35 Years Old, 4 Children, 100lbs Before Kids.. Highest at 180 Lbs, Pre Surgery Weight Was 141.5 Lbs - Wichita, KS

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After 4 kids , 14,12,9,and a 2 years old...left my...

After 4 kids , 14,12,9,and a 2 years old...left my body in such a flappy and gross stage .. I just wanted the excess skin gone ... I want to feel better about myself fir a change ...

Since I had shoulder surgery on November 17, 2014 and about a month off .. I wanted to also schedule my tummy tuck before my shoulder surgery so I can have time to heal within 6 weeks... Figured it will be my only time in my life that I will be able to do the tummy surgery

4 weeks post op.. Still hunched

I ended up with very bad Seroma at 2 weeks... The Seroma made a hole in the incision and oozed itself out.. I was wondering why at 2 weeks I was in such great pain.. And wasn't able to walk at all without help to and from bathroom.. I went to my ps that Monday after the Seroma oozed out for at least 30 minutes... In the office they squeezed more Seroma out... The next day I felt so much better.. And after a week.. The hole haled up... Am at 4 weeks now and feeling somewhat better and less pain.. Trying to stretch more and straighten my back so I can stand up straight...

I also started scar silicone therapy... I bought 2 strips from the PS office... And I also bought the scar away ones from walmart--- much cheaper and it doesn't give out a smell like the clear ones from the ps office..

Puckering at the end of incision???

Anyone have puckering at the end of the incision... I had penrose drain-- will this puckering flatten out and how long til it does???

I've lost 12lbs...PS said my healing progress is the slowest that he had ever seen

5weeks po

Am still very swollen around my incision area and Mons pubis ... Still slightly hunched too! Hoping to be straight soon!

BB is red! And yes I finally drove!!!

I don't know why at 5 weeks my BB and my incision at the mons is red!!! Did I mentioned-- I really hate my stretchmarks-- I think since my tt I got new stretchmarks too!! I have stretchmarks from my boobs to my knees!!!!

2x of missed menstrual.. And still hunched for almost 6 weeks PO

This will be the 2nd months that I have had a missed period since my TT... I know my body has been through quite a trauma but am beginning to get worried.. And also I will be 6 weeks out this Tuesday and am still in pain and not standing straight yet..am still a hunchback!!! Any of these issues RS ladies have experienced ? Pkease met me know.. I need some peace if mind-- am going crazy with worries regarding my slow healing!!!! Please helpppp!

6weeks .. Am beyond swollen!!!!

Am a few days shy of my 6 weeks PO... My swelling last few days but especially today has been extremely bad... I look like am 4 months pregnant

6 weeks post op...

My tt journey at 6 weeks po haven't been like the typical journey due to all the issues I have been having ... Still bent over and still not able to walk without out of breaths or pain for very long time... My incisions along the mons have slightly opened up up again and had slight drainage so therefor I have been on a lot of pain down there... I feel my results aren't where I want them to be... My sides where the incision ends are so swollen n has puckering/pleating... I have not been able to fit into my pants without feeling pain or it's too swollen ... So black tights or pj pants have been my wardrobe daily ... I hope to have the swelling go down, back straight, sleeping in my own bed, picking up my youngest baby and tt results looking fabulous in the near future...

Late upload...7 weeks on 12-23-2014

At 7 weeks am slowly am able to almost stand straight... I have less pain now than prior... Still have Odin in lower areas by incisions.. My mons incision n my right incisions still bleed due to the opened incision... I used maxi pads them...I finally started my menstrual few days ago... At 7 weeks am a little less swollen also ... My incision is still red...

I know that the results will only get better....can't wait until am completely healed... Still sleeping in recliner..

9 weeks post op...

9 weeks today... Am able to walk a lot more but my back is not back to 100% straight yet... But after a day with lots of standing and walking am pretty much completely sore and in pain by the evening .. Last few days I tried sleeping in my bed and waking up I have the worse back pain ever... My stomach still hurt to touch bad to cough... I still feel that stretching feeling ... My scar is still also hurting and some areas are starting to scab over again.. Hopefully no more opened incision again...

All and all am very happy with my result.. Wish that I didn't have so many old and new stretchmarks along my new belly and them old water blister scars...and that my flanks were more lipo off and my belly button was a little smaller n deeper ... And lastly my scars n bb gets lighter... I cannot wait until 100% painfree n back to normal...

This has been a longggg journey!!!

Scar silicon therapy

Am restarting my scar therapy again since now my incision isn't opening up again or scabbing

10 weeks.. Sleeping on recliner still

I've been trying to sleep in my bed.. Omg my back hurts so bad... Am turning n twisting to get comfortable.. Since both my sides where the incision end are both sore.... Hope this healing will be completely over soon... I need to get back to wrk n school schedule next week...

13 weeks

I will go in to see my PS tomorrow.. I still have a hard swelling above my mons and below my belly button-which am assuming is Seroma...My belly still hurts and very tender- sides where incisions are still sore.. My incisions seem to be healing so slow...
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

I went to 3 other consultation ... Poggi, schoonover, and decided to go with dr. Shaw... He made me felt comfortable and answered all my questions ...his staff is so friendly and returned my calls

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