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Well a little less than 6 weeks and I will be on...

Well a little less than 6 weeks and I will be on the flat side....if I don't back out!
I am 58 yes 58 years young! I had a breast reduction in February of this year and I asked the Doc if she could do some lipo along with my reduction because I figured my stomach would look bigger with smaller boobs, she took a look and said she could do a beautiful tummy tuck and muscle repair, but I'd have to wait 6 months until the breasts healed here I am amazed at where the time went!
After reading so many posts from all you gals I'm scared as heck. I am usually pretty tough with pain, but I don't know about this and the "swell hell" everyone speaks about?? Geesh!
With the swelling are you able to wear your regular size ..... just wondering because I have a nephew getting married Sept 27th . Will I be able to get dressed nice for that?
So, my hubby is very supportive, but my kids think I'm crazy! My oldest son said "Mom your going on 60 and have 4 kids that's what your suppose to look like" he's my worrier! than they all worry what will be next ...if I'm going to get addicted to plastic surgery! I quit smoking 13 months ago today and this is my gift to myself for quitting.
I will add photos soon of my 2 stomachs lol

3 Weeks to go!

I need to know

Question. I am having my TT and MR this Thursday! Can't believe it's here already but what do I wear the day of surgery, I will be coming home on that day. It's going to be very hot here so too hot for sweats. Will my normal clothes fit right after? I feel so dumb asking but just trying to prepare. I am such a wreck having so many mixed emotions and to top it off, had to take my baby back to college yesterday, that was bittersweet!

Tomorrow is the Day

Just came home fom the Dr and got my meds and time. Have to be at the surgical center at 8:30! Can't believe it's actually going to happen! I will keep you updated.

On the Flatside

All done will update later Pain ????


I have a very high pain tolerance, but this is just horrible! But I know this is going to be totally worth it! Right? Been in the recliner since I have been home, Its so hard getting in and out. I thank God for my amazing hubby who has been my rock! I feel like such a pest constantly asking him for things, but I'm sure he is anxious for the new bod too. :) I get to see the Dr on Wednesday, so I will get my first peek. Glad to be on the other side.

Tight garment

Do you think it would be ok for me to adjust this binder. Doc put in on after surgery and there's all this padding on the bottom. I am afraidvto touch anything and don't want to mess anything up but I think that's alot of my discomfort its tight and just poking me

PO day 3

Hubby managed to wash my hair in the kitchen sink, that felt great! Feel somewhat human after that. Still pretty sore if only I could go to the bathroom! I am not hungry at all I force myself to eat the little bit that I do eat. Hoping to lose some weight. I think once this constipation stops I will be able to eat. I stopped the pain pills last night, they are not worth the trade off of the constipation! Can't wait to see the doc on Wednesday i asked her if my drains would be coming out then she thought not! It will be 6 days I guess that is a bit early, that will make a huge difference once those are out. Hope all my tt sissys are doing well. Time to rest now

Finally Went!

I finally pooped! I think I took way too many laxatives, but it's over and I feel so much better!

Day 4 PO

Started out the day feeling great! As the afternoon came we kind of went downhill after that, just feeling blah, sore, depressed, itchy, the binder is driving me crazy! I just want it off for a little while :( I'm afraid I won't get it on properly with all the padding going on underneath. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Day 5 PO

Today is a much better day, feeling stronger, am able to walk much straighter. Getting my appetite back, although I'm not liking that very much! Looking forward to the big unveiling tomorrow! Hope my expectations are not too high, after seeing all my TT sissys looking absolutely amazing! I can't believe my results could even come close. Hoping all are doing well and sending you all healing (((hugs))))

OMG I'm Thrilled

Finally had my unveiling! Much better results than I expected. I am swollen so I am hoping its only going to get better. Drains are still in but my next appt is next Wednesday, hopefully they will be gone then. I am very exhausted after that ordeal so I will be resting now. (((Hugs)) to all my TT sissys

Not such a Good Day :(

Not having a great day today. I know the emotions are suppose to be all over the place and I guess they are. Just feeling very weekish and sad today. Had a crying spell and my son asked what's wrong told him I just feel so helpless that him and his dad are doing everything for me I feel like I am taking advantage of them:( he said that I always do everything for them now it's my turn, which made me cry even more. Sweet kid. Then my daughter who is away at school ( my baby) called this am crying she is very sick she gets these very bad ear infections and I thought I can't even get to her if I needed too. If i were well I would take her some home made chicken soup, but I can't even do that. She did go to urgent care and they gave her meds. I didn't sleep well last nite so maybe that's my problem today,
Guess when those good days come we just have to embrace them and really appreciate them. Sending out healing (((hugs)))) to all.

It's a New Day!

Took my first shower today! What an ordeal ... Dr told me in the beginning no shower until drains were out, then when I went in on Wednesday the drains weren't ready to come out, so she said that I could shower. Was not fun with the drains but managed to make it . For those of you that have/had a dog, you know when they got a bath they get that running fit after ...Thats totally how I feel except I obviously can't run, but I feel great! And then to have those teds stockings off...Heaven!
But, back in my recliner now to get some rest. Oh and my belly looks awesome!
For those of you who are off of work for the long weekend....enjoy!
Sending you all healing (((hugs)))

No Stamina

Feeling extremely tired today, I just don't understand. I'm not very sore, but I have no energy at all! I know surgery takes a bit out of you, but this is crazy. I've had other surgeries in the past and don't ever remember feeling this exhausted, been dosing in the chair all day long.
Hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful Saturday.

Much Better

Today is a much better day :) I even managed to take quite a stroll in my yard! I guess everyday is going to bring a new adventure.
Wishing all of my TT sissys a beautiful Sunday!
Healing (((hugs))) to all

No Waist!!

Two more days until drains come out! I'm assuming anyway since there is barely any output.
Well, I'm sorry to say that I have no waist :( I was looking online at make me heal for a stage 2 garment, hubby helped to measure me and my waist is huge, the measurements don't even match up to their sizing I put that idea in the dumper for now. I know about this swelling but should it be like this? so soon.
Happy Healing (((hugs))))

A Heart Full of Gratitude

I'm not going to complain today. I just want to thank you all for the beautiful uplifting, inspiring , comments that I have gotten since my TT. I also want to thank you all for sharing your own journeys and personal thoughts. A very special thank you for Real Self to create a site such as this for all of us to come together to share and help each other along the way.
Sending healing (((hugs)))

I know it's for my own good!

Went to see the Doc....came home with drains in tow :) but on a good note I will see her on Monday so at least I won't have to wait a full week.
So the best news for today...when I was getting ready to shower I noticed that I have a curve!!!! Just on the one side cuz of the swelling, but it's there! Oh Yea!

Drains Drains Drains

Just came back from the Doc......drains still in :( :( :( hopefully on Wednesday ....if not then , I'll have to wait until next Monday. It's 18 days already :( Do you think I need to move more or rest more ....does it make a difference on drainage? Just thought I'd throw that out there, I'm curious. I want these out!

Drains???? GONE!!!!

Yeah!!! Drains are gone! What a HUGE difference! Doing a happy dance ( in slow motion of course). Lol

The Shopping Trip

Went to the mall on my hunt for cg's. Actually found 3 for now, pretty comfy which makes me think that they don't have enough compression. They are Flexies and are marked firm so I thought what the heck, the ones I bought the other day were a real killer! The new ones have the longer leg and 1 has the boy short. How much compression should there be anyway? I read too much isn't good for blood flow etc...but where does one draw the line? So, I would say I was in the store for about 1/2 hr and couldn't walk anymore had some pain near my incision and wasn't walking as this normal? I have 1 more week and then I'll be going back to work. I don't know how you girls did it after 2 weeks! God love ya! I don't know if I'll ever be normal again :(

Almost 4 weeks

More photos

5 weeks

Went to the Docs today she wanted to check on my swelling. Last week I was there and she was concerned about my swelling, thank God all is ok. I was worried about getting a seroma.
I've been having such a hard time with garments! I have a small fortune invested in them! Spanx, fllexees, long ones, short ones, waist cinchers, all from the better dept stores, I am only able to wear them for just a few hours and then they HAVE to come off. I just can't stand them!. Originally the doc told me to get spanx but not to spend so much that I should go to target and their brand would be fine. My get what you pay for! So I bought the more pricey ones. Today, I decided to go to walmart and check out what they had, well I found one for $12.94 what a bargain!
So, I go to the doc sporting my new cg asked her how it was and was it enough compression... she said its fine. I have been wearing my post op binder at night and she said I shouldn't wear anything...kind of scary, but I'll try.
So now I don't need to see her for 2 months. Also asked about going to the gym, she said I can do anything but ab stuff, no abs for 6 months! I said 6 months! She said she did so much muscle repair and that's how long it's going to take :(
Anyway, getting back to my new walmart find, I've had it on since 9 am and it's 7:30 pm! It's very comfy, I'm not having any issues with it and life is good!
Happy healing to all (((hugs)))
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

Dr Anain is awesome! She did my breast reduction in Feb.2013 also my oldest daughter had a breast reduction done by her 12 yeas ago

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