Long Road To Rhino

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I hate my nose since I realized how big it was....

I hate my nose since I realized how big it was. 7th grade graduation when we had to outline our profile and Hang for all to see. That day will stick in my mind forever. Iam going for a consult on 2/7/13. Iam scared but so excited. Mixed emotions about it. I want to look like me but I dont want my nose the center of attention anymore. I will keep everyone posted. Iam blessed by my family being super supportive. My father passed away 14 years ago to cancer and I have his nose teaot. That is why I havent gone through with it yet. But my family is not mad they actually are great support. We will see :)

Ok so I was seen a week sooner, today with the...

Ok so I was seen a week sooner, today with the Doctor. I was impressed. I have read up on this surgery and found to go for different consults with acouple different Doctors. I felt confident about what he had to say and I believe he understood what I want. He is a Plastic Surgeon who is fairly new (few years into this practice) I heard great things about him, and personally asked him how many times he does Rhinoplasty's. He was honest with me and said they arent very common he has done a decent amount of them. I asked him if I should seek different option and he said it would never hurt to go see another Doctor. He referenced one that I have an appointment with this month who is a ENT facial plastic surgeon who has many years under his belt .The thing is, if Iam comfortable and I feel he knows what I am asking for do I go and get a second opinion? Confused....

Less Than 1 Month- Rhino/Septo

I joined 3 years ago thinking about Rhinoplasty ( thinking forever about it) but I did not go through with it. I finally decided I absolutely want this, for my own reasons and to breath better. I Googled the best surgeons around my state in Pennsylvania and found my Doctor in New Jersey. I am super confident in him, he was wonderful and I am feeling extremely excited. I also am getting nervous, but I know that's common. This is a big change!
I see him this Wednesday for a pre op appointment, than good old September 26th I get my new nose. Does any one have any advice about the aftercare? I want to do everything I can to lessen the swelling, and any advice before surgery care?

This is the month!!!Yay September!

Iam counting down the days until 9/28. Pre Op done. Paperwork done. Scripts filled. Ready to go! Added some before pics.
not sure yet

Dr. Daniel Becker

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