32 Yrs Old, 5'3" 155lbs, One C Section, Tummy Tuck with Lipo - Wichita, KS

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I knew after I had my baby 3 years ago that I...

I knew after I had my baby 3 years ago that I wouldn't be wearing bikinis or anything. However, it was so hard and pretty much impossible to find pants that fit properly. I have thought about the tummy tuck for a few years now. I finally went for my consultation about 2 months ago. Originally I was just going to get a breast augmentation, but I got the quote for both. After some thought I decided the tummy tuck was what I really wanted most so I scheduled my surgery for just the tummy tuck. I may still get the breast augmentation next year. So far I am 2 days post op. I get to shower today so I will actually get to see what's under the binder for the first time since surgery. Pain is not as bad as I expected but I do still need help to get up and down off the couch or bed. I will post my before pics now and will get some day 2 pics up asap.

Day 2 post op and shower!

Today I've been getting around a little more. Still have to walk bent over. My bf put a chair in the shower so I could sit. My goodness that shower was exhausting! I finally got to see my belly and so far I'm very happy. It looks awful now but I think it's going to heal really well. It was so difficult taking the gauze off to shower and then putting it back on. I think I will be napping the rest of the day

Day 3 po

I was able to have a BM finally this morning! I've been taking the stool softeners since the night before I had the surgery. It hurt a little but I feel much better. It does feel like there is movement in my lower belly which is quite strange. I'm thinking it's just the nerves regaining feeling or something. Anyone else had this? When I put my hand over it I don't feel anything. I feel better today and like I could get up and do more but I'm trying to keep taking it easy. I need to be pretty much back to normal by Thursday when I go back to work. So far at this rate I believe I'll be just fine by then. My pain is minimal. I'm taking one hydrocodone every 4 hours or so and one ibuprofen 800 every 8 hours or so. The ibuprofen I try to make sure I take before bed so I sleep well. I've been sleeping in bed the last two nights and hanging out on the couch the rest of the time. Yesterday I was short of breath every time I got up but today I'm fine.

Day 4

Today is my first day at home by myself. So far so good. I woke up about 3:30 with a sharp and burning pain on my left side by my incision. I was due for another hydrocodone so I took it. I was pretty miserable for about an hour. Every adjustment I tried to make made it hurt more. This morning my bf helped me out of bed like always and it hurt so bad but since I've been up it hasn't been an issue. I had him look at where it was hurting and he said it was way below the actual incision. (I was just sure I had busted some stitches or something) I kind of think it's part of my body regaining feeling in the area. Had another BM this morning and feeling great. A little better everyday. No hydrocodone since 3:30am just the ibuprofen. I think I'm done with the narcotic pain meds at this point which is great because I'm pretty sure it's why I've been getting dizzy. I took a 2nd shower yesterday and washed my hair. I don't think I'll take one today because I won't have any help till after 5pm. Post op appointment is Wednesday and I am really hoping to get these drains out and maybe clearance to start walking straighter.

Day 4 pics

I'm still super happy with how it looks!

Day 4 pics

Just realized I uploaded the wrong ones earlier

6 days post!

Today I go see my ps. I'm so excited! I really hope he takes my drains out. Been measuring 5 to 10 every 12 hours last 2 days. I coughed yesterday unexpectedly. I wouldn't say it hurt but felt like my insides exploded. I'm a little sore today I think from the cough and I'm hoping I didn't mess anything up. I go back to work tomorrow as long as ps says it OK. I have a desk job so it should be fine. Today I showered by myself. I even put makeup on and dried my hair! :) Swept and mopped a little where dogs tracked mud in. Last night I was a little down and felt I wasn't progressing enough but today I think I'm doing well.

Day 7 back at work

I went back to work today and drove for the first time. It was OK but now I am so super duper swollen. Ugh! Definitely taking it easy tonight.

Day 10

Every day is a little better. Last night I was able to sleep flat AND on my side. Yes! It was awesome. I went shopping yesterday for my son's soccer stuff. He starts soccer on Thursday. I may have bought him too much lol. I was really sore and tired last night after shopping but woke up this morning feeling really good. I'm standing mostly straight but at the end of the day I get more swollen and hunched. I'm only taking ibuprofen before bed so I can get comfortable enough to sleep. Eating small healthy things throughout the day. I get pretty tired and pained by the end of the day but it's less and less everyday. Trying to stay optimist but honestly some days it seems like I'll never be back to normal lol.

Day 16

Everything is going pretty well. I was pretty sore yesterday at work because my son's soccer clinic was parent interactive. Way too much activity. Today I felt good though when I woke up. I'm walking straight until I get swollen at the end of the day. Coworkers just think I have back issues. I can't wear regular pants or jeans yet but I've been managing with stretchy skirts and leggings. I have a pair of dress pants that have a really stretchy waist that works for me. I almost wish I still had some maternity pants lol. I was supposed to go camping today for some music type festival but I've decided not to because I get so uncomfortable. It sucks to have to cancel things like that but I know it's better for me. I contacted my ps the other day because my drain holes seem to not be closing. He assured me that it was normal. He said I could come in if I wanted to but I decided to wait till my 3 week appointment next week. I've been wearing a Spanx type garment but I just got a new compression garment similar to the one at the hospital. I think I will wear that along with the Spanx during the day for extra support. So far everything seems to be going well and I love the way everything looks. I'm hoping it gets even better as the swelling goes down.

Before and after comparison 16 days

3 weeks!

I had my 3 week appointment yesterday and he said everything looks like it's healing well. I can start walking but pretty much if anything I do causes pain or discomfort then I need to ease off and try another day. I can start running in another 2 or 3 weeks. I have quite a bit of swelling still so just waiting for that to be done. Right now I am still super happy with my results. The other day I had someone comment on how much weight I've lost. I just said thank you. Then she asked what I was doing. I told her eating better and exercise. I don't want the world to know I have had surgery but I don't want to give people false hope that they can get these kind of results without surgery. Either way, it felt good that I have noticeable results despite all the swelling. I go back in a month and I think he said it will probably be my last appointment. Happy healing, everyone!

Just wanted to share!

So it's been probably 5 years since I could button this shirt completely and comfortably!

Post op skinny jeans hack

Almost just like when I was pregnant and didn't want to buy new jeans lol

5 and a half weeks

I have been trying to use my compression stuff less and less. Today I took my son to a kids museum thing with no compression and I think it was a huge mistake. We went to lunch after and I was in so much pain. As soon as I got home I put on my compression garment and laid down. I've been sleeping without anything but I guess it's too early to go out without it.

Last week I went to a rock concert (wearing my compression) and had a few beers and jumped up and down and sang as loud as I could. I thought I'd be miserable the next day but I was surprisingly fine. I guess I thought I was getting back to normal but today proved me wrong. Maybe a few more weeks and I can be free of compression.
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

Dr Shaw was amazing. He answered every question, even some I didn't think about. I was so nervous the day of until he walked in. His confidence and professionalism are outstanding and you can't help but feel comfortable having a plastic surgeon like that. He was also very friendly and honest. I highly recommend him.

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