy

Wow, Seriously???? 6 Months!

No new photos this time, but feeling wonderful and loving my face! Hopefully next month will get back to Austin Weston for my followup pictures and frozen fat injections! Have had a couple interesting interactions with people in the past couple months. My husband of 45 years and I
went to a lawyer to update our wills and he asked if this was a second marriage. When we left
my husband said it was because I look so much younger than him- I did not put that together AT ALL! Then last week, I had my granddaughters (4 of them 10 and under) in a pool and a man I don't know came up to me and asked if I was their mother! Seriously??? Another woman wanted to know if my daughter in law was my sister- lots of little comments that tell me I must look much younger! Will post pictures after the next visit at Austin Weston! Kathy
Reston Plastic Surgeon

Have changed doctors to Dr. Weston of the Austin Weston Center is Reston, Va.

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