32 Yr Old 5'11 36c PO 1 Child - Wichita, KS

Well I've made my appointment for my breast aug!...

Well I've made my appointment for my breast aug! I'm so excited yet so nervous. I went into the first consult not knowing what to ask but was excited for her to tell me how she thought would be the best way to go about my augmentation. She told me above the muscle would work great since I have plenty of breast tissue to cover them. So of course I went home and read and did some research and now I have a MILLION questions for her next week at my second consultation appt I made. I have been trying to see what the real difference is between overs and unders, how they heal, how well they age, etc. So at this point I am honestly going to ask her if unders would be something she would recommend? I feel so confused by this mass of information on here but am sooooo thankful for all the knowledge these surgeons and women have put out on here. So yeah, one more week till my second consult and time is just slowly ticking by. Ugh.

2nd Consult

Today I am going back in to try on sizers again, however I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with 500cc's. But I have a LOAD of questions and cannot wait to get answers. I think after today I can start to relax and know what the plan is and be 100% ok with it knowing everything is on the table. I will update after I go in!

Feeling so much better!!

So for some reason I had it in my head she had told me she was going over the muscle at my first consult. But she will be going under. So all of my worry just went out of the window. I'm so happy about this. I feel like the weight just fell off my shoulders I'm so relieved. I'm still planning on going 505cc textured round implants. AND to top it off I went to target and found a bra on sale for after that is super comfy! I will post a pic later on. :) so all in all a great day!

4 More weeks!

I am feeling pretty good about the idea of finally getting my BA done in 4 weeks. However i feel like i am nesting like i did before i had my daughter. Im cleaning my house non stop. My friend suggested that i am nesting for MYSELF this time so everything will be perfect for when i come home and am healing and cant do anything. lol and i tend to agree on that. So thats about all i have to report. Still looking on here every night, reading everything i can. Not much else to do as time ticks slowly by.

2 more weeks!

So after my day is done, and im sitting in bed and am on this site reading and trying to find every bit of information I can, that's when my nerves hit. I'm nervous about the outcome of surgery, I'm nervous my husband doesn't realize how much I will need help with around the house and with our toddler, I'm worried about my shop and if my employees will do what is asked while I'm gone. Lol I could go on and on. BUT with all that, I am still excited to be on this journey!

wish pics ??

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