2 years later.....

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I'm not sure what to expect really. I've googled...

I'm not sure what to expect really. I've googled and googled things and still don't know. My husband isn't exactly thrilled about this. He thinks I'm just going to cheat. My friend thinks I should wait until I'm 50 and sees the BA as stupid. My other friend is jealous because she can't afford to do this so she has said I'll look like a slut. I'm tired of no one understading that I'm tired of looking in a mirror & not liking what I see. I won't wait until I'm 50 and I shouldn't feel guilty for someone else's money problems/issues. If cheating is continued to be brought up maybe I will dam it.

Sorry about the last post and thanks for the kindness.

Sorry about the last post and thanks for the kindness. I went to my ps a few days ago and got a look at a 3D image :) that's nuts if you guys get a chance to see that ever its totally awesome. Glad I did. I so don't want to go thru the bigger wish after its done. I'm sorta freaking out about the results though. I kinda have the habit of sucking in my stomach all the time. Anyone have that issue? I really don't even notice when I do it anymore. :/ I just hope that I get the results that I want and didn't hurt my possible outcome by sucking in when I was examined.

Just paid for the procedures and really freaking out

Just paid for the procedures today getting closer & becoming way more nervous. I'm just scared about possible outcomes. But I'm really thinking its going to be wonderful. :D I can do this. My husband has totally come around. So has a friend :) it makes it easier. I'm just feeling guilty for spending so much $ :( and nothing to show for it. That and really scared of the anesthetic :/ I think I'll finally post before pics too.

Before pics

Ok well I hope it works this time lol

Scared :(

Ok so I've started the pre op fear early I guess had some nightmares lately. Mostly I die during the operation :'( scares me something awful. I wish I could just hurry up and get this over with.


Honestly I think that this site is a God send. Getting everything out whether its asking a Dr or just venting thru the review really helps. Giving a voice to the fear and anxiety helps it disappear. It's empowering to ask the Drs here questions and call your own PS and have more of what's going on in their worlds. Talking with other women on here who have been thru the surgeries or ones who are just starting to think about it. It's hopefully helping with any of the cosmetic surgery stereotypes so many of us have faced.

Sore throat, drainage, and a missing period

Of course right! Surgery a week away and I'm 4 days late for my period. I'm swollen & bloated extremely & no signs its going to start any day other than next Mon or Tue lol. I tried to schedule it so it'd miss my period :( o well. So on top of that I woke up with a killer sore throat & drainage, allergies so suck. I decided to tuff today out and see if I can't get rid of them in a couple days. If I wake up the same tomorrow I'll call the surgeon and see what I can take.

On a great note I went to see my mom who is totally ok with me doing this and offered to come help me when my husband is at work & my kids are in school. So that covers most of my bases.

I'm so glad its finally almost here :)


I called PS yesterday and was told that chest congestion or a fever would postpone it. No fever yet but my chest is congested a little. Hoping to be better by tomorrow I have a Renaissance festival to attend Saturday. I did start my period today tho so happy on one front. I go in on Mon so we will decide then if I should postpone it or not.

Chest cold

Was feeling a lot better, almost normal, Fri so went to Renaissance festival yesterday and maybe I pushed it a bit. Woke up today with a really tight chest. I've been using a humidifier with menthol & menthol pads & chest rub all day. I'm 90% positive that I'll have my surgery postponed. I'm not really bothered by that tho. Rather be healthy and a 100% then getting over an illness and 80%. Plus a cough after a tummy tuck would totally suck. Ouch.

Postponed surgery

Called office surgery tomorrow is cancelled :(

New date 5/01

Well got a new date and a Dr appt in morning to get back on track. I have a killer headache but I'm totally taking Excedrin haha.

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter hope everyone is good. I think I gained 5 lbs today from candy alone. I think I will be healthy enough to go thru with sx in a 11 days. I'm praying nothing else goes wrong. I have a vacation scheduled for may 23rd hoping I'll be up for it by then. Not a big vacation just the weekend 4 hrs from home and minimal walking but I might just hang out in a hotel soaking my feet in a pool. That's my kind of vacation anyways.

Got everything ready Thursday hurry up lol

Waiting waiting waiting come on Thursday :)

on my way!!!!!!!

OK I'm on my way to Wichita I have an 8am check in. My husband and kids are going to hit the mall & a few more shopping places before they pick me up. Its crazy can't believe its finally here!!!!! It felt like it'd never get here! In 24 hrs I'll be on my way home! Eeeeekkkkk!!!!! IM GUNNA HAVE BOOBS!!!!

I made it

Made it..... Sorta. I have cried continuously, not because of pain but it hurts, I honestly don't know why. I'm sore so sore. I keep throwing up. It took me 20 minutes to pee. something odd is up with my ears. On a scale of 1-10 pain is a 6-7. I have walked some. I have compression boots. I'm so tired. I hope tomorrow is easier. Today has sucked.

still sucks

This really should be an inpatient surgery. If you have that option it'd probably help. I opted to go to my moms an hour away. Should have paid a little more stayed the night & then gone to my mothers today. I drove home today, 4.5 almost 5 hours. I got car sick. I'm still very sore the car ride didn't help that. I'm hoping to be in less pain by Sunday. Already warned my husband that he'll be calling in wife sick Sunday. I can take a shower today I just haven't decided whether I will or if I'll just wait til tomorrow. I plan on taking pictures then.

getting easier

Haven't officially taken a shower or looked at incisions other than on the boobs. I attempted a shower but I'm completely taped up and don't want to remove the foam gauze. I fainted in the tub too. I was 90% certain I was having a heart attack & was dying when that happened. It was the same feeling of my anaphylaxis scare. Did a wash cloth on the important parts did a sink wash on my hair today. Tomorrow I'm thinking about trying again.

new boobs

Figured I'd upload the pic of boobs :) I do like them

much better

Today is beyond tolerable pain its almost non existent. I'm still taking my meds tho. I still wake up super stiff and sore. I have very strange sensations in my stomach. I can't tell if its above or below the flap. My drains are slowing down. My head is still groggy and foggy. I can not lay down without help and I can't get up from laying down without help. I will be 100% on my own tomorrow, my husband has to go to work and my 12 year old and 7 year old have school. Actually I'm sorta glad that the kids are going back to school. Really I'm glad that the kids are going back to school I might get a little more sleep :) I think my husband is going to do a 1/2 day at work unless I tell him not to. I kick myself for telling him over and over that I'll be fine no dont take a vacation. I read all the easier than a c-section questions answered by male drs ha. Truthfully it is easier days wise. I needed my husband to take a vacation then another emergency vacation with my first by day 12 I was OK. Now day 3 I'm OK pain wise and don't have a baby that needs feed. I have no one but myself to look after but its still harder than a c-section. This pain is shocking. And depending on what all you have done dictates where you'll hurt too. C-section requires more time but its 100% less painful. My opinion only. On a different note I'm going to take pictures tonight and will b posting them later.


day 4 update

I was on my own yesterday 7-4 until the kids came home. Husband stayed at work 5am-7:30pm. Had them set me things like a plate and toilet paper and things in the fridge in my reach. I ended up dropping stuff and if you can keep a stiff posture squatting to get stuff is easy. But I also was a softball catcher for over 1/3 my life. I have stopped taking my Tylenol. Still bent at an angle but again if you can squat OK lean against a wall and squat. The hard felt great behind me. I only walk maybe 5 minutes at a time but I do so twice an hour every hour I'm up.

So breaking it down first 24 shocking pain I wanted to die. Right butt cheek bruised swollen and very painful. Start walking to bathroom only.
48hrs still shocking and 5 hour car ride didn't help. Feeling my breast pain now too. Lipo site pain both sides. Walked to bathroom and a little for soreness.
72 easily tolerable pain turning to non existent except after sleeping a few hours. Woke up in hell bawling from pain for 4 nights. Butt still sore. Breasts sore. Walked to bathroom and kitchen and outside. Had someone get my drink and carry it but I tagged along. Sat outside for 10 minutes 3 times. Started walking more for stiffness.
96hrs still bent still slow almost 0 pain. Lipo site tender not painful. Same with breasts. Overall shocking pain that's extremely short lived. Walked everywhere every hour for 5 minutes. Went onto porch for a few minutes twice.

Same today no pain no meds still bent still slow still need naps but I feel great. Have my Dr appointment tomorrow will update then. I will try to take better pictures. And a side shot.

emotional rollercoaster

Said I'd update a few days ago & did not. Sorry been feeling really low and depressed. Had my check up Wednesday and thought I'd get my drains out. Nope still draining too much. I'm under 30 cc today but I wasn't then. I also found out I have possible necrosis of my belly button. Its completely black so I have to go back next week. I'll post some pics of it later.


You can see the blackishness in my belly button. Its looked like that since I took the gauze off. I'm not 100% sure its necrosis, I can close my eyes and feel my husband clean it. It is not painful and I don't have an infection. Hopefully its nothing and heals beautifully. I removed a drain tonight. Best feeling ever. Can't wait for the other one.

more necrosis maybe

I really hoped I'd have an uneventful healing. Life says no. So I say hand me the triple antibiotic ointment and the gauze. I sent the PS pics since I'm 4 hours away. They said stick with gauze and ointment and see you Wed. It could be nothing at all.

debridement sucks

Necrosis sucks getting it cut out sucks having this experience has sucked. On a better note I saved my belly button by putting a bunch of ointment in it but it looks nasty too. O well hope I don't get an infection anywhere.

what do you think? NOT WORTH IT!

I think I should have bought a car :)

wound progression

Just how my incision is progressing

more progression (worse before better) I hope

I hit bottom yesterday and completely freaked out. I know & knew this was a "possible" complication with this surgery. I honestly did not expect it to happen like this. I had a small patch of necrosis that was debrided now I have a deep crater where you can see sutures and possibly a deep suture. I panicked yesterday and probably woke my poor surgeon up but after removing my gauze and seeing my husband's face turn to a very concerned expression and look at my hole and how it changed I freaked. I was bawling no amount of his rational it could be worse would calm me down I made him call the PS. I feel horrible I had him call I feel horrible that I could not be consoled. It started to turn the dressings a blue green color. I don't know what that is. I wish of would stop growing in size. I wish it would hurry up and just heal.

officially 31 days post

OK so its been almost 2 weeks since I posted. Overall I'm good, I can walk 99% normal. I've been cleared to start mild exercise. I've been released to wear an under wire & I don't have to wear the cg any longer. I still wear it to bed because I'm a tosser, I roll a lot. I finally talked my husband into having sex. My boobs are the best. And I still have crazy swelling but for 5 minutes first thing in the morning I have sexy curves. :) i wish the Dr would have warned me about a high scar and the fact that my pubic area would be pulled up. I have no problem shaving I just wish I would have been informed better. Maybe I was I don't know.

My wound did get huge. I had to have it debrided again the day after the last post and it got way bigger. 6"x3.5"x1" (length, width, depth) so I stayed away from real self and internet honestly. It really wasn't helping my emotional healing. I went to my PS weekly for a month and last Wednesday was told that I'm doing an excellent job with the dressings. No debridement nessecary. They think I'll be healed way before the fourth of July so I'm happy. I don't have to go back until June 18 which is huge for me. :) I know the only reason everything has gone the way it has is protein 100g a day. It sucks and its hard to do believe me but it has worked. My hole is now 3.5"x1.75"x.25". It has been an experience, one I can't take back and one that I can't change so I've had to except it for the way it is.


2.5"x1"xnothing! Its pretty flush with my the skin now which is awesome. I just wanted to see a side by side 12 day progression its amazing.


Finally healed closed on the 6th. I am still swelling daily wonder when that will end. Over all tho happy with how I look but I don't think I'd do it again.

swelling subsiding

OK well I'm 3 days out of 90% no swelling. I still swell some just not much. 4 months out I need to change my rating to worth it.


:) swelling comes and goes but I feel and look great. Going for a revision of my dog ear and scar soon so I'll post what that's like when I cross that bridge.

one year later

Hello to everyone :) I'm a few day shy of one year post. To spare you all from thumbing thru my blog I had a full abdominoplasy with lipo to my flanks, nicer way to say love handles, and 355 Sintera overs. I was asymmetric by 50ccs and my surgeon removed that tissue. I developed necrosis and it took sevenish weeks to heal. The Con's; I had pain in my feet for 4-5 months post. Anytime I would stand up they'd thob for 15 minutes. I still swell some. My small boob before is now my bigger boob. I have a lipo dent on my right side. It took until February before my muscles relaxed enough to exercise. I still have nerve damage and have 0 feeling in an area. I had more fat on one side and my belly button sank funny. My necrosis scar and how lowrise jeans will rub on it. The tiny dog ear i need to correct too. I have a lipo dent. The Pros; I swear my butt got bigger. I love how I look. I like to wear tight clothing and I'm not self-conscious when I do now. I have almost no stretch marks now. With exercise my belly button is leveling itself out. I have abs now. I don't know if you can tell in the pics but I do. I have a better body image. I carry myself different now. I love dancing for my husband and it doesn't bother me to leave the lights on. ;) I adore my boobs they're my favorite. I like how I look without clothes on and with clothes on. So did I obtain my goal? Yes I did. It helped my body image which helped my self image. I feel free-er now. I can wear a lot of what I want and don't feel fat. I don't cover my stomach with my arms in a swimming suit now. I did this entirely for myself. If anyone tries to bully you into getting surgery don't do it. Even if a surgeon suggests something you aren't comfortable doing you can get another opinion or have it done later on. This is a no take backs procedure. Be 100% sure before. I wish everyone happy healing. To anyone out there looking for necrosis info IT DOES HEAL :) it just takes time. Thank you everyone. Without you ladies here recovery would have been a lot more difficult :) Oh and yes that's a stripper pole in my bedroom ;)



Time for scar revision

On Monday I'll be scheduling my scar revision for the first week of November. I'll have a little lipo to my mons since my scar totally stuck to my muscle wall. Another $3000 but hope it will go well and I'll be done with it.


OK so Nov 12th 8 am. Totally freaking out.

Revision complete

OK it's over I have to say that local is 10000% better than general. I have no drains and quiet a bit t
Of lipo remove 200 ccs. Going to post in a week when I can c the wound.

Picture time!

What I had done

OK so for anyone interested I had a minor scar revision with lipo 5 days ago. I chose to do this as an in office procedure because I thought healing would be easier. I was injected with lidocaine all the way around my stomach on to my hip down to my pubic area. Apparently it hurts but I couldn't feel it because I still don't have feeling from the TT. I also had a xanex and something else as a sedative. I stayed awake for quite a bit of it. I had a saline solution injected to try to bust the adhered spot up. Dr ended up scraping and popping it off, that sort of hurt. The lipo is a pulling vacuum sensation doesn't hurt but isn't pleasant either. The scar getting cut itself I felt nothing until the stuck part and that was only because they scraped it up. I sat up to see the suturing and the fat which is insane and highly recommended. I don't know how long the procedure took. My appt was at 8 and I was wheeled out at 12:15. I slept Thursday away. I had Tylenol 3 as pain meds but Friday I did not need them. I had no pain only sore. Like on a scale maybe a 1.5-2. Saturday a little more sore like a 3 but still only took a couple pain pills. Sunday-today no pain at all. I have almost no swelling either. So on a TT pain scale this revision hasn't even registered. Now so far so good I have a small red spot in the middle of my incision but Dr doesn't think its necrosis. Next appt is in DEC I will update then unless something happens. Thanks for your support.

3 weeks post scar revision!

Well 3 weeks out what can I say? I had a tiny seroma like swelling that resolved. It freaked me out tho. My scar is 99% healed up and I have started silicon sheets. I really started swelling so that stinks but should resolve pretty quickly. My dog ear isn't flat but I'm hoping its just swelling. It was 100% easier than I imagined the revision to be. It really isn't an invasive procedure and even the lipo was no biggie. I've been cleared completely :)

2 years later

Ok so it's been two years. What are my thoughts..... well I'm still numb in areas on my stomach maybe because of the revision who knows. I still look ok. Boobs have been an irratation for me. Just a squeezing pressure nothing more probably cc. I have back issues now probably from boobs. i guess the real question is would I do it again my answer is a no. Sure I look good but I have lost some mobility because of the scar. I have Lipo dents in a couple of spots because my body doesn't handle Lipo well. They sting on the occasion. the shoulder pain is the worst tho. My upper back just always hurts anymore. I wanted to do it and it's a no take backs but just a precautionary statement think long and hard before you do it.

He was the best out of my consultations. The others half heartedly explained what to expect while he talked to me for almost an hour before performing another patients surgery. He is caring and informative. Very easy going and plans with you. Explains how to get the best out come and suggests what it is he'd like to do and leaves it up to you to decide if your open to it. Oh and has a great and friendly personality.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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2 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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