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I am 5'4, 180 lbs. I am an apple shape, so I carry...

I am 5'4, 180 lbs. I am an apple shape, so I carry most of my weight in the middle. I have been over weight since my c section 13 years ago. I have been exercising 4 days a week, eating limited carbs, and stopped drinking pop over the last 3 years. No matter what I do, my legs get smaller, my arms get smaller, and my darn belly and boobs, just won't budge! It is sooooo frustrating! Because of my shape, people always ask when I am due! My turning point was 2 years ago. My daughter (who is an only child), was asked by her Dr. if she was getting a baby brother or a baby sister. She was so confused and looked a little happy, as if I was keeping a secret from her! I politely told the Dr. that I wasn't pregnant! She looked at me, embarassed and said, "Oh I was thinking of another patient!", as she was eyeing my tummy! I was mortified, and cried that night at home. I also had to tell my child, I wasn't having a baby!!!

So since then, I have started to look into tummy tucks. I researched all the doctors in my area, and chose 2 for consultations. I chose Dr. Rieger, because he had an excellent personality, and didn't make me feel uncomfortable. He also had great reviews on many different sites I googled.
My only fears are.....1. I am on the high end of the weight scale, and am terrifed of complications due to that. My PS said that my BMI is 30, which is the cut off for a TT. I feel like I barely made it! #2. He doesn't have his patients wear a compression garment. He said that it causes lumps in the skin and adds more pain for the patient than is necessary. Practically everyone on here has to wear one, so I am scared I will get a clot or lots of crazy swelling that could have been prevented. #3. I work in a busy hospital, pushing beds, carts, wheelchairs, heavy xray equiptment etc. I was only allowed to take 5 weeks off. I was told I had to come back at 100%, or not at all! That terrifies me, as I have been here 9 years! #4 The amount of time that I will be under freaks me out. I work in the operating room, and probably know a little too much for my own good! #5 I take Lexapro, and have read that people die taking pain meds with Lexapro or Celexa, that is prescribed by their doctors. #6 I read too much on here and the internet, and only the bad things seem to be running through my head!!! My surgery is scheduled for April 19, and I am already having nightmares and anxiety about dying on the table or of a blood clot, leaving behind my little girl for vanity!
On the other side of the spectrum, I am excited to be able to wear cute panties, and be able to tuck in my shirt and wear a cute belt. I have tried on so many cute shirts, only to have the look ruined by my pooch sticking out! I also go on vacations in the summer, and have to wear my mom swimsuit with the skirt, while hanging out with my friends in bikinis. Errrrrr! I wished I looked cute just wearing a 1 piece!!!! lol I know that having this done, will boost my confidence and make working out seem worth it! Right now, the more I work out, the hangier my fat apron gets!!! Not cute!
I look forward to chatting with people with the same fears etc. and who will be having their surgeries soon, like me. I am sooooo glad I found this site, as I feel like I am boring people with my countless TT talk! lol

So my surgery is next Friday and my pre op is...

So my surgery is next Friday and my pre op is tomorrow. The surgery center just called me and informed me my surgery is gonna be done in Andover, which is even further from my house than the center I booked in Wichita over a month ago!! A little ticked about it, but I don't want to change my date. They also asked me if I had a living will or advanced directive. I know they have to ask every surgery patient this, but now I am totally freaking out. I keep wondering if I should just cancel it, and just be glad I have a man who loves me the way I look now. At least I am alive to take care of my child etc....but then I feel sad about my tummy and know that I will regret it years to come if I don't take this chance now! People are saying, "if you have that much anxiety about it, then you shouldn't do it!"......That's real supportive and encouraging! OMG. I am so scared!

This morning was my surgery. Everything went...

This morning was my surgery. Everything went really well! So far, knock on wood, I don't really have much pain. My c section hurt a lot worse! I have been taking Percocet though, so that may be why! I have been walking down the hall and back at the hospital every hour. It was tough the first 2 times, but has gotten a lot easier! Thank God for answered prayers! One thing I read on here was to bring a soft blanket and neck pillow. I am soooooo glad I took that advice. My neck was soooo sore for a while and my hubby brought in that neck pillow. It was a God send! My neck feels much better! The only thing I had problems with is coming off anesthesia, I had the chills and dry heaves and my head was spinning! I also could not wake up! When I ate lunch, I could only eat a jello cup, and then I was stuffed! Well, gonna take my pain pill and go to sleep! Happy healing tt sisters, I am now on the flat side! Yippee!

Day 2. I feel a lot more pain, but it's tolerable...

Day 2. I feel a lot more pain, but it's tolerable with Percocett on board. Driving an hour home was tough. We had to stop the car once so I could walk around, per doctor's orders. I look like I'm pregnant, but my mom says that even with the swelling, I look like a tinier person!! Yay! I never got a compression garment or binder, and I'm glad I didn't. The thought of wearing anything over my tummy freaks me out! I didn't wear the clothes I packed for my hospital stay. I ended up wearing an ankle length nightgown with a robe over it. No bra or underwear. Happy healing girls! I'm exhausted so I'm gonna sleep for now.

Well today is PO day 3. I haven't taken any pain...

Well today is PO day 3. I haven't taken any pain meds for the last 17 hours, and surprisingly the pain isn't that bad. The only tender spots are where the drain is stitched to my sides, and the purple bruised lipo areas. I still haven't had a BM and that is even with taking MOM and stool softeners! Ugh! I hope it comes soon, and without pain! I have had a cough since surgery and that stung bad. Now, I just put my pillow firmly to my tummy when I cough, and that is much better! I'm not sure when I can get my incision wet with a shower, so today I did a sponge bath and cleaned the important parts. I then knelt to the floor, hung my head over the bathtub and used my hand held shower sprayer to wash my hair. Kind of sore getting back up, but I feel sooo much better!

Well today is PO 5. Last night was the first night...

Well today is PO 5. Last night was the first night I didn't sleep well. My hips, legs, butt and back hurt so bad from being in a recliner so much. I even try to get up and walk around every 2 hours. I finally lowered myself to the floor and layed flat on my back with my knees bent and a pillow under my head. I never thought a hard floor would feel sooooo good! I layed there for 45 min then had my hubby help me up! That totally did the trick and I was able to sleep the rest of the night! I also started feeling a little weepy for the first time. I love the way I look, even swollen, but I am so tired of being confined to a recliner and there is only so much reading and watching tv I can do! I know it's only been 5 days out, but I just want to be able to put on normal clothes and go drive around or go someplace! I started taking Bromelain yesterday, and broke out in a itchy rash across my neck and chest. :( Guess I'm allergic to it, so that sucks! On a good and positive note, I went through my closet yesterday, and put on a jacket that I could never zip, and it zipped up with room to spare! I then tried on some of my tighter shirts that I haven't worn in 3 years and they were loose and looked good! :) yipee. I am also down 2 1/2 pounds since my surgery day! I pray for all my tt sisters, and wish you all the best! *hugs* I will post pics soon, but since I never got a binder or garment to wear, I feel my swelling is more than most girls on here.

Tonight I thought it would be a good idea to walk...

Tonight I thought it would be a good idea to walk 1/2 mile on my treadmill! Bad, bad, bad idea! I am swollen bigger than I have ever been in this process and I feel like I could split my stitches wide open, if I sit up to straight!

POD12! I am pretty much pain free, except for when...

POD12! I am pretty much pain free, except for when I touch my tummy. Then it is a little sore. I really wish I could get these darn drains out, but my left one is still draining too much! Very frustrating as it is hard to wear pants or most of my shirts without having a hard time concealing them. I am getting frustrated, because I think I look bigger now then I did POD3! I feel like I look pregnant and it is very firm and hard to the touch! It kind of brings me down and I keep thinking maybe the PS didn't take enough! This site helps me bring it into perspective though. I know other girls who are farther along this path than me, and feel the same way! I do look pretty good in sundresses though and have been living in them! They are easy to pin the drains up underneathe! Not sure when we are really supposed to have sex, but I did it with my hubby last night, and it didn't hurt at all! :)This is probably too much info for some, but the trick is to put about 3 pillows under your tummy and get on all fours and do it doggy style! Just tell your man to be gentle. Ok, enough about that subject, I wish everyone the best and happy healing!
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

I had 2 consultations and liked Dr. Rieger the best. He was a little more pricey, (by $1,000), but had great bedside manner and answered all of my questions and concerns. He also had some of the best ratings I could find on the internet, of all the plastic surgeons in Wichita. I found out later, that he did 2 people I work with and they were very pleased with his work! The 1st PS I went to, had horrible ratings dealing with infections, etc. So, I guess you get what you pay for.

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