33 Y/O, No Kids, 120lbs, 5'4" 350cc HP Mentor

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Hello lovely ladies! I have found this site so...

Hello lovely ladies! I have found this site so helpful that I thought it was time to create one for myself. I'm 33, 5'4, 123 lbs and have had a 34A cup for too long. I have wanted a BA since high school when I kept wishing they were going to grow! No such luck there. I finally decided that since I paid off my debt, it was time to invest in myself. I have always felt very self conscious in bathing suits, clothes and in the nude. I dread shopping because I find it really difficult to find anything that fits right on the top. I ALWAYS wear a padded push up and barely fill it out. There is always that weird gap...you guys know what Im talking about:) I have always found a woman's body to be so beautiful, but could never see it in myself. I've always been kind of boyish, but I am so ready to feel like a woman.

So I had my consult with Dr. Z of Williamsburg who comes highly recommended and a girlfriend of mine has undergone a BA with him. He is so nice, takes his time and answered all of my questions. What I could remember atleast because I was nervous. Next time Ill be more prepared!! I choose to go with the Sientra smooth round but Im having some issues with size. I told him that I was looking for a natural look, nothing too big. All I knew was that a C would be swell. He suggested sub muscle, either Mentor 300cc or Sientra Moderate Plus 278? Which is weird because Ive researched since then and it looks like it comes in a 285. Another question for him next time. Anyhow, we tried on sizers and they looked big. Maybe because Im not used to having things on my chest. I like the Sientra and we scheduled the surgery for Nov. 2nd!

I am so freaking excited about this and counting the days. My only concern that after countless hours on this site is that Im going to small. Everything I have seen and liked the look of is usually 325cc on frames around my size and breast tissue. And the biggest regret is not going big enough. I go in for my pre-op appointment on the 22nd and this time I have a boatload of questions, wish boobs and have my post op buddy going with me. Am I in my head with this, boob greed perhaps?

Pre-Op Questions & The Rice Test

Hey Ladies! My pre-op appt is on thursday and I am writing down some questions so I don't forget! I already know my PS credentials and that he's amazeballs. I do know it will be inframammary and Seintra moderate plus silicone. Please let me know if I'm missing any!
1. Can I see some pictures?
2. What kind of post op bra do you recommend and how long am I to wear it?
3. ~275cc was recommended for a natural look for me. I fear this is too small. Pics I have see that have a similar frame to mine are 325-400! I like the ways these look. Can my body accommodate this? I'll be bringing my wish boob pics.
4. I am pasty white, can I spray tan prior to surgery?
5. I have a roommate who says she can help post op, but she is definitely not home all the time. Should I stay at my parents house for the first few days. Might need anxiety meds just for that.
6. I'm 5.5 years sober. What kind of meds will you be prescribing? And on average, how long do patients usually take them?
7. I have requested a week off from work. I work at a furniture store and have to drive an hour/day. Is this enough time off? And what kind of restrictions should I be prepared for upon returning to work?
8. What kind of post op stuff do I need to buy? Ice packs, scar ointment, neosporin, tylenol, ibuprofen, sports bras, etc.
9. Sleeping: 45 degree angle, back? How long?
10. Am I to massage? When does that start?

I know I might be jumping the gun on some of these, but they are on my mind. Ill post more if I think of them! Im too excited:) I want to scream it from a mountain!!!

The Rice Test: I found this on RealSelf. I like 325cc I think. I filled the stocking to 10.8oz.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes to make the "implants", plus 2-3 days (or longer) for wearing them in your bra
Here's How:
Make the "shell." You may use zip-style locking plastic bags for a quick and easy solution if you like. However, a more natural and comfortable feel can be achieved by cutting a 12-inch length of nylon stockings.(use the foot portion, or use the leg portion and tie it off at one end.

Measure or weigh the rice. There are several versions of the test that use different measurement, but because of the ways implants are sized, it can be difficult to get an accurate measurement.

Using a small food scale, all you need to know is that 1 ounce of rice is equivalent to 30cc. So, for example, 5 ounces of rice would be roughly the same size and weight as a 150cc implant (and so on).

Using a measuring cup, use the following as a guideline:
1/8 cup rice = 30cc
1/4 cup rice = 59cc
1/3 cup rice = 78cc
1/2 cup rice = 118cc
2/3 cup rice = 156cc
3/4 cup rice = 177cc
1 cup rice = 236cc

Fill your new "implant." Fill the bag or stocking with the amount of rice you have chosen. Close the bag or tie off the other end of the stocking.

Try them out. Place the sealed bags full of rice into a well-fitting sports bra and wear them while you engage in all your usual daily activities. Pay attention to both how they look and how they feel.

Change it up. If you don't like the first size you try, dump out the rice, re-measure, and add the new amount. Repeat step 3.


Interview with Adam Tattelbaum, MD; Rockville, MD; conducted on 12-21-03

This is an entirely unscientific test which will provide only a rough guideline, and is not endorsed officially by any medical group. However, it has helped many women with their decisions about breast implant size, and can help you adjust to the look and feel of having larger breasts before making a permanent decision. Ask your doctor if he recommends this or other methods to help with your decision.

If your implants will be placed under the muscle, you may need to adjust the size of your implant upward by about 15% from the amount you liked during your rice test in order to account for the compression of the pectoral muscle on your implants. However, the use of a sports bra during your test may help to simulate this compression effect, thereby giving you a more accurate result.

Alternatives to the rice test include using water as a filler (not as popular because of the potential of leaks and messes) or using pre-made "sizers" which are sold commercially for this purpose.

What You Need:
uncooked rice, instant mashed potato flakes, or oatmeal
a food scale or measuring cup
an old pair of nylon stockings or ziploc bags
a well-fitting sports bra (or a regular bra in your "goal size")

Pre-Op appt done!

Hey ladies! So I had my pre-op appt a couple days ago. They called me the day before and rescheduled for 8AM! Ugh. Not a morning person so that frustrated me. While I had them on the phone I mentioned that I was still undecided about size. They informed me that he wasn't actually going to be at my pre-op appt which is BS to me. Shouldn't the surgeon be at your pre-op appt?

I brought my post op buddy with me, all of my questions that I felt a nurse should be able to answer and some clothes to try on some sizers again. The nurse didn't know that Seintra came in different profiles? WTF. I wasn't able to try on any sizers since the sizer lady wasn't there at 8AM to help me. Grrrr. So I made an appt for wednesday to try some on.

And then I had a little meltdown. Since I am a recovering addict (5.5 years sober) I am preparing myself for pain medications. I asked what he usually prescribes for this procedure. She said he usually prescibes percocet, which is fine with me. Its major surgery. She went to talk to the doctor and get my scripts. She came back with Toradol!!! Not even an opiate! I freaked out, said I was not comfortable with that and that now I am scared. I used to be a RN once upon a time and an addict, so I am very familiar with drugs. She left the room again to talk to a doctor or my doctor, I'm not really sure and returned with the percocet script. I understand that I am sober but going through this without pain killers is crazy. I did tooth extractions without pain killers a couple years ago, got dry sockets and was in the most pain of my entire life. Drooling, sobbing, etc. I swore never to do that to myself again. So I gave the scripts to my post-op buddy and decided to stay with my parents post-op. Im sure they will have a printed out excel worksheet for timed doses, lol. Hopefully I wont have to be on them long, since it is dangerous territory for me. I am so blessed to have an amazing support system.
Sorry if this is TMI. Im just feeling a whirlwind of emotions right now and want to get them out.

I paid for the surgery in full while doing deep breathing exercises. Thats a lot of dough! So overall, pre-op appt was very stressful, uninformative and frustrating. And Im a pretty laid back kind of gal. They are ALL very nice at the office, but sometimes I dont need nice. I need serious help making life changing decisions.

I'm still leaning towards 325cc but it is still unknown if I can handle it. I just want this decision to be over! I look at boobs for hours a day it seems! My coworkers joke around with me.... Whats Laura doing on her ipad? Oh shes looking for wish boobs again. Story of my life right now. November 2nd can not come soon enough!

More Wish Tits

It turns out I'm only 11cm. Am I dreaming?

One More Sleep!!!!!!!

Hey ladies! So I cant even describe how excited I am for tomorrow morning. Since my last post, where I was very frustrated, things have worked themselves out. I went to my doctors office on wednesday to try on some sizers again and talk to him about size. I had also seen online that Seintra has halted sales of implants to the U.S. Crazy! That was the implant I had chosen but now he will not implant them anymore. I guess they found contaminants in their factory in Brazil. Nothing actually harmful, but they found silicon and a cotton derivative on the implants? Their stock took a dive!! I am so glad this happened before and not after my surgery.

Anyways. I told him my worries about not being as large as I want. My BWD is only 11cm and the mod+ mentor I could only go to 250. No bueno! So we tried on sizers and switch to Mentor gel 325-350 HP. I am a little nervous about 350 and the HP thing. I just don't want the two grapefruit look. However, I like the way the 350 sizers looked. I brought it a bunch of shirts this time to see what I would like like. LOVE! So we will see what he chooses.

I have to be at the surgical center at 11am. My friend is coming with me and then we are going to my parents house. I got all my scripts filled, got some front closure cheap bras at Walmart this morning and a nice Hanes front zip sports bra at the Hanes outlet. It feels like I am nesting for my new girls! Im going to bring my dog and my stuff over to the rents house tonight.

Happy Happy Girl!!!! Ill see you on the other side!

Post Op Day 2

Grrr. Firefox crashed and erased what I just wrote!
Im on the other side! BOOBYLAND! Surgery went great and my PS said Im going to really like them. He went with Mentor 350 smooth round HP. They are rock hard right now and look weird but I can tell Im going to love them!

I've got great friends and my mom who have helped me. I've been sleeping a lot and taking pain meds as perscribed. My only issues are constipation and bloating. I cant stop farting! The long squeaky farts! So funny. My mom thinks Im gross, but I just laugh. Farts will always be funny in my book. I drank some smooth move tea, prune juice and miralax...NOTHING but farts:) I also had a steady headache all day that turned into a migraine around 7pm tonight. I took some excedrine, put an ice pack on my head and slept. Im good now. And yesterday I got nauseous, sweaty and light headed. Ive never fainted before, but thats what I thought was going to happen if I didnt sit down. Kinda scary!

I took a shower today and it felt amazing! I've been putting stretch mark coco butter on and vitamin E oil. Target was out of bio oil so I though vitamin e was fine and I already owned it. My incisions are only around an inch since he used the Keller Funnel. They are covered up with steri strips. But look good from what I can tell.

Have you ladies had any experience with bio oil or the arnica stuff? My skin is pretty tight and I just want to use the best stuff out there.

3 Month Update

Hi Ladies! Loving life with boobs! How I lived without them I don't know:) I feel sexier, more womanly and my clothes all look better!!!! In 2 days it will be my 3 month mark. I measure at 34C at VS but sometimes a 34D feels better. My scars are healing nicely. I use bio oil on them and massage at night. They feel much squishier! It still feels weird when I hug people! Righty still sits a little lower than lefty, but they were always like that. It does really bother me. Still haven't worked out yet but soon. I was cleared to last month but Im just lazy:) Have a great New Years!
Newport News Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Z is great! My boobies look amazing, recovery was a breeze, minimal pain, and no bruising. He is very good at his job. Only downside was that he was not at my pre-op appt and at that time I still was undecided with size and profile. And at that time, we had decided on Sientra (paid for the Sientra), but nobody told me he wasn't doing those anymore. I had to make a separate appt to see him, try on sizers again, and select a different brand of implant. My pre-op nurse wasn't the friendliest but everything went great. Definitely recommend him!

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