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I have been through a long hard 8 month journey to...

I have been through a long hard 8 month journey to get approved for sleeve surgery. I finally was approved on friday!!! For those of you questioning what weight the insurance looks at, it is the first weight from your surgeons office. ( at least my ins). I made the unfortunate mistake of losing a little weight before seeing him and it created problems with ins. I was a bmi of 39.8 and needed to be 40! I had to put on weight and re weigh for a medical review! By this time I had lost more and had to put 15 pounds back on, I think it's a shame, nothing made me different from 39.8 to 40 except insurance.
So anyways, here I am approved and excited and ready to roll. I see the surgeon this next week, will start my 2 week pre op diet and have surgery. I do have to say I'm a little nervous of the new road ahead. I could use some feedback and encouragement for this new life. I'm going to try and post my before pics.
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Preop on friday!

Made my Pre op appt for friday! This is really happening lol. Bought all my vitamins this weekend. What else will I need besides protein drinks when I come home? Any suggestions will be great. Can't believe I'm so close!

did anyone where compression clothing after vsg

I'm wondering how many sleevers started wearing compression clothing after surgery to help hold the skin in. Can you tell me what your favorite brand is, and when you started to wear it? Thanks y'all, I'm just trying to get prepared while I wait out these next couple of weeks.

Pre op tomorrow, why am i so nervous??

I go for pre op tomorrow and to set up my actual surgery date. Im so dang nervous!! It's not like it's actually surgery day, so why am I feeling so nervous?? Did anyone else freak out at this appt? So weird, I think I need a xanax lol

Set my date!!!

Went for pre op appt yesterday and set the date for March 7th! I start liquid diet on Monday. Thanks everyone for all the help and ideas! Keep them coming! So excited!
BW 260
Current 242

Date change and i need some help!

Had to change my surgery date to a week later due to a conference i'm hosting at work (duh) I was so excited I completely forgot about it! Anyway...I cannot seem to quit smoking! I know I know, it's bad, but I just can't seem to finally quit. I'm down to 3 a day and it seems I should just be able to put it down, but I just can't seem too. I keep thinking of everything I'm giving up already and ARGGGGHHH. Anyone please chime in! I have to be completely quit by tues. No patches no cigs Lord help me!

Day 2 of pre surgery hungry

Day 2 of pre surgery diet and I'm hungry lol. I am allowed 1200 calories per day. I can't do sugar and very minimal carbs, and let say, I knew I had a problem, but didn't realize how big of one or how consuming of one I had. Hi my name is Megan and I'm a sugar addict....anyway...I'm doing well, just can't believe how badly I think I want sweets. And I am soooo tired! I'm hoping I'll feel better soon, going to take a nap now, how soon will this pass?

Day 4 of preop diet

Finally today I don't feel starved! I'm really not hungry, but, I'm sooooo bloated!! Why oh why? My tummy hurts and gas is so bad my dogs won't sit next to me lmao, any ideas? Anyone else have this?

Day 5 pre op. I said i might eat my grandson

My grandson who lives with us (he's 7) came in to give me hugs after breakfast this morning and his breath smelled like pancakes and sausage, OMG, I had to turn my head and ask him to leave before I took a bite lol that was aweful!! My hubby was laughing so hard, I guess teeth brushing before morning hugs will have to be in order lol talk about food addiction!! I am down 2.2 pounds in 5 days, so I guess I'm on the right track. Lord help me!!! Anyone have that problem?

Day 7 preop

Well no milk...apparently that's the bloat problem. I do so great all day, not starving and them bam! Bed time and I'm starving, what the heck? I'm fighting it, but that for me is the hardest.

2 days to go!! Lots to do

U can't believe how fast this last week has gone. Let me catch you up. I was having a rough time at night with being hungry, not really hungry but super craving sweets. I talked to the nutritionist and she added one more protein drink to my day. That worked perfect! I dropped more weight and had more energy. I did have a problem with my Pre admission and patient advocate person. My Dr let me do all my labs at my hospital as I live 3 hours away. No one put in a note that they did this do preadmit called the pt advocate called and after 2 hours of me calling back and forth between them and my Dr we got it sorted out. I was getting worried that this was all going to crumble around me. So, 2 days, I do bowel cleanse tomorrow (blech) I'll let you all know how it goes.

Day before surgery

Liquids all day...not to bad actually. Bowel cleanse...the worst lol. I really want to go for a walk it's 76 and sunny outside, but can't leave more than a few feet from the toilet, bummer. Super excited for tomorrow! I didn't pack a whole lot after reading another thread about what to bring, I'll let you know how that goes. Put me in your prayers and I promise I'll update as soon as possible after surgery. See you on the other side!

Morning of surgery

I finally was able to get to sleep about 8pm after the bowel prep stopped doing its magic lol. I woke up at 345 and can't get back to sleep. I'm nervous and excited, mostly just want to get this going. I don't have to be to hospital until 8, so just trying to keep calm. I am very thirsty, I'm sure it's from yesterday's prep. I have been putting water in my mouth and spitting it out just to keep my tongue from being so dry. I was wondering how many people get to this day and back out, my mind is fighting with me about what is about to hapoe, I'm not about to back out, but I can see how easily some people could talk themselves out of it on actual surgery day, it's very real that it is happening!

Sleeved and rough night

Finally did it!! I'm still here trying to get down an ounce of water lol. I was very nauseous all night. I didn't sleep. I had a panic attack. I threw up during the xray, but now finally I'm feeling a little better. I have panic disorder already so that was not my friend, they kept me in anti nausea meds well until this am when I had to drink the barium for xray, but, I felt way better after! I'm a little sore, not too bad really. The gas is the worst, bloated to the moon lol. I've walked some but not enough, just feeling so yucky! Honestly it's all the hook ups with I'd and oxygen and leg massagers, to much for me. My back is killing me. I used the narcotic pump until 11 last night and figured it was one reason I wasn't feeling great. They have me Tylenol the rest of the night.
So the getting in of this cannot take anymore than a sip, it hurts, like swallowing a rock hurts. Took me the whole hour to get it in. I will say I'm not the least bit hungry. Haven't had good for 3 days but don't want any. The water is perfect! I can see getting in all my fluids will be a problem lol. That's it for now. I'll update in a couple days how home life is.

Day 3 post op

Doing so much better!! A lot of the gas has finally gone and that is making getting fluids down so much easier!! I slept pretty well last finally and I'm peeing like normal. My inisions are sore but nothing drastic. Will go to the store for a short trip today. Thank you everybody for your prayers and words of encouragement, you have no idea how important they all were. I'll keep updating as I go.

5 day post op..freezing

Ok everyone it's day 5 and I'm feeling better, yah!! I found a clear protein drink called lift that is high protein low carb. It has really helped.
About the freezibg, I cannot stay warm. I have read many posts about this so I knew it could happen, but geeze, I'm taking many hot baths (keeping incisions dry) just to keep warm. I have never been cold this is new. I am walking lots and lots but that doesn't help with the cold.
I've finally learned how much I can sip at a time without pain and that has made a HUGE difference in how much I can get down now. I can finally get in 40 oz for the day, just trying to increase every day.
Let's talk about hunger. I am not hungry at all. I don't think I could put food in if you paid me lol. But, all I think about is food! So strange. I don't want it but it is always always on my mind.
Ok so weight loss..right before surgery I was 237. Right when I got home I was 258, yes that much up, they constantly pump you full of fluid. Today im at 234. Soo it does come off lol. I am attaching pics of incisions, they are healing great, but they are way bigger than I was expecting. My gallbladder incisions were tiny compared to this. That is all for now sleevers!

Day 6 post op...put it back

Ok I'm not totally regretting my decision, but I will say if a magic fairy came along and offered to painlessly put my stomach back I would think long and hard. I went to town today and all I wanted was a burger, how simple life was, pork down whatever, don't think about it, repeat. Them I look in the mirror, oh yeah, I remember why. So piti party of one..ding! Really I know it's going to be better. After a lifetime of bad choices I'm facing it straight in the face.
I am attaching a pic of the lift drink I was talking about yesterday.
Hope all my sleevers are doing wonderful, hugs to y'all!

Day 9 and full liquid diet

Saw my Dr on tues and everything looks great! Lost 9 pounds in a week...WHAT:) he said don't worry about the scale just worry about nutrition. So up to full liquids I went. Its actually really hard to drink protein shakes, they fill you up sooo dang fast. Takes me half a day to get one down.
I will say I am no longer feeezing!! Yay! I think it's the added protein. I still don't have a whole lot of energy but as I get more in me this should help.
Not a bunch to report right now, just trucking along :) will update in a couple days!

19 days post op doing great!

Sorry it's been awhile, trying to fit in work and sleeve life lol I started a blog also about this journey if y'all want to read it I am doing so much better. I finished a week at work going half days. I can now get in more exercise daily too. I've got myself on a schedule for eating and drinking which really helps! Here's my stats
Start of journey: 243
Day of surgery: 238
Today: 222
That's 16 pounds gone!!! So excited!
I still can't eat much beyond yogurt. Anything with more texture and only 3 votes can get down before I have pain, no matter how slow I go. I know this will get better so I'm not pushing it. How are you all doing?

24 days post op

Had my check up today and everything is great! I'm down 22 pounds! I went back to full time this week and it was a challenge at first but by Thursday I was feeling pretty good. I also started walking on my treadmill. I can do 2.5 miles for now. It stalled me but that was expected. In not going to panic. I have lost so many inches im down 2 sizes and my belly is so much flatter!
Still struggling with eating slowly. Toughest part. I usually end up in pain and then I'm done lol

3 months out down 62!

Wow it's been awhile. Hey ya'll. I'm doing great! I can't believe I'm down 62 pounds! Seriously never thought I'd see the day lol. Keeping in ketosis and still struggling to get on enough water, but I take it ounce by ounce.
I still can't eat more than 1/2 cup a5 a time and do 2 protein shakes a day but my Dr is fine with that so, so am I:) here are my stats
HW 146
Day of 138
Today 184
Whoop whoop
If you have any questions ask away!
Wichita Bariatric Surgeon

Dr howes has been amazing! His team has been here for me every step of the way and answer any questions I have.

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