37 Years Old, No Kids, Size 32A, 115 Lbs, Avid Runner - Ended up with Allergan Natrelle Style 15 286cc

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I have an appointment to get mine done in October....

I have an appointment to get mine done in October. I'm itty bitty, like very microscopic boobs...ha! I am having a hard time deciding if I want to go to a large B or small C. A couple of my friends say you have to go to C because if you don't then you will be unhappy about them.

I literally look like a 10 year old boy and I can't buy pretty sexy bras. I'm tired of shopping in the little girl section. I don't feel very feminine. My husband is very supportive and always says that I look beautiful no matter what. But, if this is what I want to do then he is excited too :) Plus, we just bought a new boat and I'd love to wear cute swimsuits without padding.

I'm very active and run all the time and am also 36 years old. Running is the thing that is making me have a hard time deciding what size to go. I have a very small frame and I don't want them to look unnatural or get in the way with running......so I was wondering if any of you are going thru or have had a similar situation. And are you happy with the size? Do they get in the way of running?

Any information, experience, advice, or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

One month away

Hi everyone. My surgery is 4 weeks from tomorrow. I'm getting nervous and a little freaked out. I'm still undecided as to what size to go. My preop consultation is in two weeks. I'm most worried about the recovery process. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what they wish they had during recovey that they didn't or forgot. Also, what did you have that is an absolute must.

Thank you so much!

It's go time!

Today is the day! Yikes. In an hour I will be getting new tatas! I can't believe the day is here. I'm freaking out but excited. I'm still undecided on the size. Either 290cc or 305. Maybe I will let the doctor decide. Ha! I'm just ready for the day to be over and the healing process finished. Ha! Wish me luck!

Excruciating Pain - Day 1 post-op

I'm one day post op. I'm in a lot of pain. Can't even get myself out of the bed. I'm hoping the pain will subside soon. I'm freaking out because my implants are clear up to my collar bone. They just seem so far apart. I'd like to have some cleavage.

2 days post op

I'm now two days post op. Still have some pain and my stomach is very bloated and I haven't even eaten much food. My chest is very tight. I'm just hoping this is the normal look and they will drop soon. I'm still in total freak out mode.


I just want to give a shout out to my husband for being such a wonderful care taker. He has been by my side the whole time. I'm only two days post op so it looks like I may have a long road to recovery. This really is kicking my butt. It's all worth it right?

My two dogs Ginger and Bennett have also been wonderful helpers. They don't understand what's going on and why they can't lay on me, but they're doing very well.

So Frustrated

Did anyone ever have tingling in their legs after surgery? I'm 4 days post op and really having a hard time recovering. The pain and tightness is so intense. Not to mention the bloating. I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it :(

Holy Tightness Batman!

Holy Tightness Batman! I'm 8 days post up and the last couple days I couldn't sleep because of the tightness and soreness. It's like I can't get a comfortable spot to sleep. And when I wake up in the mornings, the tightness is so intense. Has anyone had issues sleeping? Also, it looks like my right side is bigger than the left. Is that also normal?

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel

Hi everyone, I am 9 days post op. To be honest, this has been a very hard, depressing, emotional journey for me so far. I know a lot of girls automatically loved their new breasts after surgery. I am one of those who has hated them since I first got them. I just wanted them out. I think for me the main reason for feeling like this is because my recovery has been so very difficult for me. The pain, and the tightness has been so very unbearable for me. I am finally not bloated or constipated anymore. I can't do anything for myself. I can't even open my pill bottles or button my pants because it hurts so much. I'm so thankful to have my husband for help and support. He's been amazing thru this. The pain and tightness is getting better. The thing that is killing me is the nipple soreness. I am ready for that to go away. I think my right side is sitting a little bit higher and for some reason is more sore. Maybe because that's the arm I use the most. Sleeping is excruciating. I can't find a comfortable spot because I hurt too much. I'm still on pain meds at night but just take Tylenol through out the day. I haven't driven yet because it terrifies me. I'm going to try to drive this weekend.

But, today has been the best day so far. I think every day is getting better. I am just ready for this recovery process to be over with so I can do things for myself and start exercising again. I feel like I am getting soft in places :-( I think in time once the healing is done I will be very happy with the results. I just need to give it some time. I think the reason I'm having such a hard time is because the doctor said I was so small, that there was only muscle. That I had no extra tissue at all what so ever. He even told my husband that my recovery may be tougher than most. I went with 286cc Natrelle Allergen under the muscle. I am so happy I didn't go any bigger.

So, here are 9 day post op pics. I'm still bruised and swollen. You can tell that my right side is still higher. I am hoping in time it will drop and they will be even.


Okay - so, I'm getting really frustrated. I'm 11 days post op and weighed myself today. I've gained 5 pounds and I can't even button my jeans. I'm not eating that much but I can't exercise for a while still. I'm freaking out because if I've gained 5 pounds in one week and I still have weeks to go before I can exercise. I'm at the point again thinking why did I do this????? Nothing I have in the house fits me anymore.

I think I'm starting to like them....

Hi everyone. For those of you who have been reading my review, you've read that I'm having a very hard emotional recovery so far. I'm 12 days post surgery and still sore, and tight and can't do much. At the end of the day is the worst and my right side is always numb and i think that is because I use it more. Every day is better than the last. I still don't love them but am starting to like them a little bit more.
I want to thank all of you for the kind words, advice, and support. It's all greatly appreciated. You're helping me get thru this journey. *hugs*

Not much new to report....

Hello, not much new going on. Today I am 16 days post surgery. I've attached some updated photos. Not sure if there's much difference from the previous pics. Still looks like my left side is higher. They need to drop quite a bit still. I'm still having tightness and some pain. Still can't do much with my upper body because my muscles are still sore. I haven't taken any Tylenol or pain pills in two days. I was also able to shower by myself without my husband's help, so that was a great accomplishment. I've discovered that my ribs hurt just below my incisions. I'm also getting cabin fever. Ugh!

I still don't love them, for they feel like these foreign objects sitting on my chest. I hear about girls having boobie greed. I think I'm the opposite and wondering if I should have gone smaller. I am hoping once recovery is over I will be happy with doing 286cc.

Again, thank you all who are following me and who have commented on my review. Your support is appreciated more than you know.

Not much new......

Hope everyone is doing well. Not much new going on with me. I am starting to feel a little better about them but I just have a couple questions.

1) I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone is still having very itchy, red, sore incisions. I need to call my PS and see if I can put anything on them for they are driving me crazy.

2) Are your nipples still sore? My gosh they're killing me. Driving with the seatbelt is torture.

3) It looks like my right side is bigger than my left. I am hoping it will catch up.

4) has anyone had like an indigestion, burping thing going on? It almost feels like my stomach has been upset.

Just another bump in my road of recovery :(

Hello everyone. Hope all are doing well. I was starting to feel a little better for my pain was subsiding and tightness bearable, even though I still can't lift anything and have minimal movement. I finally can fit back into my clothes and at pre surgery weight. Well, yesterday I was 3 weeks post op and I went in to see my PS about this horrible itchy rash. He thinks I was allergic to the glue that was used over the stitches. He pulled the rest of the glue off and boy did it feel liberating. A sigh of relief. He said to use this cream called bacitracin zinc ointment and benadryl cream. Said to not scratch at all no matter what. Which is so hard because it itches so bad. And I'm supposed to wear super loose clothing for I'm not in a bra yet. I'm going to Vegas next week for a work conference so I'm freaking out just a little bit. I've been okayed to travel just not lift anything. Thankfully I have people to help me carry luggage.

I'm attaching a few updated pics. Not sure if I notice much difference from the last. Right is still bigger and higher, but he says that's OK.


Hi ladies. I was wondering about what time frame do they start to drop and become soft? I am 24 days post and still pretty tight and sore. Still can't use my chest muscles hardly or pick anything up. Not to mention my right side still seems bigger and higher. Ugh! I am really beginning to wonder if my recovery is a lot harder. I see girls at my stage of recovery and are doing so much. I can't even imagine wearing a bra. I can barely walk 20 minutes on a treadmill. I still have a hard time buttoning my pants. I'm going crazy! Still hoping I will like the results after recovery and all this doubt will be silly memories. Still don't have boobie greed and hoping they will get a little smaller and less torpedo looking as the days go by.

I made it a month.....

Hi everyone. It's been 31 days since my surgery. I'm doing okay. I just got back from Vegas for a business conference and I have been pretty sore. A lot of walking and moving the arms, and plus the plane ride was pretty rough. I am still a little tight and sore. My doctor still doesn't want me to raise my hands above my head for another 2 weeks. Same for wearing a bra but not sure I will be ready to wear a bra yet. My incision area and the sides are still sore. I'm still a little numb on the bottom part. I still can't lift a gallon of milk but I can lift a half gallon, so that is progress. My allergic reaction to the glue on my incisions is getting better. Finally starting to dry out and not be as red but they're still a little itchy. I am so ready to start exercising because as you can tell from the pictures I'm starting to get a little soft and pudgy around the middle...don't even want to know how much weight I've gained. I still don't love them but am liking them more. It still looks like my right (left on pic) is higher and bigger. I'm ready for it to catch up with the other side, so hopefully that will still happen. I hope everyone is recovering ok and doing well... xoxo

I'm sorry.....You said what?????

Hi ladies.......I am almost 6 weeks post BA ( actually 37 days post). I went to Victoria's Secret today and they measured me at a 34C! I was like I'm sorry, what did you say????? Ha! Guess I was in a little bit of shock because I wasn't expecting that number. My goal going into this was to be no bigger than a large B. I am hoping the will drop a little bit more and maybe they will size a bit smaller. My husband however, likes them....ha! I will still need a while to get used to them. Going from flat as a board to this size is a huge difference to me. I want to start running but am scared as to how they will feel when I run.

I went to the doctor last week and he said that I need to stop guarding them and using my arms more because that is why I am still sore and stiff. My very sore nipples is almost back to normal. What hurts now is the incision area. The doctor said I can start massaging now so they wont be so tight and sore.

My incisions are starting to look better. My allergic reaction is almost gone. So happy about that. I'm posting updated pics. It feels weird to wear a bra after going braless for almost 6 weeks. I think the girls just want to be free...Ha! Happy healing everyone.....xoxo

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to :'(

Hello, Yes, I'm feeling a little down today so I am throwing myself a little pity party. I'm 6 weeks post op today. I honestly didn't think I'd make it to 6 weeks so this is an accomplishment in itself. I guess I get a little frustrated because with me being where I am, I see some girls on here who are behind me time wise but are way ahead of my recovery wise. I'm still sore, especially on my incisions and bottom of my pecs area. I'm still stiff and can't even lift my hands above my head yet and I don't know what to do to loosen that area up. I tried wearing a bra Monday and it still hurts to wear. Plus, it's getting cold out and my gosh, the cold air kills me. It makes me so tight. I've been walking a little bit on the treadmill but it is killing me not being able to run. My PS doesn't want me to run until 8 weeks. I know my husband is also getting frustrated because he is still pretty much doing everything and I feel bad about it. I've posted a few updated pics from today. Today is the first day I actually wore something that showed a little cleavage. It freaked me out a little bit but my husband love it......ha! I can still see that the right side (left in pics) is still higher and fuller but I don't think that is going to change. But I think they've dropped to where they're gonna sit. Sorry, about this sad depressing post but I guess I just needed to get it out. I just want to thank all of you for your support and comments. They really are helping get thru this emotional roller coaster. Think I will go eat some chocolate and drink some wine. XOXO

7 Weeks....

Good evening ladies. Hope you all are doing good. Today is 7 weeks post surgery. I don't think they've changed much since my last update. It's still a day by day progress for me. I just think for some reason I am having a harder recovery than most. It's frustrating but I guess it is what it is. My biggest issue is the incision areas are still very sore. I would be so much better if they didn't hurt. I'm still a little tight and making progress on lifting my arms above my head and working on the mobility. I'm still not wearing a bra because it makes them sore. Also, I'm still sleeping on my back, but I sometimes I will wake up on my side, so that is progress.

On a positive note, I think they are starting look better and are starting to get softer. My husband says that he doesn't notice, but I still think my right side (left in pics) is still a little higher and fuller. I'm posting a few updated pics. I went to forever 21 last night and got a couple bras. I like them so much better than the Victoria's Secret one. I thought the VS just made me look huge. I like the lacy one with the underwire. I can't wear underwire yet, but I just had to buy it. ha! My incisions are almost totally healed. So I am very happy about that.

As always, thank you for listening to me and happy healing to all. xoxo

Are they supposed to make the that noise???

Hi ladies. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. So, I have a question for those of you that run or have tried to run.

I'm a little over 9 weeks post and I tried to run (verrrryyyy slowly) yesterday. It was the oddest feeling I've ever had. But what freaked me out was that when I was running I could hear them. I don't know how to explain but it sounded like a gurgling squishy sound. It scared me, so I stopped running and walked. Will I always hear that or will it eventually go away?

Also, I don't know if my sports bra didn't fit right but it wasn't very comfortable. I was pretty sore and tight afterward, especially on the inside. It frustrates me because running is the thing that defines me and I don't want to lose that part of me :(

Almost 10 weeks....

Hi there. I'll be 10 weeks post on Thursday. I'm still a recovery in progress but I'm starting to like the way they're looking. I am thinking this is where they're going to stay as I haven't seen much difference in change. The right side (left in pics) is still a little bigger and higher but I don't think it's as much noticeable as it was.

I'm still sleeping elevated on my back because it feels tight and I'm still sore. Plus, I'm still afraid of squishing them.

I tried running but it's still uncomfortable. I hear this sound like the implants are making this gurgling sound. I have a sports bra from VS but I don't know if it's the right fit. I think maybe I'm still being over protective and not guard them too much.

So, I went to VS to get remeasured and I think my final size will be 32D! Yikes, I never thought I'd go from barely an A to a D! So, I'm trying to let that sink in. With that being said, I bought some bras at VS when everything was $35! Score! I love the ice angels one. It's my favorite but I'm only wearing the body by VS and the t-shirt ones because the other ones make the girls hurt for now.

Does anyone still have the issue of being tight and sore after a day of wearing a bra? I'm just so ready for the soreness and tightness to go away. Like I said, I'm a recovery in progress. But every week gets a little better.

Her are some updated pics.

Photo Fun

Happy New Years! I hope everyone is doing well and had a fun and safe New Year's. I made this collage to look at the difference the past 9 weeks. I'm actually amazed at how much they've changed. It's hard to tell on a day to day basis. I think they're going to remain where they are now.

I went to my doctor last week because I'm still sore and stiff. I just wanted to make sure everything is okay. He looked and said, oh my gosh they're perfect. Said they're just so pretty..ha! Said that my incisions look wonderful and that my implants are soft but to continue massaging. I told him my concern about being sore and tight while wearing a bra and he's like and why would you want to wear a bra? Those things are going to exactly where they are and perky when you're 80 years old....ha! He said that I am completely healed and that I could climb Mount Everest if I wanted to...ha! One of my biggest concerns was the pulling while walking my dogs. They're Pit Bulls and are very strong, but he said nothing is going to hurt me unless I fall off a 10 story building and land on my stomach....then I might smoosh them :-/

He said he thinks I'm still sore and still because I am still guarding them and being too protective. To just relax and push through....So, here's to pushing through...ha!

Happy Healing everyone.

Hmmm.....have you?

Hi ladies! Hope you're all doing well. I have a quick question. Has anyone ever tried these adhesive bras? I got them about a month ago and haven't tried them. To be honest, they look painful, so I'm a little scared to try...ha! But before I take it back I was wondering if anyone has given them a try. I am also wondering if they are going to fit. I got them in a C before I got re-measured to a D. even though my sister size to 32D is 34C. anyways, just curious.

Happy Healing! XOXO

I'm still here! 10 month update.

It's been many months since I've posted anything. As you know I've had a very hard recovery. I still don't feel 100%. I have a hard time sleeping and trying to find a comfortable spot. I still sleep on my back elelvated most of the time. Sometimes I will sleep my side with a stuffed animal between the girls for support. I still can't do push-ups or crunches. And there are days they frustrate me.

Ok- some good news. I'm running which is the most important thing. I'm finally wearing a bra every day without being uncomfortable. I love wearing VS bras. They make me feel sexy. I'm LOVING the VS swimsuits. I took full advantage of the semi annual sale. Ha! And they sure are pretty. I admire them in the mirror a lot. :) my husband is pretty fond of them too.

I'm happy with the size. I ended up being a 32D. I was barely a 32A before. So glad I didn't go bigger. I'm posting a few updated pics.
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

I can't express how much I love Dr. Rieger and his staff. They all have been amazing through out my recovery. I've had a very emotional roller coaster ride but they've been there with my the whole time. They're so kind and understanding. Every time I need something or had a concern they got me right in so I could be seen. I know I had a lot of silly questions because I had no idea how hard and intense my recovery would be. My questions were answered with kindness and professionalism. One thing that sticks out is I was in the office one day and I told Dr. that I was sorry I was being a problem child. His response was....you can call anytime, don't be afraid that you're going to be the boy who called wolf. If it makes you feel better, you can come in and see me every day. Dr. Rieger and his staff are truly amazing. His work is beautiful and so natural. I would highly recommend him if you're looking to get a breast augmentation. He knows exactly what he is doing.

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