Lower Body Lift Scheduled April 9th 2012 Wichita, KS

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Hi everyone :) My name is Monica and I am 43 years...

Hi everyone :) My name is Monica and I am 43 years old.I have 2 grown children and am currently raising one of my grandaughters who is the love of my life. I have been wanting a TT for two years now!! However, my fears are holding me back.

I am a heavy smoker and have been for many years. I have had 4 consultations and I believe I have found the best PS in my area.I have studied and reasearched TT and continue to do so. I have read some very good stories and some horrible stories as well. My PS said I need to quit one month in advance and continue to be smoke freee for at least another month after surgery for healing time. I do not have a problem with that,I am just afraid of the damage I have done to my body and if there will be complications during surgery and after from smoking.

In 2009 I lost a little under 100 pounds on my own. Mainly cut back on foods and stopped drinking pop. My highest weight was 230 pounds. After getting down to 134 I was very worried about the way I looked. My face seemed sunken and I just didn't look healthy. I have managed to gain 22 pounds which puts me at 156 pounds. I look so much better, my face is full and I have regained some of my breasts back, that were simply nothing at 134. Putting on 22 pounds has left my stomach looking full. I hated it before because of all the saggy skin but now it sticks out so bad. I really want a TT with lipo and some lipo done on my thighs as well.

My biggest concern is blood clots and my age worries me some too.I have read on here that so many women just rest and rest. I read somewhere that you should get up and walk every hour to prevent blood clots. What is the best way to prevent blood clots? Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated as I am afraid I will back out again due to my fears.This would be the 3rd time. Thanks :)

And by the way, you all look so great with your new tummys!! I would LOVE to have that as well.

Well, 11 days until my consult. I am still...

Well, 11 days until my consult. I am still smoking, sad to say but am trying to cut down. It's so hard!! I may be having a lower body lift now instead of the original plan of a TT. I have so much loose flabby skin and some fat around areas that I would like to get rid of.. Lipo is definitely looking like something I will be doing as well. My gosh!! For someone being SO scared of a TT now I'm jumping in to somthing bigger!! I bought a black dress and it's so darn cute but too small for me at the moment. I believe that dress is the culprit!!

Hello all :) Time to update!! I am scheduled for a...

Hello all :) Time to update!! I am scheduled for a lower body lift on April 9th 2012 :) Have already put my 10% down and my last appointment will be Friday March 23rd. Next time I see my PS it will be in the OR room... I am like a wet noodle. Nerves are in high gear but I'm so ready to get rid of this extra skin!! I will TRY and post my before pics if I can figure out how to do it, then after surgery I will post some of me in the hospital and then at home :) It has taken me 3 years to get up enough will power to finally do this. I am soooo excited!!
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