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I am a 26 year old SAHM with two children ages 7...

I am a 26 year old SAHM with two children ages 7 and 2 1/2 and I have been waiting soooo long to get this procedure. Like so many of you, I struggle with my body image and my confidence has been shot ever since baby # 2. I hate hearing people say " Oh just do some crunches"... or "change your diet". What's worse is when people say " You're so pretty, you should model". When that happens, all I can think about is me showing up to a casting call and being asked to show a recent full body shot and running out of there crying. So... my journey shall begin on March 7, 2014 where I will be receiving a full tummy tuck with no lipo and also a hernia repair.

post op day 1

Very painful. Less stomach ache and more at insision. I am in and out of conscienceness.

Post op day 2

Much much better. I can honestly say that the pain pump makes a huge difference. I am still hunched over and my compression garment goes up too high, it is irritating my boobs. I still have not taken the compression garment off so I cannot tell what I look like yet. I am fine with that though. I must say that on day one I felt so nauseated, and I am not a throw up person...i do not vomit, but could have easily if I let myself.

3 days post op

So day 3 is muuuuch better! I can feel my pain pump is almost empty and I can walk around more straight and also lie down somewhat. I have not showered since and am scared to...since I'm living a sedentary lifestyle, sponge bathing is fine for now. Still swollen, but I know this is normal. I can't wait for my belly button and incisions to heal.

day 4 post op

Percoset made me very nauseous so I discontinued today and am on OTC Tylenol. I took my pain pump out myself today as it was empty...let me tell you. This was the strangest thing ever! It did not hurt but I could feel the tubes moving inside of me as I was pulling. Tonight I also feel very emotional. I don't know that it is because of the fact that I cannot laugh or cough or be real person. Or maybe the fact that my kids are scared to touch me and I haven't had a real hug in a while. Idk.

post op day 4

I hate how my Tummy Tuck turned out

So I am 10 months post op and fully healed as far as the scarring. My belly button died and I have no belly button! The doctors and staff said it was because I had an umbilical hernia repair, but I am seeing a lot of reviews of doctors and patients that this is a common procedure and this should not have happened to me. I received a bill from the hospital because they had to put a special cream on it and when I told Via Christi how careless my procedure was, they did not care and I was still billed. I just asked that they take off a portion of my bill and they denied it stating that this is something I should have known would happen. I wanted to further my modeling career and this careless procedure really held me back. I will NEVER recommend Dr. De Splinter (plastic surgeon) or Dr. Vincent (general surgeon).
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