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I went to my consultation on Monday, scheduled my...

I went to my consultation on Monday, scheduled my surgery on Wednesday's two weeks from then, and my surgery date is October 12th. I haven't met my surgeon yet, but may reconsider getting my surgery else where. After doing my research, I see that my surgery, quoted for 9400$ is much more expensive, it being less than half in the DR(Dominican republic). Because if I can save 3000$ by flying somewhere, I'd still save 2500$ after a plane ticket. It's nothing personal, just the rational thing to do. I chose to go outside of the New Orleans area to avoid being over charged. If my surgeon doesn't negotiate on the price I'll have to find a new doctor :(. I first heard of body sculpting in December and dreamed about it! Never did I think I'd be getting a bbl so soon! In may I decided to make a lifestyle change and have lost 70lbs since, and have only stopped since I'm getting surgery! I lost all the weight doing my parents local weight loss program! I lost it naturally using HCG. I've since kept my healthy lifestyle and continue to drop weight !! I have never had a but, not even in my thinner days, and since I have all this extra weight I might as well do it now! I also would like to surgery so I can start dancing to fund an entrepreneurship. This surgery will help me be more confident! I'm also planning a breast reduction in the near future. I have 38HH breasts, (previously 40N) and my back and shoulders are killing me. I initially wanted to do both surgeries simultaneously and use the fat from my boobs for my new butt, but was informed that wasn't possible. So now, I'll have two surgeries but kill 3 birds with 2 stones. I will post an update after my pre op on Tuesday. I would like an apple bottom, my dream is to have an hourglass shape. Take all the fat from my inner thighs, upper and lower abdomen, my entire back and hips, and shape me so that my behind juts out from my lower back naturally and have a beautiful curve that silhouettes into a perfect apple shape! Wish me luck!
(The picture in the blue panties is my want).

Rough day today.

I finally met Dr. Weiler at my pre-op today, and no surprise, he's a nice guy. I cancelled and eventually rebooked my surgery for the same date. I was very upset about the price, but realistically, now I'm paying for convenience(because I want it sooner than later). I think Dr. Weiler will do great with my body. Just a LOT disheartened that he really didn't work on the price with me. In the end, I was given 500$ off, but still paid 2,000$ more for the tummy tuck I was previously quoted 6k for. That definitely seemed much more reasonable for what I needed, but I'm still disappointed that I'm paying so much for my bbl. My surgery is a week from tomorrow, so the procedures are now paid in full and there's no going back, just to calm my nerves until then.

4 days post op.

1st pic is before.
2nd&3rd is 3 days post op in garment (showing bruising under boobs)
And fourth is 4 days post op laying on my tummy.
My butt looks a little too flat for me, but I think If I do everything like I'm supposed to it will eventually mold like it's supposed to.
Today is day 1 of weaning off meds.
Day 1 pain came from my breasts and bruising under from lipo.
Now it is centralized in my abdomen and thighs that had all the lipo.

1 week post op

Yesterday didn't go as planned.
The physicians assistant at my dr. Office said that I seem to be moving around very well for someone who is 1 week post op. She said I'm very swollen and still very bruised and I am no where near my final results. I can still feel the fluid, in my abdomen, back, thighs, and pelvis area, and the bruises as your can see, all over, I can say I'm in moderate pain. My staples and sutures were removed, but my drains are kept in to monitor my drainage. I go back in on Friday to check to see if my drains can come out. 5 more weeks of laying on my tummy and sides to make sure I get the butt I want. I have not sat on my butt at all, unless using a bumper for my thighs and for no longer than an hour or two at a time for the drive to the dr.

Feeling hopeful

I've been pretty freaked out with the way mr butts looking. I had another visit today, they're keeping my drains in me until Monday at least. More antibiotics just in case. I'm in a smaller garment to help compress some of this fluid I am retaining and I'm starting to see what my beautiful new booty may start to look!!!! I was advised to start wearing two pairs of panties to also help compress some fluid out. I'm swollen in some funny places but am hopeful that I'll start seeing some big differences after the weekend??

Finally got my drains out!

I am finally feeling a LOT BETTER, most likely due to my drains finally coming out today. It was a long week and a half. I meet with Dr. Weiler next Thursday (after Halloween) and am working on compressing all this fluid out of my body. 5 min massages 5x a day until then. Wearing tights under my garment to try to get rid of what looks like an adverse reaction to my garment material on my thighs. I hope this works. I'm ready for all this swollen, redness to disappear. Really falling in love with my shape more and more every day. I'm really glad I stuck with my doctor despite my difficulties in the beginning. Above all else I'm grateful to be on the other side, recovering from my tt and BBL. Cheers to my old body for getting me this far, and cheers to my new body that I know is going to be so so beautiful thanks to Dr. Weiler.
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I haven't met dr. Weiler yet. I will say that the women in his office make his job easy! **update from pre-op** Dr. Weiler is a nice man, but will not negotiate on a price, even if you show him another quote. His consultant Amanda would barely budge for a 500$ discount. Very very disheartened, but surgeries are paid in full and scheduled oct 12th.

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