39, 3 Kids, Time for Some Ds - Williamsville, NY

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Went for consultation finally, had 3D imaging done...

Went for consultation finally, had 3D imaging done. Neat to see what I will look like with enhanced breasts, looking to go up from an almost full B cup to a beginning D cup. I'm 5'2, 122 pounds. Looked nice on me, in poportion with my frame. 400cc left breast and 385cc right breast I do believe. Not 100% on size yet but shooting for around there. Still debating on saline or silicone gel. Leaning towards saline more. Planning on making surgery appointment soon, they are booking out until end of March. Pre pics to follow....

Surgery Scheduled!!!!

Finally got the money to schedule surgery. October 6, 2016! Going September 21 for pre-op appointment and finalize a size. So excited but nervous. I think I'm going with saline, just to be safe and avoid having to get MRI every few years. Not so sure on size yet, but probably going from an almost B to a good full size D. I will post before pictures soon.

Only 55 days until Surgery!

Still contemplating a lot of things. I'm excited, nervous and scared. I see a lot of horror stories on here but also a lot successful stories. September 21 is pre-op appointment to finalize size. Been finding a lot of "wish boobs"

45 more days!!!

Still looking for wish boobs. Getting excited as the day is getting closer and closer!

Before pic...front view

Breastfed 3 kids, ages now 20, 16 & 6. I was a full C while breastfeeding but shrunk back to almost a B. Good thing is that I don't need a lift!!!!

Second thoughts....?

After reading so many stories about explants, I am starting to second guess getting implants. I am scared to get implants and get sick. Reading all the symptoms that women are having after having them for years is making me second guess doing this. I'm not about hair loss, thyroid problems, blood levels messed up, Lyme disease. Anyone feel this way?? My deposit has been made towards surgery and I don't really want to back out but I also don't want to bring on sicknesses that I can avoid but not having the implants. If anyone has had these thoughts, please let me know.

25 days to go!

Anything I should be doing to get ready for this adventure? I'm nervous, excited, scared...
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