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Lets start out with the stats. 5'9" somewhere...

Lets start out with the stats. 5'9" somewhere around 145lbs (give or take some depending on the time of day or time of month), 36 years, and 2 kids.
After spending 5 years being pregnant or nursing what was once a sensible 34c has become a deflated 34a. When I was younger I always thought it would be grateful to have BA, but somewhere around 25 they filled out and was quite content. After being pregnant, nursing for 13 months, pregnant again, then nursing for 2 years, then keeping the weight on for another 2 years (and keeping the boobs), they are now sad and deflated.
About a year ago I decided it was time to get back into shape and have lost all the baby weight and the boobs were the first to desert me.
A few weeks ago I went in for consults and decided to go for the gusto and get it done. Pre-op is scheduled for 3/17 and the augmentation scheduled for 3/28. Since the consults I have become obsessed with boobs and stats. I spend hours a day on here looking at what everyone has had done, it's been such a positive experience even though I spend way too much time on here.
I loved the way 450 sizers looked on me. I will also be going with saline because a very good friend of mine recently had a silicone rupture and it was a very scary experience for her.. I have very broad shoulder and being tall I know I can carry them well but I can't help but wonder if it will be enough. Just a year ago I was smoothing out of 34D's and never felt like my boobs were big.
So, welcome to the real self start of my journey.

Pre-Op was today.

Dr. was wonderful again, listening to me and making me feel like he and I were on the exact same page.
We are going with smooth round moderate plus 425cc Saline overfilled. Although i did have a moment where i considered Silicone, but pushing 40 and mamograms in my future saline seems to make more sense. Guess if i was still young Silicone would make more sense FOR ME. I told him that I felt anything more than 450 would be too much and he assured me he would overfill to fill the breast pocket and not overfill to give me more than I need or want. I am just looking to get back what I have lost over the years and beef them up a little bit ;-)
I felt so good leaving the appointment, obviously we had plenty of discussion but to report it all on my phone feels like too much. Double checked my measurements to make sure what I wanted would work. Discussed recovering and expectations before, during, and after. Took pictures and did physical.
He assured me I would be able to return to exercising regularly after the first week or 2 with the exception of chest exercises and high impact stuff. That is a huge relief. He also told me to keep exercising right up to the day before surgery, just be easy on the chest muscles a few days before. I was afraid having tight/strong chest muscles would make things harder, perhaps it will be easier since they are so use to change and stress. We shall see.
I have also done a huge amount of prep for after surgery. Even though my mom will be staying with me for the week of the surgery, I went ahead and prepped about 15 freezer meals to have one less thing to worry about if I am not feeling so hot. Next week I plan to scrub the house top to bottom so I won't feel like I am falling behind or asking too much of my mom. Hubby will be fine to keep up on the day to day chores.

Anxiety through the roof!

Less than 4 days to go and my anxiety has jumped into overdrive. I was fine until last night when I thought "why is everyone asking if I am nervous, should I be nervous?" Since then I am freaking out. Did I pick the right size, what if I die, what if something goes wrong, what if it gets postponed? Anxiety and I are not strangers, I know it's all in my head but I just can't shake it. I imagine it's completely normal and everyone has anxiety before surgery.
My mom is flying in tomorrow so hopefully I will be fully distracted and better able to process, in the mean time I will have to scrub the house to keep from thinking about all the negative 'what ifs'

D (DD) day done!

BA this morning and it went great. Sore, like I did too many flies or push ups but the pain is manageable.
I arrived around 7:30am and the team was in a meeting. Nurses got me dressed and started. DR. Emory cam in and marked me uo, he was concerned about a pimple on my chest, but decided to go ahead since I was going under the breast and it was not too close to the incision site. I don't remember m7ch, it was all pretty standard. ExCEPT for this glorious hot air filled blanket they used to keep me warm and comfy before and afer.
It took me about an hour to wake up. I do recall that I kept trying to lift my arms and feel my new boobs, lol, guess I couldn't wait.
Dr. Emory used 400 saline moderate plus profile. Left breast filled to 450cc and right breast filled to 465cc. I am wrapped up super well in ace style bandages so no peeking for me.
Went in for surgery at 9am, and was on my way home at 12pm. I go back to have all my layers for bandaged removed in the morning.

Day 2 with boobs

I slept most of yesterday, which meant I was wide awake at 3am. Dr. Emory called last night to check on and see how I was feeling, I really appreciated it.
This morning I went in and had my dressing removed and was put into a cotton front closure bra to be worn 24/7.
Not in much pain at all, except when moving the wrong way. Feels like when my milk came in and every so often I get a sensation like letdown of milk.
I was worried I was going too big, but I think they turned out perfectly t and fit my frame very well (left 450, right 465).
Percocet was making me itchy so I am just on tylenol. Also prescribed muscle relaxers today, haven't taken them yet but probably will before bed.
Dr. Emory has been nothing short of amazing. He is very friendly and attentive, I am glad I trusted him.
Still sleepy and no appetite but I am forcing myself to eat.

Not the best with updates

I'm not the best with updates, daily life often gets in the way.
When I arrived home from errands on Tuesday I had flowers waiting from Dr. Emory and his staff with a get well soon card. I thought it was sweet and I was very appreciative.
On Thursday I went back to the Dr to have stitches and surgi strips. I was also shown how to do massages. They aren't so bad, just gonna take some time to get right... I think.
Swelling seems to be reduced and there is very little pain, just some dull aching. I feel about 85% but I keep reminding myself to take it easy because I could easily overdo it with how good I feel.
Still high and tight, as expected. When I get up from laying down I get a rush of fullness, but it subsides after a few minutes.
My body is exhausted though. I have taken a nap everyday this week... serious naps, like 2-3 hours. I have managed to figure out how to sleep better on my back, it helps if I keep my arms above my hands. I also used pillows the other night to create a canyon for my boobs so I could sleep on the stomach for a bit.

Day 6

Thought I would upload a few pictures for update sake. I feel pretty good with no pain or aches (except morning boob). My right breast is completely numb from the nipple down. The left has some numbness but some feeling as well. I had some pretty good bruising on the bottom of the left breast that's clearing up. Incisions feel fine, wondering when I should start using scar strips.

1 week

After a week I am doing well. Last night I had some pain/soreness after spending the day doing things as usual. Looks and feels like my right is relaxing and starting to drop by looking at the pictures. The top of my right breast is softer (not soft, just softer) than my left.
On Saturday I noticed my incisions were feeling sore and looked red. Since swelling has gone down dramatically I figured my bra band must be shifting and irritating it. PS told me to keep something between my incision and the band to minimize rubbing but I think there was still rubbing. I decided adhesive gauze was the anwser and boy was I right. It keeps the gauze from moving and the band from rubbing. Highly recommend for anyone that's having incision irritations.
I also scored some CHEAP bras at Walmart on clearance. They are medium impact so I am getting some good support but not too tight. Being tall it's really hard to find sports bras that make it from my shoulder to under my breast and these all fit great. A 2 pack of danskins was $5, and the other one was only $2. Thinking I might go back and grab a few more for a bigger rotation.
Patiently waiting to get back to some type of workout, just lots of walking for now and since the kids are on break this week they should keep me pretty busy.

2 weeks in

The start of week 3 and things are okay. I have found myself sleeping on my side and my stomach. It wakes me up with a sense of panic. At my consult I told the Dr I was a stomach sleeper and he told me to sleep how I felt comfortable and to get a special pillow that is sold for this or to build a nest for my breast if needed. It doesn't hurt to sleep on them, or on my side, but reading about other Dr's saying it's a no-no has gotten in my head.
Lefty is good and feels pretty normal. No pain, has feeling, and is starting to get softer. I can squeeze it and manipulate it without any discomfort.
Righty on the other hand is my problem child. Numbness seems to have spread a little, it's sore (like irritated or the under skin is sore) but doesn't hurt per say, and it is still harder. I have noticed that the breast, areola, and nipple stay in a relaxed state for the most part... probably due to the numbness. Lefty is certainly more reactive.
I'm sure it will all resolve itself but one can't help but wonder if something is wrong or if it could be an infection. I know it's early and all normal, but you can't be too cautious, right!? It's just weird how very different you body can react to the same operation.

Stitch pop?

Last night while doing my massages I heard and felt a "pop" internally. I am feeling like it was probably just an internal stitch pop since I am 3+ weeks out, but I am on vacation and I'm not sure what to do. I don't have any pain and I didn't when it happened, being so far away and Sunday I don't feel like I need to call my PS. Anyone else ever heard or had this happen?
I've read things from stitch breaking to scar tissue popping to fluid release. Even though I'm generally a worrier this doesn't seem to have me worried. I'm pretty sure it's part for the course but I just thought I'd ask. Any thoughts?

Beach Debut

Nothing new to report for week 3 other than swelling has subsided and the right still has numbness. The right nipple is reacting more to cold so hopefully feeling will return in time.
The girls made their beach review. I had mixed emotions. I felt so great and confident, but a bit self conscious since it was the first time I had worn a bikini without a rash guard or cover up in more than 8 years.

1 month

Left- doing great. No swelling, moves around well and is getting squishy. One spot that has some minor numbness.
Right- still swollen and sore at times. Less squishy, but getting there. Part of it may be the soreness and swelling. Numbness is still there, whole bottom half and the areola. The nipple is regaining sensation.
I am still taking it very easy. After popping 2 internal stich my PS reminded me to be very careful. Have an appt on Thursday and hope to get cleared to return to exercising, this has been so difficult for me. Although I haven't gained any weight, I am losing muscle mass and starting to feel very blah.
I am in love and think they look great, itchy scars and all. No boob greed and no regrets, especially now that I can comfortably sleep on my stomach or any position.

Comparison shot

Sorry, couldn't do a side by side perfectly since my phone is acting up, but here is a comparison shot.

2 month update

Few days late on this, but I thought I would still share.
Nothing to report. Girls have settled in nicely. Sized at a 32dd, but I need to keep bra searching since the center doesnt touch my breastbone, and a 32ddd fits, but the cups extend too far toward my armpits. I haven't had any boob greed or regret, I love them.
Right one still have numbness, but the nipple does react. I have learned to accept it and it doesn't bother me.
Both squish and move around well, right is not as squishy. Because my skin is so thin and I had little breast tissue/fat I can fell the implant. There isn't any visible rippling unless I lean over and let them hang but it's only on the sides, the tops, cleavage, and everywhere else aren't affected.

The 3 month update

All is good. Some feeling is slowly returban to the right breast.
So very happy with how they look, feel, and act.

6 month update

All is good. Right breast still has loss of some sensitivity. They have settled in very nicely.

One year post op

Love, nothing more to add!
Williamsburg Plastic Surgeon

So glad I decided to have my BA done by Dr. Emory. He was wonderful and attentive throughout each step of the process. His staff was also wonderful. Great bedside manners from everyone. They made me feel 100% comfortable. Dr. Emory also knew exactly what I was seeking and was able to meet those needs even through my vague wishes.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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