32 Yr Old 5'11 very deflated 38 C going 505cc Sientra Round textured implants

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Well I've made my appointment for my breast aug!...

Well I've made my appointment for my breast aug! I'm so excited yet so nervous. I went into the first consult not knowing what to ask but was excited for her to tell me how she thought would be the best way to go about my augmentation. She told me above the muscle would work great since I have plenty of breast tissue to cover them. So of course I went home and read and did some research and now I have a MILLION questions for her next week at my second consultation appt I made. I have been trying to see what the real difference is between overs and unders, how they heal, how well they age, etc. So at this point I am honestly going to ask her if unders would be something she would recommend? I feel so confused by this mass of information on here but am sooooo thankful for all the knowledge these surgeons and women have put out on here. So yeah, one more week till my second consult and time is just slowly ticking by. Ugh.

2nd Consult

Today I am going back in to try on sizers again, however I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with 500cc's. But I have a LOAD of questions and cannot wait to get answers. I think after today I can start to relax and know what the plan is and be 100% ok with it knowing everything is on the table. I will update after I go in!

Feeling so much better!!

So for some reason I had it in my head she had told me she was going over the muscle at my first consult. But she will be going under. So all of my worry just went out of the window. I'm so happy about this. I feel like the weight just fell off my shoulders I'm so relieved. I'm still planning on going 505cc textured round implants. AND to top it off I went to target and found a bra on sale for after that is super comfy! I will post a pic later on. :) so all in all a great day!

4 More weeks!

I am feeling pretty good about the idea of finally getting my BA done in 4 weeks. However i feel like i am nesting like i did before i had my daughter. Im cleaning my house non stop. My friend suggested that i am nesting for MYSELF this time so everything will be perfect for when i come home and am healing and cant do anything. lol and i tend to agree on that. So thats about all i have to report. Still looking on here every night, reading everything i can. Not much else to do as time ticks slowly by.

2 more weeks!

So after my day is done, and im sitting in bed and am on this site reading and trying to find every bit of information I can, that's when my nerves hit. I'm nervous about the outcome of surgery, I'm nervous my husband doesn't realize how much I will need help with around the house and with our toddler, I'm worried about my shop and if my employees will do what is asked while I'm gone. Lol I could go on and on. BUT with all that, I am still excited to be on this journey!

wish pics ??

Sad boobies. One more week!!!

Cleaning like a maniac!

I have been trying to clean my house like crazy this weekend in preparation for surgery. I have a toddler, she is a freaking tornado so it's been a struggle. I just want everything to be perfect for me to come home to so I won't be stressed about having to sit in a dirty house and not be able to do anything about it. Trying not to stress out, but that's what I do best. Smh

Night before surgery

I've cleaned everything, put everything where I need it and set up sleep area. and now I'm supposed to go to sleep. But I can't shut my mind off! So nervous but so excited! Few night before photos. I am soooo excited to not be wearing my VS add a cup and a half bras anymore! And to be actually able to fill out my bras like I did before I had my daughter.

Made it to the other side

So let me start off by saying I'm always early to everything. If I make it to something exactly on time I still feel late. So this morning I set my alarm to go off at 4:30am, so I would have an hour and a half to get up and shower and just get my mind right before we head out at 6am. MY ALARM NEVER WENT OFF! ???? so my husband thankfully woke up right at 5:56am and I jumped in the shower and we were out the door and at the office at 6:33am (check in was at 6:30) omg so that's was how my morning started. Lol

My nurse walked me back, had me take a pregnancy test and change into the surgery robe thingy. I was allowed to keep my underwear on. She put me in some socks with grips on the bottom very similar to what my toddler wears so I giggled at that. The nurse put my IV in. Anesthesia came in and went over everything and doc came and marked me up. Soon after that I was walking back into surgery! I laid down and she started my cocktail as she called it and I was out.

Woke up feeling extremely great! No pain. Not a lot of tightness but I could tell it would come. No nausea at all. I had my hubby to get me a smoothie that has added proteins in it so I drank that immediately before taking my pain meds. And got home and slept a few hours. Now I'm feeing tight and it's almost time to take my meds.

Before and after

So in love!

Feeling slight pain about at a 4 out of 10 this morning. Slept great last night, I'm so glad I bought my firm pillows to help keep me supported upright. This morning they were hard like when they were engorged with breast milk. But feeing really great!


Had the best sleep! But am in a bit more pain than yesterday. It is def more muscle pain. My nurse said the 3rd day would be the worst, and I don't disagree. But I have full range of movement and am able to do most things myself but just have to move very slowly and not overdo it.

Got a shower!

Finally got to take a shower. Now I'm having some tightness in my left breast. I think that was def my limit on movement for the day. My body is telling me I need to sit still and relax.

Tight and swollen

This morning I was feeling dizzy and a bit nauseous so I went to go get a protein shake with the hubby. That made me feel loads better this morning. I've had a bit of pain on the underneath and sides of my boobs but I also had a mole removed under my left breast while getting my BA so that's why it's sensitive underneath since the bra sits right in that spot. But I am bruised in between my breasts and on the sides for some reason. They are super tight still and my right breast is numb but they look amazing!

Pre-op and Today

One week!

Check up went great! She said everything looks amazing and I'm healing really well. She was very happy with the results she saw today so that made me even more excited about the girls! However since they took my tape off of my incision sites my ribs and skin and muscle have been hurting. I'm sure it's because it's getting used to holding the weight of the implant different now without the support of the tape. But that's the only thing new so far.

Painful around incision

I am still in a bit of pain, mostly under my boobs. It's almost my ribs that hurt. Just sore but if I get up and do too much around the house or with my toddler it really starts to hurt. I'm off my pain meds so just taking Tylenol, which seems to help a bit.

1st back at work

Today has been different. I'm a busy hairstylist so taking it slow isn't what I'm used to doing at work. Taking the time to shampoo my clients, blow dry them, and also color their hair has proven challenging since my arms are always up and moving. Sweeping the floor, lol I look like an old lady I'm so slow. They only part that hurts today is where my bra sits on my incision. I am wearing my surgery bra so I think I may try my other sports bra out and see how that feels. But if feels sooo good to be back into my routine! My eating is better when I'm on schedule. Being at home for a week was, well let's just say I'm gonna be doing some extra work outs lol.

Two weeks

Feeling great. Still have pain under my boob area when I over do it or I'm at work. They are looking and feeling great though. One is still a little higher than the other but barely. I do find it funny how my nipples are diff shapes. Also my right nipple is still numb so that may be why it doesn't harden up like the other one yet?

Two weeks

Sorry, horrible lighting


Almost a month! I can't believe it! I love them so much. They don't feel awkward at all. Look very natural in my clothes but at the same time when I tried on my push up bra with barely any padding they looked sooooo good and full :)

Almost 3 months!

It's been a minute! So here are a few updated photos. My breasts naturally are off and these photos make them seem more off than they actually are. But I am loving them!!! I definitely have boob greed though. I could say I would love them bigger, but honestly this is a great size for my body and my age. They are full but not overly filled so sagging won't be near as bad as if I had went bigger. But for real, boob greed happens to all of us. Lol my right nipple is slowly coming back to life. Still numb for the most part. But overall, I'm just loving them! I am going Friday to finally be measured for bras. I have went to target and I fit into a d cup, which I was surprised because I was sure 505 ccs would have put me in DD's. But I'm ok with it. I think my boobs were probably not a c cup to begin with? I don't know.
Dr Amy Sprole

Dr. Sprole was absolutely amazing! She answered every question i had and made me feel very comfortable at the consultation appointment. Her staff were so sweet as well. I never felt rushed into my decision and whenever i called and asked any questions they were immediately answered. All in all, I 100% recommend her again and again. I LOVE MY RESULTS! They are super close to my wish pics and i couldn't be happier!

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