My Experience with Restylane - Wichita, KS

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I had my lips injected with Restalyne. I had it...

I had my lips injected with Restalyne. I had it done 4 days ago. I did it for MY SELF ESTEEM. No one else. I have thin lips, and I'm 27 and was tired of being told I looked like a little kid. I have a young looking face, and I have always thought that poutier lips were sexy.

I made a decision to get it done. I went to the clinic and the staff was very friendly. I had 100 cc's injected into my upper and lower lips. The one suringe. It was over and done with in less than 10 mins. I was able to leave and drive myself across the city back home.

My lips were swollen and real red the first 24 hours. I LOVED THE SWOLLEN LOOK though. They were so diffrent than i was used to!! After a few hours, the numbness had worn off from when they numbed my mouth and lips up, and yes, it was very painful. My lips were throbbing, but the doctor said that was normal. My lips have went down a little bit because the swelling had went away, but there still bigger than what they were.

Now that i know what to expect, i have set up another appointment for April 17th to get another siringe of restalyne injected into my lips to give me the big full pout i have always wanted.

My experience was very good.

Wichita Plastic Surgeon

My doctor has a very high respected name as a plastic surgeon in my area. His staff is friendly, and his office was nice and clean. Dr. Conrad was also very friendly.

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