Ceramic Braces, Third Times a Charm? - Williamsport, PA

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39 year old female, three kids, getting ceramic...

39 year old female, three kids, getting ceramic braces for the third time.
In the early 90's I had my wisdom teeth removed and put into braces. I had some crowding and buck teeth. After 6 months you could see a dramatic difference. I was told 2 years and they would come off. Two years came and went. In 1992 I became pregnant and that year. I noticed two big spacers after the first two teeth on each side then the first 4 started coming forward, more and more. By the end of 1992 all 4 front teeth stuck straight out to where I couldn't close my mouth around them. My ortho said it was due to my pregnancy. I didn't no any better, but I was extremely embarrassed. We had to move in early 1993 and changed orthos. Now 3 years into them the new ortho was shocked at my mouth. He said pregnancy had nothing to do with it. I had to get a head gear :( and he said he would do his best but the braces were not what he used. Come to find out my first ortho was not an ortho but dentist only. He did refund my mom partial money. I kept them only until mid 1994 at that point I graduated high school and could not afford further treatment so off they came.
Fast forward to 2004 and my teeth had shifted. I was married and had good insurance. I needed some fillings re-done and a root canal. They told me about invaslign, that it could finally straighten them, I bought it and did it. 1 1/2 years into treatment some were not moving, they tweaked them and said it should now... Nope! More tweaking and more tweaking and nope! At which time I had enough and said I was done, I did the full set and they still weren't all straight.
I occasionally wore them on and off for 10 years.
2014 I needed more dental works, 3 crowns, filings. Diseaster / stayed in temp crowns for one year.
2015 new dentist, so happy! New crowns, teeth good. Then jaw pain! Clicking when I open!
Go to ortho , he reviews and there it is TMJ. My bite is completely off, plus the teeth that never went back after 1992. He recommends braces for 6 months, retainer with a splint and night retainer for teeth grinding. I have successfully cracked two teeth in 6 months.
I got molds today and pictures. Top braces only to correct bite and he said he can put them straight!
So that's it for now. I go on October 6th to start and soon after get them! Wow 21 years and I might be fixed!!

Pictures and update

I go today to the ortho. It's just a follow up to let me know the treatment plan and price, which I already know but I guess that's how it works.
I had to have an emergency bottom tooth crowned last week, glad that's done. I know I have two cavities on the top teeth, I'm trying to wait until the first of the year since I've maxed my benefits out. I don't know if they will put the braces on since I have them? I'll ask today.
I've included pictures, had to take your own teeth pictures. I don't think they are bad, but if it stops my jaw pain and finally straightens them then I'll be so happy.

Got them

Got my top braces put on yesterday. They don't hurt but are bothersome. Added some photos. Will have my next appointment in 6 weeks. My wire is a memory wire ?? Said I will be in it for a few months then I'll have a hard wire.

1 1/2 weeks

It's been 1 1/2 weeks since I got top ceramic braces. They started hurting about 5 days into getting them on. I've been eating everything with a fork and knife. Constantly checking if I have food in them. I do floss but it's really time consuming, I'm thinking I might get a water pic. I've included a photo and I can see that they have moved.
Dr. Mark c. Oberheim

Very nice.

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