Hi, I'm 47 Yrs ... 5'2 -210 Lbs. I'm Happy with my Size I'm Just Not Happy with my Shape. TT. Vaser of Back & Flanks, Thighs

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My experience so far has been extremely positive....

my experience so far has been extremely positive. My doctors office I'm sure like most are so inviting and knowledgeable. my expectations are not to walk out a size 2 by any means just to be more womanly shaped. Always hated my back rolls have had them forever and I would like to give those away LOL. my surgery is actually tomorrow October 16. Feeling a little anxious but I'm focused ..I'm dedicated to this journey. i'm already set up at my guestroom set up is a small hospital room. I did buy a stool to put in the shower (standing is exhausting). Filled all my meds..mediation music is also very necessary believe you me!! bought a wedge from bed bath and beyond to prop me up in bed(laying flat not so awesome) Have 2of the compression garments (the one you come home with is usually really stained with fluid draining)also remember the nausea suppository can also be placed in your va-jay-jay .. that's right I said in your va-jay-jay that will also knock you out right to sleep when you do that.i'll post a couple of before pictures so you plus size ladies can see what I'm working with also I will post after pictures maybe even as early as Saturday. Good luck to all of you lots of prayers for all of us.

day 1 not so bad

everything went quite well. Wrapped up like a mummy I knew everybody is aware that the compression shirt they put me in Kinda cool LOL. My 27 yr old daughter came in for a week to take care of me as well as feeding all the men in my house. I have no stress. Haven't seen the work at China, That was awesome let me tell you. So much better after. I will shower tomorrow or Sunday. I will tell you got a little nauseous and had to vomit , That was so awful!!! but felt So much better after. I felt like a might have popped a stitch, I will Keep you ladies posted ....thanks for the prayers.

quick peak at my compression style ????

2nd day after ????

my expectations today was to take a shower. That didn't happen but I did listen up some of my compression garment I am really swollen really bruised but I think I'm really happy about this whole thing. Just going to the bathroom is very high on my priority list. haven't been eating just no appetite. I have one egg and a piece of toast seem to not cause me to be nauseous. Made me a nice piece of chicken with a piece of toast haven't been eating just no appetite. I had one egg and a piece of toast seem to not cause me to be nauseous. My daughter made me a nice piece of chicken with a piece of toast Kyle like that. just trying to keep it really light vomiting that first day was terrible and I don't want to do that again. My follow up appt. is Wednesday. it definitely feels better to get up and walk around it's just the initial getting up that hurts like hell and then the initial laying down but in between the really good. Maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow when I finally take a shower.

post op day 4

Took a shower that was awesome changed on my bandages get a quick peek. It looks amazing so much better really swollen still black and blues but it's worth it all I know it I already see a huge difference! Funny and makes my booty looks so much bigger ha ha

post op day 5

feel like shit today. Still very happy with everything I'm doing just a lot of pain meds wearing off things moving around I figured day 5-6 maybe a little bit of 7 would suck. i'm gonna post just a couple of pics I took a little while ago. A lot more bruising swelling of course will be for a little while. i'm OK with this part of the journey because I know with the end I'm going to be so much happier with the appearance of all I have done. In two weeks for my surgery date I'm going to post my before and after measurements. Also if there's any weight loss. Not to not too focused on the weight-loss part more then the measurement part. I'll keep you posted ????????????????????

need feed back

my lady part is extremely swollen and super tender. I know this is normal for the procedure just want to talk to somebody who's going they it as well. please hit me up. ????????????

day 6

why is going to the bathroom such an experience. Pooping hurts like hell when you haven't pooped in days. Aside from that I think that's the worst part of this whole journey for me. My daughter went back to work today, she she was so freaked out to leave LOL my husband's off today he's been great. Breakfast one egg and toast cuppa coffee glass of juice. Like a gourmet breakfast doesn't sound like much but it was awesome. showered pooped took a couple of decks a lot more bruising showing up in different places that it wasn't yesterday. My lady parts seem to feel a bit better today. It's really great when you respond to anything that any of us right just the support even though we don't know you really does make a difference. if there's anything I can answer or anything I could be there for any of you through don't hesitate to hit me up. I feel like were all on a journey very similar even though our paths never crossed and we should make sure that we are available for each other even if it's just a quick text ????????

lets change the view

OK so been on Pinterest am in a little fun with that today. These are some very cute options for the future. never really looked into tattooing your TT scar... but I have to say some of these are beautiful!!

1week post op

first day left alone! I can do it I'm a big girl LOL really really bruised especially my flanks and it's my bra line my sides are pretty beat up as well, top of my thighs look like they were kind a hit by a car but my vagina feels better LOL I still have my drain, in probably keep it for another week I have a lot of fluid still draining out which is really good. on the 27 th it will come out. thank you all for the kind words and great advice. ????????????????

10 days out

feel great! still black and blue. dr took my drain out. very happy about that, still draining he said for 2 more days to massage my tummy area to help move the rest of the fluid out. Wow I really like the way it is looking. my back looks so different!!! my flanks are gone and my shape looks so great. the swelling is probably the most uncomfortable because my thighs feel like elephant feet lol my ankles are swelling as well. of course the better you feel the more you move around in the fluid need somewhere to go. So you kind of swelling from the area you had Lipo downward due to gravity. just have my feet elevated try to stay off of them a little bit more during the day. Other than that I feel great doctor said I don't need to wear the compression garment that I can just wear something like a spanks which I have on and that just feels remarkable. I still wear the compression shirt because I did have bees are on my back he like me to keep wearing that for another 1 to 2 weeks which is not a problem. I actually like the way it feels. Funny how it becomes your security blanket. I'll keep you ladies posted !!!everyone be safe

12 days po

tired and ache today. Swelling in my thighs is what is the most uncomfortable. TT scar looks great it's so flat, didn't expect it to be but very happy. Been massaging my tummy and thigh area seems to help. Laying in ice for my back right now feels amazing . moving so much more, feeling sore comes with this journey... it will be up and down for a couple of weeks for all of us, but just remember why we did this... because it's our time and we deserve it yayyyyy

Happy Hallowween????

15 days po... I feel great. decided to do a fashion show for myself. Was rockin a 16 to 18 before my surgery comfortably in a 12 /14 and the 14s are not tight at all! Everything just looks better not tight. So glad I did this! Just go slow with the healing don't be so fixated on how swollen UR it will go down I'm still swollen I can't wait to see what I look like in two months! Thank you everyone for all your support

before and after

quick peak at my progress 15 days after procedure

3weeks po

Hips and lower back are giving me such discomfort. when you feel better you move more and that's not always the best thing ????getting in and out of the car well it's a biatch. Doctors I can start taking ibuprofen so hopefully that will help with the swelling. Everything else feels great now really really really great

before/after in progress

ice ice baby

The top of my lady parts so I come tomorrow. It just feel so tender to the touch. I have this hot feeling underneath my scar read a lot and seem to be any reason to panic. My scar looks fantastic I must say it's not red or inflamed. looks pretty smooth. silicone tape is awesome for keeping scar flat so it won't raise. I guess I just feel like crap today. Really rainy cold meeting on time, maybe it's all that amazing numbing medication that they put inside of you for your surgery is wearing off ??.

4wks po

hi everyone just a quick little update on how things are going and my neck of the woods. Four weeks postop still swollen, but feeling better but more burning kind of sensation but I know that everything just healing. down 24 inches which is friggin amazing I want to post a pic that I just took a little while ago. Good luck to everybody this is the best site ever I received the most support and just knowing that you're not doing this alone and getting such Great advice and knowing that your body is doing crazy stuff but so is everybody else is very comforting. Let me know what you think XOXO

5 weeks po

I feel great!!! Isome days you feel huge other days you feel skinny mini today I feel skinny mini. Just a quick pic to show you guys how the back is looking I've lost 27 inches so far and I'm down 23 pounds. Once I get released to start working out it just up to me in the gym to do the rest!! still swollen in a few areas doctor said the players and my back is still very firm I'll probably lose 1 to 2 more inches and then that will be that. thanks for all the support!!

6wk po in progress

Hi everyone,
Just a quick update on my journey. So far I'm down 34 inches and I finially weighed my self yesterday and I've lost 24 lbs! Still swollen and my lower back still kinda numb but it comes and goes. Sometimes it feels like it's burning and hurts but that only lasts for a couple of minutes then is fine. I'm really happy with my results so far. Because this was also part of a correction that another surgeon from 8 yrs aga (awful plastic surgeon) my current ps is so amazing that is why this journey is really great! In January we are going to give me a belly button, I'm very excited about this since I haven't had one in 8 years. (Don't ask ,,bad surgery) my current ps wanted to wait to make sure my skin reacted well. And it has yayyyy I'm going to post some pics. Happy healing!!!!


just put a couple of before-and-after's together for you guys to see but also for me to see. just can't believe how great these results are I really didn't expect them to be this good
Dr. Blanchard

Dr. Blanchard is an extremely kind man. Very patient very direct. Have a consultation with him about a month ago came back two times since then with appointments with him just ask questions after all the research I've done beyond patient be on knowledgeable staff was amazing called a few days after my last appointment just to make sure if I had any other questions or concerns. Seriously who does that!!! Most importantly it feels really safe with this team!! Highly recommend this office to everyone. A+++++

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