Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

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So I have just scheduled my FTT w/ lipo of the...

So I have just scheduled my FTT w/ lipo of the flanks. I am soooo excited. I have had this saggy panics hanging for quite sometime, and now that I am done having children, I sent a request to have my insurance (Tricare) approve it, and they did! They will be paying for everything but the muscle repair and the liposuction. I will be paying for that out of pocket. So only $1,000.00 out of pocket. Not bad at all!

So I have bought my compression garments, two...

So I have bought my compression garments, two different sizes, one for right after surgery for when I am swollen, and another smaller one for when the swelling decreases.

I've had my doctor already call in Miralax for me, that I will start taking 3 days before surgery, I don't want to end up constipated or straining. I've learned this trick after 3 c-sections. It's gross, but life is so much better when everything just falls out.

I am getting a pain pump, that my lovely insurance is paying for, and the doctor said I will be numb for about 5 days... Which will be nice because I will have a four hour drive home, and I don't want to be miserable.

I have posted some before pictures, so you can see how a tummy tuck will be beneficial. I'm also having liposuction to my flanks, so I really hope it all blends well together, and I hope we can get rid of most of these nasty stretch marks.

So today I had my complete TLH (total laprascopic...

So today I had my complete TLH (total laprascopic hysterectomy), I wish I could have done it in conjunction with my FTT, but my GYN would not let me. Some are comfortable with it and some are not. I was just thinking it would've been a great idea since I'll have a pain pump to keep me numb for 5 days. But oh well!

I know a lot of people think the procedures are too close together, but it has been approved to be okay, as long as I didn't end up needing to be cut open for my HYST. In which I didn't... thank goodness!

I am doing these procedures so close because, I wanted to be able to enjoy my summer. Last summer I was pregnant and miserable, and this year is going to be great.

I will be getting a breast lift with implants around September, but they do not bother me as bad as my stomach does, so I was going to push it off until after the summer. I can't combine my Tummy Tuck, and breasts because I am using a different doctor. My insurance is not paying for those, so I need someone closer, and more reasonable priced....

10 more days until my FTT! I am so excited......

10 more days until my FTT! I am so excited... Still recovering from this hysterectomy, my GYN was very nice to make the port sites incisions very low since he knew I was getting a tummy tuck. He's amazing!

Hello TT ladies... On my way home from surgery. My...

Hello TT ladies... On my way home from surgery. My sister and I drove up from Missouri yesterday evening and got a hotel, for those of you who didn't know I was traveling 4 hours to get my TT...

I got there at 6:30am, we signed some consents, did a upt hcg test, started my IV. Then the doctor came in and marked me, he was in a good mood, funny. I told him all I want to see is skin and bones.... Ha ha.

Well after surgery, he told my sister that he had lipoed 2200 cc! Omg! Amazing!! Well I woke up in so much pain, they have me about 1mg dilauded 4X, and valum. I was still in so much pain we couldn't figure out was wrong... THEN, I ask my nurse, why is this pain so bad, why is the pain pump not working... She said "oh you don't have one". I said OMFG! Are you serious!!! She said I don't know why they didn't put it in. I don't know why either, because I paid for it months in advance and even reminded the doctor.

Well he geniunley forgot, and those retarded nurses didn't list it in my pre-op paperwork! Soooo, he came in and said let me finish one more surgery case, and I will put your pain pump in...

So they put to sleep again, and put my pain pump in. I woke up and I noticed an immediate difference... I felt so much better. Ugh! What a rough rode.

With all that being said, my sister helped me to the bathroom, helped me get dressed, and here we are. Bless her heart she is driving so carefully, it's actually not bad at all. But this is one of the main reasons why I wanted this pain pump...

So I had my sister take a few pictures one of me lying down, and then sitting up. I will take more once I get to take the compression garment off in a few days...

Thank you so much for the sweet words girls... So...

Thank you so much for the sweet words girls... So today is PO Day 1: omg! Come kill me! I hurt so bad, this outdoes any of my c-sections... So my husband and my sister helped me clean up, we changed my undies, pants, and sports bra, that all went well. My husband emptied my drains, and then we took of my compression garment because for one, it was riding up and needed to be lowered, and I'm short, only 5'3 and this garment is all the way to my hips and then halfway up my boobs and still has wrinkles in it. So my sister took it off and cut about an inch of the garment. When she took it off, I instantly turned ghost white, started gagging to throw up, and my whole upper half of my body went completely numb and paralyzed. I couldn't even control my finders, they were folding and closing up on themselves. It actually really scared me... I just started crying. I made them hurry up and throw it back on and adjust it once I got back in the recliner. Well I want to say I regret this, but I know I won't soon. It is just so miserable, I don't know how you girls did it... I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this is like a whole new level... I have another photo, but still bandaged up...

Post Op D3: well I have made it without dying! Ha...

Post Op D3: well I have made it without dying! Ha ha... I can easily get up and go pee "alone", and I am able to adjust my CG alone as well. Major improvements for me...

I have not had anymore episodes of being light headed, or wanting to throw up. I did have really bad heartburn when I woke up, I think because I had eaten A-1 sauce and the CG kind of squeezes everything so I assumed it was for that reason. So I have just decided no heartburn foods for awhile...

I took of all my bandages off gently, if felt really weird because I am numb everywhere. So not too bad. I took some pictures... So amazing! I know I still have a lot of healing to do. I'm still really swollen, but I'm so happy. I wanted to cry.

PO D: 4 I feel really good. So thankful for...

PO D: 4

I feel really good. So thankful for these pain pills! Lol. My on-Q pain pump was finished this morning, so I gently pulled it out. It was not held in by stitches or anything, it was just held in place by tape... Did not feel it at all coming out, which made me very happy. I changed my dressings and put that compression garment right back on. I have not managed taking a shower yet like some ladies, just because there is still so much attached to me that I don't want it getting wet. I have washed "important parts", and have leaned over in the sink for my husband to wash my hair, but that's about it...

I am empting my drains out every 12 hours, just to keep an easy log of the 24 hr period. I'm empting about 30 on the L still, and about 10 on the R... So I hoping when I see him on 10 PO, I will get them out. They sure are a pain. They don't hurt or anything, just annoying! The nurse did say that once the pain pump was out that I will notice a big decrease in fluid. Otherwise, I'm glad I got this pain pump, it really helped the first 3 1/2 days of pain, and my pain pills of course...

PO D: 5 Wow! I feel great. Have been all day....

PO D: 5

Wow! I feel great. Have been all day. Not a lot of pain at all, and just staying on top of pain pills. Even took my son to his dentist appointment. All the girls their complimented me. :-) love it! So my husband drained both JP drains this morning and there was about 20cc out of both in a 24 hour period. So I got to take one drain out earlier! Yay! Can't believe it, only after 5 days! They said wait another 24 hrs and if the other still puts out less than 30cc then I can pull it tomorrow as well. So excited! I was really dreading having these drains for weeks like some girls, but I get to get rid of them sooner. The doctor told me that some women just produce more fluid than others, while other women heal slower. Go me! Ha ha... Btw, the drain did not hurt at all coming out, I wanted to throw up at the thought of it coming out of my skin, so I had my sister gently pull it out. She did have to cut one suture that was holding it in place, and then it slid right out. I have to tell you I am so looking forward to taking a shower once I take this other one out... I will post pictures tonight when I clean up...


Well today I did pull out the last drain myself, I only emptied out about 20cc in a 24 hour period, so I went ahead and waited another 6 hrs after that and made sure, even did a little more walking than usual because I don't want to end up with a seroma. Well nothing folks, so I pulled it right out! This one felt really gross coming out because I could feel it from way up inside, but it didn't hurt. I did pull my out very very slowly and gently, so don't ever just let someone yank those things out of you!

I am still so very swollen, slim but swollen. My stomach above the incision is quite large and I can't wait for it to go down. I felt my flanks and back and it feels like I have rocks underneath my skin, that's how bumpy and hard it is. My husband said "it looks like you have love handles"... I said what! No I do not, I'm swollen, he laughed and said I know I was just saying, I pointed for him to leave the room! Ha ha

I do have a few blisters on my skin from the tape they used on me, I hate that my skin is sensitive. I go to see him on Monday so I am going to ask him to take these steri strips off and put something else on, because I'm just dying from this itching and irritation. I also have been still taking that Miralax 3 times a day, and I can tell you from day one, I have not had any issues with gas, constipation, pushing, bloating, absolutely nothing! Best advise ever given to me! But anyways girlies, I'll post new pictures when I see him next week. Happy healing to all of you, and thanks for the thoughts, prayers and compliments of all! :-)

PO Day 7 photos

9 days PO.

I am feeling pretty good. I can get up and down by myself. I still can't shower by myself, my hubby gets in their with me and scrubs me down. Ha ha.

I've still been taking my pain pills, they must work pretty well because I don't even hurt until I wake up in the morning after not taking them 8-10 hours and whoooooo! Do I hurt when I wake up, I am sore everywhere. I feel like I was beat with a bat. It was probably the liposuction why I feel like this.

Otherwise I guess it could always be worse. I would like to take these steri strips off so I hope the doctor does that when I go in tomorrow. They are itching so bad. Also has anyone else had there stomach start to itch everywhere, but when you scratch it you can't seem to get it to go away or get it because you're numb...? Ya, that's the story of my life right now. Itch everywhere, and can't do anything about it!

I've posted a collage just to show you how much the swelling has gone down in a few days, even though I thought it had not. Looking better day by day!

PO Day: 10

Hello TT ladies. Today brings another fabulous day of recovery! Yay!

So this morning I went to the doctor for my 10d PO, and the NP said that I was looking great. She took out the stitches in my belly button which didn't hurt at all btw, everything is still numb. She said I'm really swollen, and I should see it decrease by 80% in another 3 weeks. She did not take off my steri strips! Which made me mad, because I told her they were aggrevating my skin. Well she just; ehhhh and walked away. Well me being a nurse, you know we always get what we want! Ha ha. So I called and asked my PS himself if I could take them off, he said that's fine as long as I was comfortable.

So I took them off one by one, you rub alcohol with a cotton swab if some of you girls want them off after a week as well. They slide right off. Always pull from top down. But anyways; got them off, cleaned the debree off, sure enough some blisters peeling because my skin is so sensetive, but....OMG! It looks amazing. He cut me evenly and perfect, and really took his time with sewing me up. Some parts it doesn't even look as if I was ever cut. He did such an amazing job! I love this man so much, I'm thinking of changing my mind and letting him do my breast augmentation. What's another $800 when you have someone perfecting you. I was going to go with a doctor who was closer who only charges $5800, but this doctor who did my tummy tuck charges $6600 approx...

So I forgot about taking my Miralax for two days, and I am wanting to kick myself in the booty! I'm hurting so bad and I really think its because I cannot go #2... So I drank three capfuls before bed, I can feel my stomach just miserable.

I am down to using hydrocodone during the day around every 5-6 hours, and then take my sleeping pill and a dilauded before bed, just to knock out all the pain and keep me to sleep, so I can function the next day. The doctor told me I should hurt for another week until I won't want anymore pills. So I hope so, because I don't want to take them, but I am a big baby!

Alright girls, I posted a 10 day post op of this nasty scar, take a look and tell me what you think!?!? I've seen worse, so I'm happy.

PO Day: 16

Well I am 16d PO. This is a long recovery! OMG! I'm ready to start working out, moving quicker, but it just feels like its taking forever!!!

CONS: I still cannot lay and role around in bed like a normal person, I still have lots of burning on and off in my stomach. I get hunched over by the end of the day, and still cannot sit myself up. I was released to do cardio, but ya flipping right! I can't even stand longer than 30 min before I have to sit down. I am still very swollen, lots of knots on my hips from lipo, and hard as a rock in muscle area! Errrr, I want to go back to normal already!

PROS: I've lost a total of 18lbs so far. I can dress myself and take a shower by myself. I can walk around and do light picking up, or cleaning, and I am happy I look skinny! Ha ha

In reality, I know it's a long recovery. I am just impatient!

16d PO

21 D PO:

Well 21 days PO. I feel ok...... Wish I could roll in bed and sleep on my sides, or my stomach. It's getting old. I was up crying last night because it was 4:00am, and I still wasn't asleep, and I was so tired. Hurting on a constant bases sure does get old quick. You defanantly have to stay positive or it will eat at you.

Today was my husbands first day back at work, and I am very unhappy because without his help it is going to be hard. Good thing he only does "3" 12hr shifts. I like having help when I need it, or someone to keep up with the chores and kids! Well I guess it will just all wait until he is off on Monday. Because I am not killing myself just to clean up.

I do not know how woman are even working out! I went swimming or I can say I tried. When I tried to actually "swim" I could even do it because of these darn stomach muscles being so freakin sore. I swear I am going to have a 12 pack under here by the time the swelling goes down! That's how I feel, I feel like he did too much work under there! Ha ha

I am still very swollen, and hope that my scar is going to drop. Because on one side I can hide it, and on the other side I cannot. And I can tell you I already want a revision. Also, my belly button is cute and round yet it looks like I have a nipple on the inside of it, not cute! Started out small, but is bigger now. So I will be bringing that to his attention as well. Also, I don't get it because my stomach is so tight that I can't even stretch "straight" yet, but when I like sit down on the toilet, the part of my stomach above the incision hangs over and bulges out?!? Wth!?! I thought our goal was to get rid of a dunlap?!? I hope it's just related to swelling. I can tell you right now if these issues are not resolved I will be wanting a revision. Which he said he will do them until I am completely happy!! So he's wonderful and guarantees his fabulous work!

4.5 months post op

Hello ladies... While I haven't forgotten about posting, it has been the least of my "to do" list, with so much going on... Since I have last posted, I have maintained my weight, and had a revision as well. My hips still had that little bit of dog ear going on so I had him remove it. So he did it right there in office, which he took another 4" off each side. Wasn't the most pleasant thing, since I don't seem to get numb all the way, but I survived. Now my hips go down nicely. I have now planned on having the gastric sleev done, because I just cannot loose this weight, and I don't want to risk getting any bigger since I have went through all this. So I plan on doing that very very soon. My stomach muscles still get very swollen at the end of the day after working and dealing with toddlers, and sometimes it feels like I have done 100 sit ups, but it's not bad. I am hoping this ends soon. I'm tired of looking like a puff ball by the end of the night....

5 month PO pictures

Alright ladies. Here are new photos, now mind you I'm still general just fat, but that will be fixed soon!

6 Month photo!!!

Loving this new tummy! 6 months out! Still swollen though.

One (1) Year Out!

Well ladies. I am one year out, and let me tell you it has been a long one. Yet it has been a rewarding one. There has been some up's and down's, but compared to where I started from, I hate noticing and pointing out all the down's.

So let me begin: At one year out, my stomach muscles are still sore if I do too much, I was told this is normal and after researching other women's results, I find it is very common as well. if I do too much throughout the day, if I lay down and then try to sit straight up, it is almost impossible, it feels as though I just did a bunch of sit ups. my stomach on the other hand is very firm and tight, and I feel my abs! Ha Ha... I did go back to my PS about 5 months PO, and asked him to get rid of the dog ears, he ended up extending the scar about 4 inch, and it took care of everything. I would ultimately like a scar revision, and will be getting that after weight loss surgery, so that if anything else needs to be pulled tight it can be done all at once. I know some of you are thinking, why get weight loss after a tummy tuck. Well, my stomach is pulled so tight, I don't see there being much changed. My close friend did it the same way and she looks great. In fact it made her stomach look more natural, with some lax in it. So I like that idea more. So back to my TT. I did see a new PS because I moved from Missouri to Texas, and he is going to be doing my breasts, and scar revision when I am ready. he looked at my belly button from my TT and was not happy about it. He said "I cant believe he did that to your belly button"... it made me pretty upset. because I do have rail road tracks around my belly button, so this doctor is so amazing, he is doing it for free when he does my breasts tomorrow... I am not going to post anymore pictures for the one year update because I look the same as my last update, scar has not changed either. So I am leaving that one a lone for now.

So in conclusion, it was very worth it. I am just picky now, because woman I think in general seek perfection. But I am happy. some minor corrections, but nothing major. I am having my breasts done tomorrow, so I will be posting a new blog with my breast lift journey, after I am having done having weight loss surgery and once I reach my goal weight, I will then reevaluate what size implant to get because I want to look natural. I wanted the lift to heal, so that it's not wanting to split with an implant shoved in their. THEN, I will have my TT scar revision. And then I AM DONE! WHOOOO! so much going on in a year!
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

I chose this provider after meeting with him of course. Also because he is a Tricare contracted provider.

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